$5 Broken SPACE INVADER Console Restoration and Testing 

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- Vintage Door Lock -
In this video i'm restoring a Broken old Space Invaders Console made in Taiwan in 1978's .
I found this Broken Console at flea market, was very dirty and broken.
This Restoration took me 6 days to complete.
I like so much this console and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 6 days
$5 broken console
$6 battery
$12 hydrogen peroxide 12%
My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 -
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 -

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Sandblaster media -
Ring light -
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Camer -
Polishing wheel -
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Cristal clear resin -
LordsWorld - 25 Kilogrammes A1 Asilikos Universal Sand for sandblasting -
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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
mann der ehre
mann der ehre 2 maanden geleden
I did
Marcus X
Marcus X 2 maanden geleden
You didn't put back the "charger" and left a hole on top..........
The King Of Fighters XII The Phone Collector 2009
Hey my favorite game is the king of fighters XII
WaitWhyImHere 49 minuten geleden
half wrist games , my favorite nostalgic games .
LEMON DEMON 14 uur geleden
Is it just me or is this very satisfying? Just me? Oh....
cool cool
cool cool Dag geleden
Love your channel view of the best one I've ever seen keep up the good work
Timothy Van Kuiken
Timothy Van Kuiken 2 dagen geleden
looks almost like someone buried it with how dirty it was 🤢
Felix 2 dagen geleden
Why am i pretty sure the leds with the retro bright didnt do anything?
Free Speech Is Never Wrong
I had one of these. It’s a great game.
Justin Blagrove
Justin Blagrove 2 dagen geleden
i like roblox
PetermusPrime 3 dagen geleden
I had that game when I was a kid. This brought back so many memories, particularly sitting in the back of my Father's 1980 LT2000 Toyota Celica Liftback on our way to the beach.
Skella the skeleton *The amalgamate*
I do like a good Tetris game once in awhile or I'll just go with the good old fashion snake game... google snake game.
I 3 dagen geleden
Trop marrant de voir la petite épingle ''USA'' sous la vidéo, avec des piles U, une bouteille de cristalline et un ''rénovateur plastiques'' haha Vu le succès de la chaîne, on voit bien l'intérêt du vpn!
Phönix Plays
Phönix Plays 3 dagen geleden
My favorite Game is Legend of Zelda ocerina of time in The N64
Sir_Cosmic Star Dragon
Sir_Cosmic Star Dragon 4 dagen geleden
My favorite oldy games are probably Tetris and Snake maybe some others like Sonic and the Mario games gotta love those
Seraphin Berktold
Seraphin Berktold 4 dagen geleden
I own the German version of this thing in good condition. "Duell im All" label on the front. Just a little yellow hue to the once white case but the German instructions on the back are still in good shape. Sadly the game is very easy so you have to go for the fastest time to reach 199 points and win the game.
Alexey Pajitnov Russian
Alexey Pajitnov Russian 4 dagen geleden
im playing space invaders at 6 years
Bunuda Yaparsın
Bunuda Yaparsın 5 dagen geleden
burada türk var mı
Imloggedonyoutube 5 dagen geleden
What Is the app?
Eva Sawyer
Eva Sawyer 6 dagen geleden
What’s the app called lmao
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 6 dagen geleden
Looks better than the original I imagine
Lai Piggy
Lai Piggy 6 dagen geleden
0:13 Taiwan
TheKimiko16 7 dagen geleden
I have no doubt my second cousin had this when he was younger. My mom and aunt always told me how much of a game he was. He has a room with every console and old school games
Bindhya Antony
Bindhya Antony 7 dagen geleden
Free fire
Chill_gamingYT 7 dagen geleden
My favorite games are half life, doom, and Roblox.
Chill_gamingYT 7 dagen geleden
Oh and team fortress 2
Oyuncu Baykuş Kanka
Oyuncu Baykuş Kanka 8 dagen geleden
Or buy new
Croshant 8 dagen geleden
I remember playing an old pac man ORIGINAL arcade machine 3 years ago,it funny how it still works :)
Abheek Soni
Abheek Soni 9 dagen geleden
This is better than any ASMR video!!
HARISH P 9 dagen geleden
My favorite game is ps3 GTA 3
kakon lin
kakon lin 9 dagen geleden
made in taiwan?
Yusuf Çalı
Yusuf Çalı 9 dagen geleden
Sir this old device is battery powered but why is it equipped with a charging socket?
Abheek Soni
Abheek Soni 9 dagen geleden
So that you can charge the batteries.
Corpse Jr
Corpse Jr 11 dagen geleden
Guys did you know he does not have a body he is only hands
Memory Bubble
Memory Bubble 11 dagen geleden
No way. Kid at the end of the street had this console game. Everyone was his mate because he had toys. It was 1979 I think.
Noizy Neighbour
Noizy Neighbour 11 dagen geleden
I'd love to send my 1965 BSA to this guy.....
Rayhaan A
Rayhaan A 12 dagen geleden
This man doesn't wanna show his face but you guys just have to check the time at 0:52 to know what he looks like lol.
Braun_Dzign 14 dagen geleden
Wait… where’s the Ducktor? What good is soapy water without the Ducktor?
Kniff Part
Kniff Part 15 dagen geleden
I was about to talk smack, and they came in.
IVSON GOLD 15 dagen geleden
Shafi Kalafah
Shafi Kalafah 15 dagen geleden
is took like nokia 3310 games space impact
Wing Tang
Wing Tang 19 dagen geleden
Taiwan product 🇹🇼
我是aa 19 dagen geleden
Mini Hubnut
Mini Hubnut 19 dagen geleden
Drew Demien
Drew Demien 20 dagen geleden
Very cool memories
cross65 20 dagen geleden
Just the idea of bringing something old back to new makes me smile. This in itself is pure art. Love it!👍
#worst youtuber 2.0
#worst youtuber 2.0 20 dagen geleden
i like super mario bro's
Jokubas Klicius
Jokubas Klicius 21 dag geleden
My faforite game pubg
PSNLike100ninjas 22 dagen geleden
10:12 what happend to your water bottle?😅
Saka_7213 22 dagen geleden
1:25 i thought that screwdriver was a shrilling chicken
이유민 22 dagen geleden
hi im korean(TMI) My reply date is very different compared to the date when your video was released. but i love your channel and i like Your way of doing things. bye
O M N I C U L U S 22 dagen geleden
I would love to know where to buy one of those magnetizer/demagnetizer thingy ☺️
bueller48 23 dagen geleden
Link to the magnetizer??
Abs quatulate
Abs quatulate 23 dagen geleden
Юрий Рожков
Юрий Рожков 24 dagen geleden
This thing looks like an Empire's Spaceship from Starwars 4 episode. You can play it like a toy spaceship like: piu piu boom boom
Yunus Emre Kuranel
Yunus Emre Kuranel 26 dagen geleden
thank you
Shodan Lieu
Shodan Lieu 27 dagen geleden
How did you know where the blue wire went?
jesus perez
jesus perez 27 dagen geleden
Cómo se llama esa wea????? 1:33 ???
Radimax 28 dagen geleden
Made in Taiwan
mcborge1 28 dagen geleden
Nice job, I had one of those game units a loooong time ago.
Sotonas Video
Sotonas Video 29 dagen geleden
por que no le ponen musica ?????
maurice burgess
maurice burgess Maand geleden
Could he not find the stickers that went on the back?
boy kurniawan
boy kurniawan Maand geleden
After watch it i go to the flea market and buy some of those. 30 minute later i dump it to the closet lol. Nice video.
İzleyen türklere sesleniyorum insan şu boktan şey için bu kadar uğraşır mı
Selo Man
Selo Man Maand geleden
20 years later: Restoring Old School (I Love You TysyTube Restoration)
郭家毓 Maand geleden
OMG Made in Taiwan I am surprised as a Taiwanese
Craig Guerrero
Craig Guerrero Maand geleden
Do you want me to give you English lessons? A lot of your grammar is horrible 😂
Kevin Carpio
Kevin Carpio Maand geleden
Yooo, this guy exactly like odd thinking
josh demarco
josh demarco Maand geleden
root bear tapper is my favorite retro game
Michael Mecca
Michael Mecca Maand geleden
I like taking apart tech
Alan Hilton
Alan Hilton Maand geleden
This brings back so many happy memories as I had this console when I was 7 😊.
John Clark Evans
John Clark Evans Maand geleden
I thought it said plastic remover
suspicioustoaster Maand geleden
My grandfather actually had one of these, and to my knowledge it still works. I used to play it for ages when I was much younger, so seeing it again makes me feel warm inside
Lucas McArdle
Lucas McArdle Maand geleden
Gotta replace the instruction sticker?! At least a awesome tysytube sticker lol
Arnoldas Liaugaudas
Arnoldas Liaugaudas Maand geleden
8:52 sorry, i don't have $. I have €!
Arnoldas Liaugaudas
Arnoldas Liaugaudas Maand geleden
How retrobright process work?
Artur Costa Tourinho
Artur Costa Tourinho Maand geleden
where are the duck?
Les tests de Carlo
Les tests de Carlo Maand geleden
Excellent boulot !
How To survive
How To survive Maand geleden
How To survive
How To survive Maand geleden
Taiwan: well done no. Covid
Kost Roul
Kost Roul Maand geleden
My game 1986
UglySeventy8 Maand geleden
Odd Tinkering your other channel?
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera Maand geleden
Sinister cause presents throw back 101 on NLblock
Sher Lytle
Sher Lytle Maand geleden
You are an artist! Bravo sir or madam. So happy your channel came up in my feed. New sub here for sure.
e boi
e boi Maand geleden
How much bateries costed you?
Nilay Akkaya
Nilay Akkaya Maand geleden
And Minecraft
Nilay Akkaya
Nilay Akkaya Maand geleden
t0mn8r Maand geleden
Looks better than new!
Marilene Tiraboschi Neves Paixão
This is like that Guy fixing the film of sonic
nesko3m 2 maanden geleden
"Favorite game" I have few favorite games NFS, U2, MW,CARBON, nfs'15 i played it over 160+ hours HORIZON ZERO DAWN GOW 1,2 Jak and daxter 1,2,3 Jak,X Getaway,black monday First killzone
Brian Mullins
Brian Mullins 2 maanden geleden
5 minute crafts be like : JUST PUT IN VINEGAR AND AND ITS LIKE NEW
LuckyDuckYT 2 maanden geleden
My favorite game would be Super Mario,Pac Man and Donkey Kong
yamyfox 2 maanden geleden
fav game mortal kombat and your fav game ?😀
zHash 2 maanden geleden
Is it weird to smell the alcohol when he uses it?
Juan Bovino
Juan Bovino 2 maanden geleden
ReqINu 2 maanden geleden
He rince 😂
pdog Hg
pdog Hg 2 maanden geleden
But hole game
Phalanx 67
Phalanx 67 2 maanden geleden
I had one of these back in 2002. Good times👍
Robert Leese
Robert Leese 2 maanden geleden
Like to know how the game got so trashed.
TwisstedToast 2 maanden geleden
My fav game is roblox
I am mister • Ali al-Qaisi
Good work 🆗✔
Jabez Phillpot
Jabez Phillpot 2 maanden geleden
$1+1 = Snowed on Christmas day
Slidime 2 maanden geleden
10:37 écriture française ?
Caroline P.
Caroline P. Maand geleden
même les piles sont française 👀
Playing Badly
Playing Badly 2 maanden geleden
I had one of these when I was a kid, I played the hell out if it.
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