Electronic Pinball Retro Game Restoration 

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This awesome console was made in 1980's in HONG KONG.
I bought it from Leboncoin, in France for 30 Euro
The game was broken yellowed and dirty.
Took me one week to restore it.
I utilized the Retrobright Technique to bring back the original color of the game.
This is an electronique Pinball Fliper and two players can play this cool game.
I hope you like my work!
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23 jun. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Mota 4 dagen geleden
Good job!
kiwi kirsch
kiwi kirsch 5 dagen geleden
"not a good sign" in the beginning could have just been salt remains of the leaked batteries, avoiding connection of the new batteries. i think that green crystal stuff is pure salt of some kind, at least it is inside maglite torches because KOH and water from air moisture react into some salt - maybe it needs aluminium to turn into salt? i don't know. yet, i am curious to see the reason for "not a good sign" :)
kiwi kirsch
kiwi kirsch 5 dagen geleden
okay. broken sold joints. i do refresh alkali batteries a few times (charging current of 20mA works fine) with the only downside that they leak more often if having been "recharged". thus, i sometimnes need to clean battery cases as otherwise, there's too much salt sticking between contacts and batteries.
sandor pap
sandor pap 10 dagen geleden
régi pinball játék nekem is volt
sandor pap
sandor pap 10 dagen geleden
megtorlom a magnokat a cd ket a kazettákat stb
Just Drakkar
Just Drakkar 10 dagen geleden
Moi j'aché ta console
dunstan john
dunstan john 11 dagen geleden
Magnoler Riccardo
Magnoler Riccardo 12 dagen geleden
REbuilt the istructions lable is just a MASTER TOUCH!
Renzibun 14 dagen geleden
I didn't know I wasn't watching an Odd Tinkering video, but oh man I freaking love these types of videos, no music nor any interruptions, just straight to the point and a fun pleasure for both eyes and ears.
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 14 dagen geleden
wrong channel then 😑
cambo proxy
cambo proxy 16 dagen geleden
Ur so awesome ur teaching new thing on how to fix things ^_^
emanuele di sante
emanuele di sante 16 dagen geleden
11:11 R.I.P. SpongeBob 😭😭
Joseph Vanderhoff
Joseph Vanderhoff 17 dagen geleden
wow awsome job . i love your channel .
Thiago Alexandre
Thiago Alexandre 19 dagen geleden
pega free fire?
Petrica Bistricean
Petrica Bistricean 20 dagen geleden
Super tare
Svatoslav Starosvetskiy
Svatoslav Starosvetskiy 24 dagen geleden
Name the birds: Scrapy and Coco
Philip Walton
Philip Walton 25 dagen geleden
How relaxing and calming are this legends videos.. better than any kind of sleeping aid 👌
cbgb jb
cbgb jb 27 dagen geleden
9:26 the forbidden Lucozade
тёмная ночь
тёмная ночь 28 dagen geleden
Et en regardant cette vidéo, je me suis souvenu d'une chanson française que j'ai découverte récemment ici: Corynne Charby - Boule de flipper.
James Bond
James Bond Maand geleden
@11:11 Yes is SATISFYING!!👌👌👌
Alex A
Alex A Maand geleden
I love the toucan
Al Kayssi
Al Kayssi Maand geleden
Oh, WOW! I had this when I was a kid!!!!
Vi Showel
Vi Showel Maand geleden
5:12 candy : )
XxAdamOfficialxX Maand geleden
Epic French Typing
Noah D'Lou
Noah D'Lou Maand geleden
Such an awesome video!! Love your work already
William Levy
William Levy Maand geleden
Love when you show your t-shirt at 11:25, love nyc, love that style, my home town
TheManeliss Maand geleden
Hello!! Pour ta boite à blanchisserie... Si tu en fais un certain nombre, pourquoi ne pas en faire une définitive? Avec tubes UV et feuilles d'alu miroir? En électronique pour insoler les circuits imprimés on utilise des tubes UV (type tube néon) dispos en quantité, costauds, et pas cher... Meilleures pensées de Strasbourg!
Alyssia Taylor
Alyssia Taylor Maand geleden
Nickel plating solution > Forbidden Gatorade
Kalei Buckley
Kalei Buckley Maand geleden
Do anyone put it in fast mode
Edith Viviana Gonzalez
The Lemon One
The Lemon One Maand geleden
Can someone tell me since WHEN does a thing to put Stickers down flat exist? This thing's awsome, I need one XD
MegaCatsie Maand geleden
I got real sentimental about you gluing in the old label. That's the energy I'd like to see.
oyuncu yusuf
oyuncu yusuf Maand geleden
küzel serler yapıyosun
Polden Gond
Polden Gond Maand geleden
I have a 'Fireball' handheld pinball. Probably worse shape because it was my families beloved toy. I'd really like to give it a good once-over. I collect these handhelds too!
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas Maand geleden
Extraordinaire l'ai encore avec la boite.
david krasowski
david krasowski Maand geleden
great video
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore 2 maanden geleden
is this OddTinkering's other channel?
not a communist
not a communist 2 maanden geleden
“Let’s spray chemicals on spongebob”
TheParkerizing 2 maanden geleden
Cutting Spongebob was oddly satisfying.
Kirsten Nordmann
Kirsten Nordmann 2 maanden geleden
Why is this so satisfying? 👏🏻
KiddoVlinder! 2 maanden geleden
Oooh goood I hated to see and hear you cutting the sponge 😭😭 the rest... amazing!!!💪
Cole Jordan
Cole Jordan 2 maanden geleden
I have the exact same printer
Nicole Odom
Nicole Odom 2 maanden geleden
This was an awesome video. Thank you for sharing!
Natalie Harrison-Lim
Natalie Harrison-Lim 2 maanden geleden
You putting the old sticker back in made me very happy 🥺❤️🥺
Senor Cluck
Senor Cluck 2 maanden geleden
9:28 who wants some Gatorade?
Senor Cluck
Senor Cluck 2 maanden geleden
Thanks for heart
Неприкаянных Владислав
The illusion of the "ball" movement is well done.
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa 3 maanden geleden
9:20 forbidden mtn dew baja blast 🤤🤤
Iron Tarkus999
Iron Tarkus999 3 maanden geleden
Lol I have the exact same printer as you
guchoc 3 maanden geleden
susser 3 maanden geleden
I don't see your sticker amongst the merch. I have a tool chest drop flap almost completely covered with stickers and would love to include your one as well as it would fit right in with the others.
Outdoorfriend 3 maanden geleden
I enjoy the fun details and great presentation but please someone get Tysy a smaller solder iron. It almost hurts seeing those monsters attack precious electronic components.
Carla Lazzari
Carla Lazzari 3 maanden geleden
Mason Brownlow
Mason Brownlow 3 maanden geleden
9:20 ah yes the forbidden Baja blast
Julia Owen
Julia Owen 3 maanden geleden
J'ai beaucoup apprécié le fait que tu laisses la notice originale et ton stickers a l'intérieur. je te suis depuis longtemps et j adore tes vidéos que je trouve très relaxantes. Continues comme ça.
chadbailey30 3 maanden geleden
Very nice... I've fallen down the you tube rabbit hole on these restoration video's. This channel definitely has some of the cooler items!!!
Jim Y
Jim Y 3 maanden geleden
put a demagnititzer in each ice cube slot. now just dip the tip of the driver with screw attached by magnetism and it drops right off.
Débora Cardoso
Débora Cardoso 3 maanden geleden
ADRYAN 3 maanden geleden
Iti dau un sfat: cand faci lipituri cu fludor adauga si un pic de sacaz(flux) pt lipituri reusite PS:este ok daca scriu in romana?
Otto Sean Christopher Mastuh OSCG 8845 Grimsley
You did magnificent on this restoration. You can Consider me a new subscriber.
Hamza Mehjabin
Hamza Mehjabin 3 maanden geleden
10:45 It’s the best than before!
Bob Howie
Bob Howie 3 maanden geleden
Is the HP diluted at all?
ma.elyssa rivera
ma.elyssa rivera 3 maanden geleden
I love the result!😊😊😊
Duke Nazareen
Duke Nazareen 3 maanden geleden
Salut, tu devrais investir dans un fer à souder avec une pan plus fine. Cest la deuxième de tes video ou je te vois souder (je découvre ta chaine) et je pense que un outil de qualité serait mieux ^^
alain 3 maanden geleden
FRANCAIS ? Mais tout est en anglais 👎 même votre présentation !!!
Aaron Ward
Aaron Ward 3 maanden geleden
Who only realised it wasn't an Odd Tinkering video until there was no Ducktor?
Shone Ph
Shone Ph 4 maanden geleden
you're awesome!!
Casey Gurlen
Casey Gurlen 4 maanden geleden
9:24 forbiden baja blast
Giorgos Gkanidis
Giorgos Gkanidis 4 maanden geleden
when you insert batteries in, don't you have the feeling that you're loading a shotgun?
Aldwin Panny
Aldwin Panny 4 maanden geleden
12:22 Êtes-vous français? Pourquoi utilisez-vous l'autocollant d'instructions en français? Pas en anglais.
Adelin Toma
Adelin Toma 4 maanden geleden
Salut, ce faci cu toate chestiile după ce le repari?
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 4 maanden geleden
uitate pe Tysy Tube Unboxing 😘
Érica Gabriele
Érica Gabriele 4 maanden geleden
Eu amei! Ficou lindo dimai 😭😭😭
lighterium designs
lighterium designs 4 maanden geleden
Tucano peroxide is one of my favorite things of these videos
GamingDAD 4 maanden geleden
Wow, 30 yrs between removing the screws and opening it up.
Andra Syafruddin
Andra Syafruddin 4 maanden geleden
jokes on you, I already subscribed before watching this video
Eva B
Eva B 4 maanden geleden
I got one of these, but mine is red 😁 never saw one befor. Awesome work! 👍
Eric Truong
Eric Truong 4 maanden geleden
A Pinball Machine Is Made In The 70s
Red Faction
Red Faction 4 maanden geleden
Ça change d’avent 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Vinny VR
Vinny VR 5 maanden geleden
Perfect old bro
MTHRFCKNJRHD 5 maanden geleden
I don’t know whether to love or hate that sponge cutting noise...
DALP 5 maanden geleden
is this the same console Star Lord uses in the Guardains of the galaxy Vol 2 intro scene?
PinBallReviewer 5 maanden geleden
Oh no you have a pinball machine now. Now just do not go to sleep I swear they breed at night and another just pops up in the house the next day. xD Sorry it is corny jokes of pinball enthusiasts that both work on and have the real thing in there homes. And yeah I pretty much do the same thing here with this electronic one but have about 3,000 parts all over my house and that is just one pin. I have several I am restoring here. Cannot wait to get the Star Trek made by Data East done. And the really old Big Game from 1935. :) Takes a long time to get them working as I do more then just get them working I clean em inside and out and replace parts when needed and ones that I do not I get the rust off and spray them with grey spray paint or if the metal is seen I'll do a clear coat on it. Just a warning if you ever do tackle a real pinball machine there will never just be one you get hooked on them and want more. xD
carpii 5 maanden geleden
That screwdriver magnetiser is so cool. First time Ive seen one
SWProzee1 Gaming
SWProzee1 Gaming 5 maanden geleden
1:27 those clean nice and new batteries wanted to get the heck out of that filthy machine.
Stephan Reisig
Stephan Reisig 5 maanden geleden
That de-yellowing methode is marvelous ! Great end result !
Padco Movie
Padco Movie 5 maanden geleden
Rip spongebob
Margarita S
Margarita S 5 maanden geleden
interesting how they have the "Player 1 and Player 2" option, assuming you have friends
Lua Brody
Lua Brody 5 maanden geleden
odd thinkering would be proud
ToastySpuds 5 maanden geleden
what is that foam, it was so soft but had one of the most hollow cutting noises ive ever heard
Emolgun 5 maanden geleden
I can tell this is just a watered down version of Odd Tinkering. Odd Tinkering is better though.
Vertiss 5 maanden geleden
Во время просмотра этого видео, у меня затопило квартиру)
masai motor
masai motor 5 maanden geleden
Je suis francais et j'aime baucoup cette chaine
MegaPrime OptimusTron
MegaPrime OptimusTron 5 maanden geleden
And for his next act ladies and gentlemen....... he will restore humanity!
YouTube YouTube
YouTube YouTube 5 maanden geleden
Leonardo Mendez
Leonardo Mendez 6 maanden geleden
I have one, biger than that, but wih a steel ball, it's very old AND Is in perfect condition
J.P. Walker
J.P. Walker 6 maanden geleden
Mind blown!
Project Yard Inc
Project Yard Inc 6 maanden geleden
On the screen I likely would have tried a light resin, but that's just personal preference.
Fabien S
Fabien S 6 maanden geleden
Igor Svačić
Igor Svačić 6 maanden geleden
You toucan leaks fluid from his beak. He needs to see ducktor asap.
Sean Jolly
Sean Jolly 6 maanden geleden
Nicely done!!!
Carne nyx
Carne nyx 6 maanden geleden
I had exactly the same pinball when i was young
Saint Crocodile
Saint Crocodile 6 maanden geleden
attends mais t'es français
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