Extremely Rusty and Destroyed Guillotine Restoration 

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This is a traditional Gigantic Bread Slicer Restoration.
This slicer was utilized in France in a bakery to cut the baguette in half .
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Here is the video where My Mechanics made me a new handle - Thank You My Mechanics!

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20 nov. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Abdullah's Travel Vlogs
Tavo 8 dagen geleden
This channel in a 🥜 :I make dirty thing clean
มะละซิ่ง 8 dagen geleden
@Asher Conigliaro บล ใ บลบบ ใ บลบล ใ บลงบงบบบฝบบขฝงบบบบบฝงฝขฝขฝบงฝบฝบงบบฝบบบงบฝงบฝฝฝงบฝบบงบขฝขฝบขฝขฝขฝบฝบบบฝฝบบฝบงฝงงบฝบฝฝฝงงงงงฝงบฝงฝงงฝบขฝฝขฝงฝบงฝงฝบฝขฝฝฝฝงบฝบฝ
มะละซิ่ง 8 dagen geleden
@Riccardo Giacobino งฝฝงงฝงงงงฝฝงงงขงบงฝงงฝงฝงฝงฝงฝฝงฝงงฝฝบงงฝขงงฝงงขฝงงขฝฝงงงงฝงงงฝงฝงงฝฝงงงขงงงงงขงงงงงงงงฝงงฝงงงฝงงงงฝงงงงขฝงฝงงฝงงงบฝฝบงงงงงงงงฝงงฝงงงฝฝขงงงฝงงขงงงงงงงงฝบฝงงฝฝงฝงงงงงฝงฝขงงงงงงงฝฝงงงงงฝขฝงฝขงงฝงงฝบงฝงงงฝฝงงฝงงฝงฝ ใ งงงวย งวง ฝ งวง งวง ใ งวง ฃฝฝขบงฝบงฝงงบงงฝงงงงฝฝงงฝฝงฝงฝงงฝงขฝงฝฝฝฝงฝฝงฝงงฝงงงฝงงงงฝฝงฝฝฝฝงงงงงงบฝขงงงงงงงงฝงฝงงงงฝงงงงงฝฝฝบงงงงฝฝฝงงงงงงงงฝฝฝงงงฝงฝฝงงงงงงฝงงฝงงฝงงฝงบฝฝงฝขงงฝฝงงงฝฝงฝฝฝงงงงงงบงงขฝงงงฝฝขบงบงฝงงงงขงงฝงงงบงฝงงงฝฝงงฝขฝขฝงงงฝงฝงฝงงฝงงงงงงงงฝฝฝงงฝงงบฝงงฝขงงงงงงงฝงฝฝฝงงฝฝฝขบฝฝบงงงบบฝงงงฝงงขฝฝงฝงฝงงบบงบบบบงงบฝงงงบฝงฝง
มะละซิ่ง 8 dagen geleden
hello how are you
hello how are you 2 uur geleden
When your french girlfriend sat "treat me like royalty" and you see rusted guillotine in the attic
Rickey Green
Rickey Green 2 uur geleden
On 1 to 100 I will give sandblasting a 96 because its satisfying
Forenza Audio
Forenza Audio 4 uur geleden
Therapist: Rust Remover flamingo isn't real. It can't hurt you anymore Rust remover Flamingo: -exists-
Angelina Salcedo
Angelina Salcedo 4 uur geleden
Amber Ballato
Amber Ballato 7 uur geleden
where jeff bezos at
The Lonely Firefly
The Lonely Firefly 7 uur geleden
Sandblasting 100
anton istrate
anton istrate 12 uur geleden
Sandblasting is a clear 100. Btw, I came back to see your videos after you like my comment
Mattux Ledbetter
Mattux Ledbetter 13 uur geleden
Lol I was turning it up because I couldn’t hear it and threw I realized
Aidan Gallagher
Aidan Gallagher 17 uur geleden
TMGUY 19 uur geleden
Where the hell do you find this stuff
Mattux Ledbetter
Mattux Ledbetter 21 uur geleden
How I feel taking apart my pen and laying out all the pieces : 3:38
cabana do tio Zezé Xd
cabana do tio Zezé Xd 22 uur geleden
10:39 siren head?
SPACE POTATOE 23 uur geleden
Phoenix Dag geleden
I rate it a 97
Purplexed Dag geleden
No one: Me watching this at 2 AM on a school night: hahaha funni
Stella Brewster
Stella Brewster Dag geleden
The stop motion animation bit with packing up the old handle reminded me of when I was younger, my sibling and I would make little animations using household items. We would have gone wild for that candy tin! Thanks for the great video and the trip down memory lane!
The Vest guy Blogger
In all honesty, they could’ve made the geeohteen or whatever into a sword and de-rusted all the other metal and sold it to people who want metal for something
Excelente trabajo mi hermano
Roger Bryan
Roger Bryan Dag geleden
What is the rust remover that you use?
DeathStrikeFPS Dag geleden
France: Polished head slicer
Spyral Dag geleden
Great! Now lets test it out
It's GanG
It's GanG Dag geleden
Restore your sezores bro It looks nasty
ملاگ Dag geleden
Gunnar McDaniel
Gunnar McDaniel Dag geleden
imagine not imagining
Curtis Aughenbaugh
Curtis Aughenbaugh Dag geleden
I don’t know if this is a restoration show or an asmr show 12:48
Indigochef 2 dagen geleden
It’s restored because u painted it ?
pan go bonk
pan go bonk 2 dagen geleden
My theory is that my mechanics and Tysytube are the same people
shinsou 2 dagen geleden
WhY wOuLd YoU rEsToRe A hEaD cHoPpEr😂😂😭
Iwona Pręciuk
Iwona Pręciuk 2 dagen geleden
Theres a difrence before and after
Kaden Parker
Kaden Parker 2 dagen geleden
0:32 I thought it was a bird
black dream
black dream 2 dagen geleden
I have to admit, I'm impressed
Снимаем Шляпу
Завораживает) мастер классный!
Miguel González
Miguel González 2 dagen geleden
I like that the anchoring place of the guillotine is made of copper. copper oxide is green
Intel_G4ming 2 dagen geleden
Andrew P
Andrew P 2 dagen geleden
Can I use wd40 for my guillotine
Meldeross / Melder
Meldeross / Melder 2 dagen geleden
Me: *tries to sleep* Mosquito next to my head: 15:04
Manwe Sulimo
Manwe Sulimo 2 dagen geleden
Robbespierre liked that.
The Home Cinema Engineer
The Home Cinema Engineer 2 dagen geleden
Why do you waste so much WD-40 or penetrating oil!?
Richard White
Richard White 3 dagen geleden
end of blade closest to handle suppose to have round notch at bottom to be like original great video
Inverted 3 dagen geleden
restore them scissors mate
Alexis Dayon
Alexis Dayon 3 dagen geleden
From France : the guillotine is great, but God! the baguette 🥖 looks awful!
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 3 dagen geleden
Gabby Rendon
Gabby Rendon 3 dagen geleden
What is that rust remover
marius bogdan postolica
marius bogdan postolica 3 dagen geleden
I enjoy everithing....sandblasting gets10000
仕方が無い 3 dagen geleden
wow what a glow up she's ready for wall street
The King of Braves
The King of Braves 3 dagen geleden
YourUncleOlaf 3 dagen geleden
please carve billionaires names into it
CerddWen 3 dagen geleden
Sandblasting = infinity!!
PlayWorks 3 dagen geleden
France would like to know you location
GRN Gaming
GRN Gaming 3 dagen geleden
I'm grom polish
Rick Van Dam
Rick Van Dam 4 dagen geleden
At my school we use them to cut light sheets of metal or just make loads of paper shapes at once
Robert Espinoza
Robert Espinoza 4 dagen geleden
The dark souls server blade?
Iron Striker2407
Iron Striker2407 4 dagen geleden
Vive la révolution!
Bonkii 4 dagen geleden
"Penetrating oil" Does not sound like actual mechanical oil, it sounds like something much worse XR
joseph ferone
joseph ferone 4 dagen geleden
Sigma Scrub
Sigma Scrub 4 dagen geleden
Start with satisfaction and end with a bit of ASMR? This is gonna be my favorite video for a while 😌
Albert Hollister
Albert Hollister 4 dagen geleden
Very impressive!! The screws and metal pieces I’m the most amazed by
William Stephens
William Stephens 5 dagen geleden
My Mechanics - the king of making a new one! 👑
Rylan Stanley
Rylan Stanley 5 dagen geleden
This guys asked us to subscribe so much it doesn’t make me want to
sootyvoo100 5 dagen geleden
I thought this was going to turn into a how to Basic video
TheManWithManyNames 5 dagen geleden
Also I just want to say thank you for these videos. I watch these right before I go to bed along with a few other channels like this. It makes me very calm and sleepy before I take my meds so I can roll over and sleep very easily. Thank you so much. I hope to see many videos like these in the near future. Thank you again :)
TheManWithManyNames 5 dagen geleden
It got rust due to all the heads it cut off or the fingers of thieves it cut off.
Cael Karlson
Cael Karlson 5 dagen geleden
Thore hammer more like baby thore hammer
Cael Karlson
Cael Karlson 5 dagen geleden
Says a add a little squeeze: adds a quarter of the bottle
Lyric Melton
Lyric Melton 5 dagen geleden
Is this something you go to school for? Or are you self taught?
Just some plant cells -
Just some plant cells - 5 dagen geleden
I’ve seen guillotine like these in traditional Chinese medicine pharmacies. They chop up some of the stuff that are really hard such as deer horns.
MICHAL VORYNKA 5 dagen geleden
This is testing of open gearbox - 23000kg: @
Giulia Carvalho
Giulia Carvalho 6 dagen geleden
Suyash Jagtap
Suyash Jagtap 6 dagen geleden
Sharpening is needed...
Educatiøn 6 dagen geleden
Did you mean style or stile?
Peluche 6 dagen geleden
Arthur Biringer
Arthur Biringer 6 dagen geleden
Excellent work! Incredible video work!!
Um... U know that you just touched and fixed something that was used to chop off heads
Clara !
Clara ! 6 dagen geleden
Ahhh la belle baguette 😂👌🏻
Jean Louis gaming
Jean Louis gaming 6 dagen geleden
That's not a guillotine its more like a taper cutter
BEENIE BOI 6 dagen geleden
Tu es français
Sarah Klunk
Sarah Klunk 6 dagen geleden
If they sold this slicer at target. People would buy them up
Melissa Walls
Melissa Walls 7 dagen geleden
I love your channel,it's therapuetic..
Greek T
Greek T 7 dagen geleden
0:12 You know how my reaction was...
Te nino Yt
Te nino Yt 7 dagen geleden
Francisco Benet Molero
Francisco Benet Molero 7 dagen geleden
A darle caña a las herramientas vamos allá :P
Raj Patil
Raj Patil 7 dagen geleden
Test to see if it works properly
Rosikah 7 dagen geleden
I thought it was a big carpet on the thumbnail.
I make Musik
I make Musik 8 dagen geleden
Mf could restore christ's body, can I get an amen?
GoldenRose Queen16
GoldenRose Queen16 8 dagen geleden
I wanna cut my hand with that thing for no other reason than because it’s shiny
Charlie Cleveland
Charlie Cleveland 8 dagen geleden
So many pieces to it
woah izzy
woah izzy 8 dagen geleden
*this man can restore a katana but not a pair of scissors?*
Martina Vazquez ~
Martina Vazquez ~ 8 dagen geleden
You were admiring that new handle like it was the Sword Of Azeroth is a beauty ^_^
Andrew Dusbabek
Andrew Dusbabek 8 dagen geleden
Now that you restored it time to test it.
Ömer Genç
Ömer Genç 8 dagen geleden
It’s getting a lil sus, what’s next? Restoring the fallen empire of Rome?
Baby Yobama
Baby Yobama 8 dagen geleden
he should make a restoration video on the shears he uses when he cuts the sandpaper
Mishmasher 8 dagen geleden
I love how when he's about to tear the bread in half he slaps his left hand like "Woah slow down there bud that's the bread knife's job."
Backyard Astronomy
Backyard Astronomy 8 dagen geleden
What a fantastic restoration, Loved every minute of it 👍
Gwendoline King
Gwendoline King 8 dagen geleden
I like the small red Thor hammer in the video at 1.05 minutes!Could you please let me know where I can get such a hammer from?Thank you!
Stefan Logic
Stefan Logic 8 dagen geleden
L the blade don’t cut
Soupy 8 dagen geleden
The animations were nice though.
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters 9 dagen geleden
This video so relaxing I almost feel asleep
Rafael Zaiaskoski
Rafael Zaiaskoski 9 dagen geleden
Sombruh 9 dagen geleden
Me: Wow this thing is in terrible condition! TysyTube: this slicer is in a very good condition. Me: Yeah that looks pretty good.
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