Antique Rusty Saw Restoration | With Epoxy Handle Repair 

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In this video i'm restoring an antique rusty hand saw.
I found this rusted hand saw at flea market store near me.
It cost me 2 euro, i can say to expensive for the condition...but i took it to make a cool video restoration for you and to shaw that it is possible to restore such a rusted object.
The handle was so damaged so i decided to restore it with epoxy resin.
Maybe was much more simple to make a new one...What i liked the most on this saw was the 6 brass screws in combination with wood and epoxy resin.
This project took me almost
4 days to complet but was realy fun.
I hope you like it!
Thank You for watching.

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22 nov. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Mistress Of Death1993
Mistress Of Death1993 22 dagen geleden
Tysy you need to invest in getting wood putty it works very well with filling damaged areas in wood 😁
ZenoJohn. SABAHAN Maand geleden
Stickman 2 dagen geleden
2$ to 20$
jova dimo
jova dimo 8 dagen geleden
I love how you somehow save the planet from trash!
jarda horvath
jarda horvath 12 dagen geleden
economically it is nonsense
Patryk Pająk
Patryk Pająk 13 dagen geleden
Polacy dają łapę w górę
Melody Stull
Melody Stull 14 dagen geleden
Why not use wood putty
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil 15 dagen geleden
حمودي العراقي
حمودي العراقي 16 dagen geleden
اني من اشوف مقاطعك ارتاح
Expat Moose
Expat Moose 16 dagen geleden
Funny he had dexter on his saw..... he chopped things up with saws too😱🙈🤣😂🤣😂
Sleep man
Sleep man 16 dagen geleden
This man restored a saw with a saw for the handle
Ben Harmon
Ben Harmon 17 dagen geleden
Go to 5:48 for beautiful tape ASMR.
Perfecto video to see at 3 am
ABC123 Restoration
ABC123 Restoration 17 dagen geleden
Woow what a nice work
Daonlyty 2x
Daonlyty 2x 17 dagen geleden
8:53 the gloves need to go
Expat Moose
Expat Moose 16 dagen geleden
Nooooo! they can be restored,,,,, or my mechanics makes new ones👍🏻😂🤣😂🤣
Twitch DrakoSpamz
Twitch DrakoSpamz 17 dagen geleden
nobody: me at 6 am: restoration videos
Dctctx 18 dagen geleden
“I don’t know if I can repair this” All tysyTube fans: and I took that personally
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 18 dagen geleden
Do you ever sell any of your restorations? Time and time again find myself wanting to buy these things 😂
Nela Perez
Nela Perez 18 dagen geleden
Eso en españa se yama serucho
Nela Perez
Nela Perez 18 dagen geleden
Para cortar madera
Decimus64 18 dagen geleden
Dose anyone else wonder where the hell he gets all of theses random rusty things!
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 18 dagen geleden
Janaka Srinath
Janaka Srinath 19 dagen geleden
that saw is 2 dollars i can buy a new one for just 1
ZombifiedWatermelon 19 dagen geleden
She'll never cut wood again, not with that amount of pitting, but you made yourself one hell of a wall hanger! Very impressed.
Digital Marketing Channel
Digital Marketing Channel 19 dagen geleden
You might get Mesothelioma from constantly being around all those harsh chemicals. Best to wear a respirator.
Elemental Core
Elemental Core 20 dagen geleden
Challenge: Repair a saw without using any form of saws.
xMersy 20 dagen geleden
2€ ne demek sen biliyormusun kazıklamışlsr hacı seni 🤣🤣
เวฟ 100
เวฟ 100 21 dag geleden
Mohammed 21 dag geleden
How come you don’t show face cam
Mohammed 21 dag geleden
That’s an easy restore nation
Alida van Veen
Alida van Veen 21 dag geleden
I dare say you put more love and attention into restoring these items, than the manufacturer put in making them. Once again, great job!
Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez 21 dag geleden
TysyTube: "Did the best I could, o well...lucky if I get 4 dollars for this.." Derp: "How much for that unique restored Damascus Saw?" TysyTybe: "... .... ...YES!!! 500 USD for this totally real and restored Damascus Saw!!"
Pebdam 23 dagen geleden
The electricity bill must be big right ?
El Chick
El Chick 23 dagen geleden
I love to watch your videos before bedtime! Let’s have a goodnight sleep in 3...2...1... *snore* 🥱😴
xShadow_Reaper 24 dagen geleden
did anyone see the "subscribe if you see this sticker" ???
Gpapa Gillmore
Gpapa Gillmore 25 dagen geleden
Why did you waste everyone's time showing the epoxy fill that didn't work?
mediumstudio 25 dagen geleden
the bolts look great!
TheColinChapman 25 dagen geleden
I respect this guy‘s craftsmanship, but I dislike the idea of filling wood with clear resin. At least I would have taken wood filler.
pen name
pen name 26 dagen geleden
I think you needed to replace the handle and then the blade just kidding the handle restore was great
_SoDamnGood_ 27 dagen geleden
Everyone says, "Oh I need a saw sharpened", but then when you actually see how it's done, it's like, "Yah, pay that man/woman for their labour...cause that would be tedious
AlvinRT 28 dagen geleden
His glove is dead
Anderson martins
Anderson martins 28 dagen geleden
Excepcional trabalho parabéns. Eng Anderson Martins-RJ Brasil
Patrick Ellett
Patrick Ellett Maand geleden
this is such a lovely decoration piece. I would never actually use it, the steel looks too far gone even after restoration imo, but its beautiful and has a rustic charm to it that's hard to pin down.
MR Craft 01
MR Craft 01 Maand geleden
hello I come from the future 😂
ZenoJohn. SABAHAN Maand geleden
Lo Lap
Lo Lap Maand geleden
I love epoxyyyyy
Eyüp Ömer Bal
Eyüp Ömer Bal Maand geleden
Impressive but why put in rust remover if it is going to be sand blasted anyway. Wouldn’t directly sandblasting give the same result?
DIY home restoration
DIY home restoration Maand geleden
Ka Wang Kwok
Ka Wang Kwok Maand geleden
9:58 I saw a saw saw a saw
nguhau khaiqua
nguhau khaiqua Maand geleden
The flippant ease renomegaly regret because explanation lastly unfasten modulo a deeply eight. ripe, tender tense industry
Kirsty Harvey
Kirsty Harvey Maand geleden
What's really cool about you is that even after a year, when someone comments you still come back to like it
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration Maand geleden
A Wilson
A Wilson Maand geleden
I would fix the handle using Total Boat 2:1 Epoxy with the Slow Set Hardener, thinned with Acetone at 4:1 (Epoxy:Acetone; example: mix 4 oz Epoxy according to directions then add 1 oz Acetone), the Acetone allows the Epoxy to penetrate into the weakened areas of the wood MUCH deeper than it normally can then evaporates allowing the Epoxy to set as normal. The Acetone does increase the time needed to fully Cure the Epoxy but doesn't otherwise affect it. Total Cure time for this handle would be 2-4 days depending on how hot/humid your shop is at the time. When I build the mould, I would make sure the hand hole is filled in with a plastic waste block to reduce the amount of Epoxy needed to coat/fill the wood (reducing how much Epoxy is needed is critical, that stuff is NOT cheap)... Once I pour the Epoxy-Acetone mix into the mould, I would place the mould in a vacuum pot to ensure all the air is pulled out of the wood and Epoxy (further increasing Epoxy Penetration into the wood) and let it set. After the Epoxy has Cured, I would re-cut the handles outer shape and blade slot, drill new screw holes, wet-sand up to 1600 grit and polish for a glossy shine. The Epoxy would also act as a protective Finish for the wood so Paint, Lacquer or Shellac aren't needed...
Soy Gonzalo
Soy Gonzalo Maand geleden
Me encantan tus videos
Ahmet Hakan Arslan
Ahmet Hakan Arslan Maand geleden
Epoxy is not transparent and metal is not mirror... dislike
vince falchetti
vince falchetti Maand geleden
How is everything an antique??
Xpaner27 Maand geleden
Why did you restore the handle You could just make a new one
Horitron Maand geleden
Too many ads + doesn't even look clean once "restaured"
metalwound NSDR
metalwound NSDR Maand geleden
Haha I loved this restoration also thought it was kinda funny when he used a saw to repair the saw
Jayme Rizzo
Jayme Rizzo 2 maanden geleden
Just wondering ... does the saw work like new ?
Jennifer Panco
Jennifer Panco 2 maanden geleden
“Winter is coming” 😂
이준석 2 maanden geleden
Msnoel Dario
Msnoel Dario 2 maanden geleden
Gostei muito dario
Roger Feenstra
Roger Feenstra 2 maanden geleden
Nice job. The epoxy worked well.
Emil John Lloyd J. Estayo
Emil John Lloyd J. Estayo 2 maanden geleden
That what we call restoration is all material change just restore every part with out making or buying of some part
Esuper1 2 maanden geleden
You know that blade will crumble as soon as some resistance is reached. Good for balsa wood but not much else.
Noni Emmet
Noni Emmet 2 maanden geleden
Sandblasting is sooooo S-A-T-I-S-F-Y-I-N-G
GreenMunkies 2 maanden geleden
Soooooo many adverts! Ruined it for me
Bilal Rafique
Bilal Rafique 2 maanden geleden
Why you spend so much effort, time and money on this 2$ scrap?
Christians For Truth
Christians For Truth 2 maanden geleden
Go to Walmart and buy a saw for 10 bucks.
Leighton McDonald
Leighton McDonald 2 maanden geleden
My man used the saw to repair the saw
chillinbones 2 maanden geleden
I would have given the blade part of it to an artist friend have him paint a mural on it! it's really too far gone to be used as an actual saw! Then assemble it and hang it on a wall!! great restoration though!!
Wilma Mieremet
Wilma Mieremet 2 maanden geleden
Send the handle to My Mecanics. He makes a New one
Jason Paul White
Jason Paul White 2 maanden geleden
I’ve never seen anyone sandblasting wood before. Did you use a fine grain sand?
Brian Bray
Brian Bray 2 maanden geleden
Trying to learn from you would be a really big mistake.
منوعات 2 maanden geleden
اذا انت عربي حط لايك
Thomas Eckert
Thomas Eckert 2 maanden geleden
In German we say foxtail saw.
ThorTubeview 2 maanden geleden
Très belle restauration.
Louis 3 maanden geleden
Charles MacTaggart
Charles MacTaggart 3 maanden geleden
When you sandblast wood, do you use a different texture of media?
Mike Collins
Mike Collins 3 maanden geleden
I still have my grandfathers axe. It has only had 3 new handles and 2 new heads.
walid mus
walid mus 3 maanden geleden
In my humble opinion, if you remake the saw hand from whole wood, it would have been better in terms of time, effort and cost. Anyway, you did well and good job👌
Snoopy 3 maanden geleden
Good job, it's cool😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij
Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij 3 maanden geleden
Love to see how much you learned with epoxy! This was like the big first step, and alterwards you just get better and better!
montia larson
montia larson 3 maanden geleden
My grandma had a saw like this. Eventually it broke ☹
craig slack
craig slack 3 maanden geleden
have seen better restoration videos am not impressed you could have made the blade a bit better....
Jim Fabian
Jim Fabian 3 maanden geleden
The sheer amount of work involved in this project is admirable. Thank you so much for the incredible, painstakingly amazing, content!
goo goo g'joob
goo goo g'joob 3 maanden geleden
Could've put the 2E towards buying a new one.
The Wild Man
The Wild Man 3 maanden geleden
Redoing the wooden handle would have been so much prettier! What is this new fashion to fix everything with resin?
Chuck Corris
Chuck Corris 3 maanden geleden
Nice man
Ruben Perez
Ruben Perez 3 maanden geleden
VV P 3 maanden geleden
Молодец 👍
Dan Cartlidge
Dan Cartlidge 3 maanden geleden
Nicely done! If I were to do one thing different, it would be to add some wood flour to that deep gap in the handle....give it a little more "wood-like" charachter.
Lewis Broom
Lewis Broom 3 maanden geleden
My wife made me laugh. She said you turned a $2 saw into a $5 saw. I think you did a great job personally but it still made me laugh.
Yt Star Plays
Yt Star Plays 3 maanden geleden
I am really proud of you you always do great 🙂job good luck keep it up 👍
ddneq677 3 maanden geleden
Just when i thought the handle was a lot of work, he starts filing the teeth of the saw
Sarah Blanka
Sarah Blanka 3 maanden geleden
I think that if the world restarted that tysytube would be the only one who is left and he would fix the world
مسلم الخالدي
مسلم الخالدي 3 maanden geleden
Acardia Scarlett
Acardia Scarlett 3 maanden geleden
I would have spent less if I had bought a new saw ...I spend more on the materials used
امیر حسین حیدری
Winter is coming🤣
MasterLCPL 4 maanden geleden
beginning of video: blade is too thin to be sandblasted middle of video: i sandblast rest of rust off me: 🤔😐 nice video though. i subbed 😊
M 4 maanden geleden
He`s using a SAW to repair a SAW!!!!!. That`s how you end up in another dimension.
Privacy Setting
Privacy Setting 4 maanden geleden
10:00 "I used the saw to saw the saw"
Kevin Jensen
Kevin Jensen 9 dagen geleden
And after that my arm was sore. 😉
WoulfeyTV 4 maanden geleden
Ironic he used a saw to make a saw
Antique level restoration
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