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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration
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Welcome to TysyTube Restoration
I’m 30 years old and live in France.

On my channel you’ll see restoration projects. This is my dream to make something beautiful with my hands.New videos will come regularly and every time I will propose you something fascinating. Be sure to subscribe you won’t be bored

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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See you soon! 23/10/2020
Rusty Vintage Pulley Restoration
9 maanden geleden
Yuri Densetsu
Yuri Densetsu 12 uur geleden
You assembled one of the rubber pads of the controller in the wrong way dude! I hope you open it again and put it the right way
AJ Restorations
AJ Restorations 12 uur geleden
Excellent Restoration. Plain and Simple.
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 12 uur geleden
*Can't someone that has YT just normally but a new lighter?*
らいくりLikelyLads 12 uur geleden
SILVER ☘️SHAMROCK 12 uur geleden
Who else skips to the end?
Aykel 13
Aykel 13 12 uur geleden
Are you french ???
Edita Seirackiene
Edita Seirackiene 12 uur geleden
Gameboy advance
sebastian 12 uur geleden
Restore a Gameboy micro
Plain Phoenix
Plain Phoenix 12 uur geleden
HA, I already at my cookies!
ZeroTendency 12 uur geleden
If I opened it that way I'd never know how to assembly it again...
TheTofu 12 uur geleden
Do a Dreamcast!
Stark fan Owen fan
Stark fan Owen fan 13 uur geleden
I love all console⚡
Dhita Adhitya Winata
Dhita Adhitya Winata 13 uur geleden
11:34 Oh my childhood memories 🤗
jezal69 13 uur geleden
Super taf c est hallucinant. Dire que parfois un gros nettoyage peut régler des soucis. Il faut compter combien de temps environ à tout démonter et remonter? Sans parler du nettoyage.
Max94 Dollard
Max94 Dollard 13 uur geleden
Mais tu est FR YAY
ryantres85 13 uur geleden
How much do I like sandblasting from 1 to 100? I would say 110 😆
빈곤여행자 13 uur geleden
oh~~! good
HDFactory 13 uur geleden
Как же классно смотреть это)
nao isse
nao isse 13 uur geleden
nao isse
nao isse 13 uur geleden
Christine Coeurjoli
Christine Coeurjoli 13 uur geleden
Waouh !!! Bluffée par les restauration du plastique !!! Et le montage vidéo 🤩 Bravo ! 🌸🌸🌸
Belzebuth 13 uur geleden
A cruel angels thesis intensifies
Jody Mitoma's Videos
Jody Mitoma's Videos 14 uur geleden
This Gameboy looks newer than brand new. So awesome.
Euiko Narihari
Euiko Narihari 14 uur geleden
лучшее в этом видео это утка)
Erkhem Joestar_
Erkhem Joestar_ 14 uur geleden
if u had voice this is my main fun channel now!
Blueberry Bubblegum BBBG
Just think- That thing has probably chopped a head of before
MrPete Moller
MrPete Moller 14 uur geleden
I liked the green.
Destroyer EndofManKind
Destroyer EndofManKind 14 uur geleden
Was the steak tender or not so tender?
Leemarlinus 14 uur geleden
Where is the RGB
クレナイオトヤ 14 uur geleden
sawada keiko
sawada keiko 14 uur geleden
magical water😃
Eskil Göthesson, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet BA19c elev
Xbox cuz it’s so quiet
Fire Fly
Fire Fly 15 uur geleden
Oh happy day
Oh happy day 15 uur geleden
Nintendo games are now Paleolithic artifacts.
Nitro Kingdom
Nitro Kingdom 15 uur geleden
“It needs alots of SCRUBscribing from you”
Dj. Buttercup
Dj. Buttercup 15 uur geleden
Do my parents marriage next
Deepak Shinde
Deepak Shinde 15 uur geleden
I miss TV game 😭
Pi Po Pa !
Pi Po Pa ! 15 uur geleden
Takuma Matsuo
Takuma Matsuo 15 uur geleden
おれも昔持ってたなー、ボンバーマン。 って思ってたら、ソフトにおれの名前が。。。 まさかな、、、笑