1950's German Pencil Sharpener Restoration 

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This is The Faber Castell No52/20 N desk pencil sharpener Restoration
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14 okt. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Hj Lina Parlina
Hj Lina Parlina 9 dagen geleden
Megan Rogers
Megan Rogers 21 dag geleden
I just did it was cool!
Supernova Astro
Supernova Astro 2 maanden geleden
I already did
Aleph Null
Aleph Null 5 dagen geleden
why yellow tho?
kiwi kirsch
kiwi kirsch 5 dagen geleden
i LOVE your "subscribe" messages. i would subscribe you everytime again, if i could.
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera 5 dagen geleden
Looks exactly the same as 2000s public school pencil sharpeners
Nora Qudus
Nora Qudus 6 dagen geleden
I never knew pencil sharpener was so complex inside!
Aldair Acevedo
Aldair Acevedo 6 dagen geleden
What’s the purpose on water-sanding after primer has been applied?
Luke Bowen
Luke Bowen 7 dagen geleden
"i'm gonna make this pencil DISAPPEAR"
fifthiecomb fiflak jp2
fifthiecomb fiflak jp2 8 dagen geleden
2:33 My dad has the same set
Ej J
Ej J 10 dagen geleden
Do you ever sell the items you restore?
Bayne Tidwell
Bayne Tidwell 10 dagen geleden
You should promote your Rumble channel too
jimmymckay73 11 dagen geleden
I'm not sure what it is , but everytime i see a German made "anything" that has flaws in it , I am thoroughly shocked .
Corrupted_Souls 11 dagen geleden
The paint stripper be fizzing like soda
Rebecca Worgan
Rebecca Worgan 12 dagen geleden
My school had one just like this when I was a kid but it had the clamp too that went into the little hole at the front. I've been searching for one that looked just like the one from my childhood but could never find an accurate image and then you bring this to us! Just out of interest, what do you do with the pieces once you've finished them? Many thanks 😊
Kek Gorilla
Kek Gorilla 12 dagen geleden
Was the sawdust 70 years old?!?!?!
Mikaido 13 dagen geleden
That sharpener works better then sharpeners nowadays
Teknoloji Bilgini TB
Teknoloji Bilgini TB 16 dagen geleden
Ne mutlu türküm diyene
Teknoloji Bilgini TB
Teknoloji Bilgini TB 16 dagen geleden
Çok iyi türküm
Selena 17 dagen geleden
Waiting on daddy to post a new video
Selena 17 dagen geleden
Take your time though
Rich H
Rich H 18 dagen geleden
Nice job!
Jennifer Medina
Jennifer Medina 20 dagen geleden
I wish you would have painted it green. Not a fan of the yellow.
Conni 20 dagen geleden
Ah yes, its definitely German from the seemingly endless amount of useless pieces to reassemble making repair impossible. German engineering at its finest.
Ewa Świtlak
Ewa Świtlak 20 dagen geleden
Watching your work makes me feel like the world becomes a better place!
Verena Katsaros
Verena Katsaros 22 dagen geleden
Last time i saw this in my Kindergarten! I loved it!
Hacktuber 22 dagen geleden
Nice, now I can shave my beard
Pebdam 23 dagen geleden
He got the drip 0:55 😳
copyclass 25 dagen geleden
What camera do you use to record?
Nela Perez
Nela Perez 25 dagen geleden
Eso es un afilador amarillo mui vonito asul feo
Dean 26 dagen geleden
I remember them in my junior school in the UK.
dark side
dark side 26 dagen geleden
john wick want to know your location
Larry, Jr. Stauth
Larry, Jr. Stauth 27 dagen geleden
I have watched several of these now, and I find it alarming the amount of dry brushing, scraping and grinding on old paint that I see. Anything painted prior to 1975 would be lead-based, as it was the most common, especially for production. Are you testing to make sure it's safe to remove using conventional means, along with proper Haz-Mat disposal for lead?
Larry, Jr. Stauth
Larry, Jr. Stauth 24 dagen geleden
@Shadow Brook lol... it's only a little poison.
Shadow Brook
Shadow Brook 24 dagen geleden
Of course there is lead, it's pencil sharpener :-) Stop worrying.
Chad Wedul
Chad Wedul 27 dagen geleden
What was wrong with the original? I'd rather have that.
Silvia Dieguez
Silvia Dieguez 27 dagen geleden
Maravillosos tus trabajos, no me canso de verlos. Te felicito.
Tyesha Infinus
Tyesha Infinus 28 dagen geleden
I love this channell, but. I always just kind of, end up here.
anthony de la fuente
anthony de la fuente 28 dagen geleden
Love the yellow ☺️
Bruno Sipavicius
Bruno Sipavicius 28 dagen geleden
Childhood memories with this video. Thanks from São Paulo, Brazil.
sanjay Gahala
sanjay Gahala 29 dagen geleden
I am unsubscribing you your not post videos 😭😭
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 29 dagen geleden
I only wish you would have restored it in its original color but a job well done. Almost. Lol
Danimal Von
Danimal Von 29 dagen geleden
Nice work. Was it two coats in one afternoon?
Dan Shepherd
Dan Shepherd Maand geleden
Another cool restoration, so many tiny pieces to remember.
J610 Maand geleden
I theorize that Tysy just uses whichever paint he uses the least both to try and mix things up and to try and be less wasteful. Tysy is probably the kind of guy who saves the white crayola crayons to use later. I'll let him confirm or deny this.
SNACKS AND ART / ANU Maand geleden
Please suscribe my channel
Всё о бо всём с monax Сергий
very good channel, not could you make a description of the means used to do in Russian
MrZeitgenosse Maand geleden
Eine sehr gelungene Restaurierung, aber ich hätte das Teil wieder in der originalen blauen Hammerschlag-Farbe lackiert.
Castiel Velasquez
Castiel Velasquez Maand geleden
Tysy: please stay there Spring: TO THE INFINITY AND BEYOND
Restoration Tools
Restoration Tools Maand geleden
apky kam ko many pasnd kya
Seraina Henriod
Seraina Henriod Maand geleden
😍 Oh! Le taille-crayon de mon enfance ! ❤️ Magnifique !!! Est-il possible de l'acheter ? Bravo pour cette superbe restauration qui m'a émue 🥰
Emil Schweickerdt
Emil Schweickerdt Maand geleden
Yellow? I expected it to be metallic blue... Ah well...
Jean Jacobs
Jean Jacobs Maand geleden
Well I guess the Germans are know for over complicating stuff
Wonderful Skills
Wonderful Skills Maand geleden
Sean Gehricke
Sean Gehricke Maand geleden
I loved this video, the only recommendation I would make is to go away from the fast forwarding. It kind of ruins the moment. We don't mind if you take a little more time :)
A Wilson
A Wilson Maand geleden
The only thing you didn't restore/build new is the clamp the holds the sharpener down to the table. That's what that hole on the bottom edge is for...
Amber Leshae
Amber Leshae Maand geleden
I love watching the sandblasting part. The tool is cool yea, sure. But the the little dust that collects on the gloves is so close to watch 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Николай Черненко
классная точилка 👍
PEACE WORLD Maand geleden
Any color but yellow lol ! Awesome Ok finished watching and I was wrong, yellow was good choice better than original!
G K Maand geleden
It turned out awesome. I wish you could paint it like the original color Thanks
pokrec Maand geleden
Perfectionist... Nice restoration!
Jair Borges
Jair Borges Maand geleden
Very good.
CelloAfterDark Maand geleden
My only complaint is the huge difference in paint color made the reveal less effective- still a wonderful video I love your work so much!!!
CelloAfterDark Maand geleden
Sandblasting time is my favorite time!
Crafts by Lucy B
Crafts by Lucy B Maand geleden
Love it! Colour choice is great
Brandon T
Brandon T Maand geleden
Looks like someone got sponsored lol
The Horrible Bright
The Horrible Bright Maand geleden
Any restoration that features sand blasting automatically becomes at least 25% more enjoyable.
lud vig
lud vig Maand geleden
Auf der Weide blüht ein kleines Blümelein und das heißt Erika
Pink Panther
Pink Panther Maand geleden
Ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund.
Yaniv Proselkov
Yaniv Proselkov Maand geleden
This is ASMR as hell
frank doster
frank doster 2 maanden geleden
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson 2 maanden geleden
I came across your channel randomly one day last month and I have lived every restoration I have watched. As a math teacher I was super excited to see this restoration. I LOVE what you did with this pencil sharpener and I love the color. I have seen sharpeners like this before, but did not realize it is a German design.
Théodore Roosegame
Théodore Roosegame 2 maanden geleden
Je suis ici grâce à Facebook, j adore regarder le contenu, c'est très relaxant et quelle rendu lorsque la restauration est terminé
Francis Sobotka
Francis Sobotka 2 maanden geleden
You pulled a swerve painting it Velveeta yellow like you did.
Сергеев Андрей
Сергеев Андрей 2 maanden geleden
это не реставрация, а сборка-разборка, чистка с покраской
Val Salas
Val Salas 2 maanden geleden
maybe it’s just me but i think the color is cute :) you do you, darling 💕
Phalanx 67
Phalanx 67 2 maanden geleden
We had a very similar pencil sharpener in school back in the 00‘s. Still worked like it was new. Not the color I would’ve chosen but looks fine. Liked the green more though as green is my favorite color.
Nori Wlaschin
Nori Wlaschin 2 maanden geleden
That turned out awesome
Yuu 2 maanden geleden
I LOVE that you made it yellow! My favourite colour ♡♡
Kingrhem 2 maanden geleden
This is more like cleaning and painting but also enjoyable
Rachel Oshin
Rachel Oshin 2 maanden geleden
Why such heavy gloves for sand blasting
steven romero
steven romero 2 maanden geleden
Me at 3:04 What??? No sandblasting machine?? 😤😤😤 Also me but at 3:47 Oh... Nevermind we're good to go!
Marc DM5
Marc DM5 2 maanden geleden
08:21 gefällt mir am besten. Würde mir auch so passieren :D
CuteFrog9 2 maanden geleden
Comically large sharpener
F04M 2 maanden geleden
6:14 "now listen here kids"
claire wink
claire wink 2 maanden geleden
Amazing patience shown throughout these videos. I wish I had some of this, and the nous, and the kit! Only issue is I don’t think it’s a restoration if the colour changes; it’s a refurbishment. Equally valid but an accurate description might prevent viewers choking when the yellow came out.
Никола Кока Кола
Is it from East Germany?
Toasty 2 maanden geleden
It gasses your pencil so that all the shavings come off
Krazzyrahul 2 maanden geleden
Ngl your videos serve as ASMR too for me 😬
Tania L. Williamson
Tania L. Williamson 2 maanden geleden
I agree about the blue hammerite paint. If you’re going to restore something, you should RESTORE IT!!!
Supernova Astro
Supernova Astro 2 maanden geleden
So that was made 70 years ago?
Souly Inside
Souly Inside 2 maanden geleden
thank you so much for making these videos!!!!!
İbrahim Güner
İbrahim Güner 2 maanden geleden
Nice work!
Alexander Ziegler
Alexander Ziegler 2 maanden geleden
When he said paint stripper he meant paint stripper
Garrett Stirewalt
Garrett Stirewalt 2 maanden geleden
I love seeing how far your videos have come over the years
Garrett Stirewalt
Garrett Stirewalt 2 maanden geleden
And I still think it’s funny how you have the paint remover part forever but are still using the same method after all this time, lol
donkey lover
donkey lover 2 maanden geleden
Perhaps speed up the sandblasting. It is so boring.
Wan Aina Izzati
Wan Aina Izzati 2 maanden geleden
Wow, Faber Castell really used a lot of metal back then huh...
Adam Schaafsma
Adam Schaafsma 2 maanden geleden
Awesome! I really loved the original blue color. But obviously you did great with the yellow and it looked excellent as a finished product.
The Adventurous
The Adventurous 2 maanden geleden
8:20 I believe I can fly
Shea 2 maanden geleden
Tysy: *makes reassembly look easy* Me: *can’t even thread the lid on my jug of OJ properly*
AirthanAirlines 2 maanden geleden
Can you make a CAD model of this masterpiece and share with us please?
the ABNORMAL1 2 maanden geleden
Really wanted to take a look at that mechanism but nevermind
happy543210 2 maanden geleden
built like a german tank......pun intended!
LordHonkInc 2 maanden geleden
Holy... I still have one of those from my grandfather! He was a conductor hence the need for such a beast, I imagine. And yes, these things are as fun to use as they look. Tons of entertainment for 4 year old me (and, tbh, 30 year old me, too xD)
Sasageyo! 2 maanden geleden
The sound of it sharpening should be "SQQQQWEKQQQGGQQ"
Fruity puffs
Fruity puffs 2 maanden geleden
I remember using a pencil sharpener like that when I was a kid and I'm only 26
Dice Dice
Dice Dice 2 maanden geleden
I rememeber using pencil sharpeners like that in school and now everyone has mechanical pencils and pens, and the ones with wooden pencils, when they get dull they just throw them out.
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