Halberd AXE Restoration - With Epoxy Handle 

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- I Turned this Knife in to a Piece of Art (24K GOLD) - With EPOXY Restoration -
- $5 Broken SPACE INVADER Console Restoration and Testing -
- Broken Level Restoration - With Epoxy Resin -
- $1 Vintage Car Horn - NOT WORTH RESTORING - ASMR Restoration -
- Antique Rusty Saw Epoxy Handle Restoration -
In this video i'm restoring a Halberd Axe
This Restoration took me 15 days to complete
At 1 Million Subscribers i will sell all my restored objects on Ebay, so Subscribe!
I hope you like my work and my video.
Subscribe for more cool videos. I'm uploading videos about old stuff restoration.
Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 15 days
$2 Axe
$25 Epoxy Resin
My Camera:
Canon 90d -
Macro Lens -
35mm lens -
50mm lens -
Canon G7x Mark 2 -
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 -

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14 mei. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
LUSTROUS AsMr Dag geleden
Can you restore a old nintendo?
Steven Kim
Steven Kim 13 dagen geleden
Use vacuum chamber to remove bubbles.
demon in black
demon in black 2 maanden geleden
Hey I have a challenge, restore something and only use the stuff you’ve restored like if you restored tools only use the tools you’ve restored
MikeModern 2 maanden geleden
TachankaHimSelf 2 maanden geleden
To get rid of the bubbles you need to use a vacuum chamber
Rosa Arrue
Rosa Arrue 4 uur geleden
I love your videos but when I see the original shape or materials are changed is disappointing me. Please, the conservation is the main reason of the restoration and renovation is what I am seeing in here.
LUSTROUS AsMr Dag geleden
Wow always amazing
Robert Ball
Robert Ball 3 dagen geleden
I can appreciate your craftsmanship. I enjoyed watching this video. I just can't get past your version of a handle for that axe. I don't care for the shape and shortness of it. It is your channel so by all means, do it how you see fit.
Chicago dog1988
Chicago dog1988 3 dagen geleden
You should watch Burls Art on NLblock. He makes guitars out of epoxy, and he's explained how to get bubbles out of epoxy.
Fady ALKAZZI 5 dagen geleden
I wish if you can explain everything while doing it
Georgio 6 dagen geleden
I'm late but I think a silicone mold would have been better, maybe next time
NorthShoreBuilt 9 dagen geleden
Obviously not someone keen on sharpening
Влад Чернявский
Ты зделал топор слабым
Michael Neville
Michael Neville 10 dagen geleden
A halberd is a pole weapon with a shaft two meters long or longer.
Yo también quier un hacha para cortar pepinos!
Nadine ***
Nadine *** 13 dagen geleden
Elegant second life.
Social Ideas
Social Ideas 13 dagen geleden
Kheeray he kaatne thay to churri se kaat leta itni mehnat ki kya zaroorat thi 😂😂😂
Evander Singleton
Evander Singleton 17 dagen geleden
An air vacuum chamber might help get the bubbles out, but I have no clue
This project Is retired
This project Is retired 18 dagen geleden
Vacuum chamber is a good way to get rid of bubbles just put epoxy in there let the bubble go away and pour
Callum Barham
Callum Barham 18 dagen geleden
This man mummified a stick
Callum Barham
Callum Barham 18 dagen geleden
2:46 ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Thunderdog 18 dagen geleden
I want to own a restraint one day that only uses battle axes as their cooking tools
larry julius
larry julius 18 dagen geleden
This video made me subscribe.Good job indeed bro.
CURSE YOU...Jordan!
CURSE YOU...Jordan! 19 dagen geleden
So cool.
InsanitySoldSeparately 19 dagen geleden
A vacuum chamber for those bubbles in the epoxy would be very handy!
Dany Redex
Dany Redex 19 dagen geleden
Arata Foarte bine.. Chiar ai muncit mult la ea !!!
Jojo Jokester
Jojo Jokester 19 dagen geleden
I love the way you did this
func_sam 20 dagen geleden
Vacuum chambers can help get rid of air bubbles in epoxy, I don’t know how expensive vacuum chambers are tho
Joni Angels R Real
Joni Angels R Real 21 dag geleden
A great way to start my winter week off... Thanks again...🍀 ❤️ the sticks to mix ... brilliant...!😃
MORNING BOT 21 dag geleden
2:46 Traveling??
Cody Schleiger
Cody Schleiger 22 dagen geleden
axe is amazing!
The Long Khan
The Long Khan 22 dagen geleden
That is a hand axe, bro, NOT a halbard
DarkNexus Ultima
DarkNexus Ultima 22 dagen geleden
If you still had your shop, materials and was thrown back to midevil times, I feel countries would fight for your restorations
Yusuf Uddin
Yusuf Uddin 23 dagen geleden
restores axe, cuts cucumber
TheDankBoiz 23 dagen geleden
Tysy: Ay yo haters, can I *AXE* you a question? =) *Pulls out axe*
Nicolò Braghini
Nicolò Braghini 23 dagen geleden
Are you italian? The writings on the glue...
Abs quatulate
Abs quatulate 23 dagen geleden
use a vaccum to remove the bubbles in the epoxy and some sand paper to flaten your sharpenning stone
Bart Baker
Bart Baker 23 dagen geleden
Vacuume chamber+vibrations will get bubbles out of epoxy
TrueReptainlove 25 dagen geleden
Ive seen a lot of people use vakuum chambers to get rid of the bubbeling... or simply use vibrations... tho vakuum is more effective
GOSTHER 25 dagen geleden
la re cagaste al final, tenia que quedarse plateado nomas boludo
Rhythmic Soul
Rhythmic Soul 25 dagen geleden
Portable Vacuum chambers are great air bubble removers, but they're also quite pricey.
tasha Smith
tasha Smith 25 dagen geleden
I love it and I think it's beautiful. I'd buy it
Banana Pie
Banana Pie 25 dagen geleden
first a one handed halberd is a wild concept to me second, despite the clear epoxy handle looking spectacular, I'd much rather it have been wood splendid job!
Сергей Чернов
Сергей Чернов 26 dagen geleden
Кухонный топорик, красивый
Joshua Mclean
Joshua Mclean 26 dagen geleden
Put your resin in a vacuum chamber, mixing i with the drill is great, but introduces a lot of air, and this, bubbles
Revalino Siringo
Revalino Siringo 26 dagen geleden
Thank you for making me fall as
Alex Forman
Alex Forman 26 dagen geleden
If you pour in the resin slowly and from a height you’ll get less huge bubbles. You could also try using a vacuum. Peter brown has good resin content if you want more information
Geckoswagg1YT 27 dagen geleden
To help get rid of the bubbles you could just stick it in a vacuum chamber and it’ll pull out all of the bubble, just make sure that it is upright that way the air will flow in the correct direction
Kyle. S
Kyle. S 27 dagen geleden
Why’d you give it a hatchet handle??
Андрей Строганов
handsinthefire 28 dagen geleden
ew it was a cast. double ew, it's no longer a halberd.
GrandPaGamer 28 dagen geleden
Any experts here? Wondering. The halberd looks like it was cast... Wouldn't that make a poor weak, britle weapon? It should be forged, right?
Jacob Rozaly
Jacob Rozaly 28 dagen geleden
You should like this video he put all his effort in to this! He did this for us to learn how to do it.
John F
John F 28 dagen geleden
That drill gets more action than the red light district.
Zoofy Zoof
Zoofy Zoof 28 dagen geleden
Considering what a Halberd is, I'm confused why you turned it into a one-handed weapon instead of _actually_ restoring it to what it's supposed to be.
handsinthefire 27 dagen geleden
Well it's a casted head...probably not heat treated, it was a wall hanger. >.> it's just a smaller wall hanger and I still hate that it wasn't restored.
Emma Colley
Emma Colley 28 dagen geleden
why is anyone downvoting these videos?! Makes me sad - you are so clever!!
Die Blauen Dragoner
Die Blauen Dragoner 28 dagen geleden
that uh... that aint a halberd. thats just an axe, a halberd would be like 6 feet long or about 1.8 meters in length. also the handle would be just one long piece of metal, they're Poleaxes for a reason.
Iftert 28 dagen geleden
Ever seen how they pore concrete? I think so you can get rid of bubbles
Muhammet AYDINLI
Muhammet AYDINLI 28 dagen geleden
use a vibrator for bubbles as soft as like a phone vibrator
Austin Wilburn
Austin Wilburn 29 dagen geleden
Loved the sand blasting scene. Never do get to see people use that machine. Super satisfying.
David 29 dagen geleden
Una pregunta lo que le cambia el color es aire comprimido o es pintura
TheSoupMan 29 dagen geleden
Karim El Ghazy
Karim El Ghazy 29 dagen geleden
Bon travail pro
Giovanny Henriquez chaivez
Nice ax
Gordon Belfort
Gordon Belfort 29 dagen geleden
Your lack of experience is noticeable, but the video-quality is pretty nice. 👌
Deon Nel
Deon Nel 29 dagen geleden
Another great restoration.
Luca Pedraza Preciado
Luca Pedraza Preciado 29 dagen geleden
Sorry but it is horrible
Who Cares
Who Cares Maand geleden
Is there anything you tried sand blasting and it didnt work? Or didnt work well?
Travis Stickler
Travis Stickler Maand geleden
Cool video, I want to know how long it for the poor casting to look that old. You can see the seams from the casting after sandblasting. And the rivit would not have been that easy to remove and the second piece of metal from the Handel wah shiny and new. I still like the video
PantsBulldog Maand geleden
Kiwiami Japan.
samie Emp
samie Emp Maand geleden
9:50 You need a Pressure vessel
Crunchy_Bob Maand geleden
On the next episode of Pimp My Halberd
Alyssa Hurley
Alyssa Hurley Maand geleden
Comically small anvil
Kathy Florcruz
Kathy Florcruz Maand geleden
Perfect for cutting up veggies. 😁
DeathValley01 Maand geleden
The fact that he turned the halberd into a hatchet makes me cringe.
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller Maand geleden
Put epoxy into the holes let it dry and sand it smooth
Rocco DeCioccio
Rocco DeCioccio Maand geleden
putting your epoxy in a vacuum chamber will get rid of all the bubbles.
Rocco DeCioccio
Rocco DeCioccio Maand geleden
I forgot to add that you put it in the vacuum after you poor the epoxy.
Ioannis Michalopoulos
Ioannis Michalopoulos Maand geleden
9:46 vacuum chamber
ElvisNeubauer Maand geleden
That's was my Experience
ElvisNeubauer Maand geleden
You must fill it slowly because if u made it fast than ther will be more bubbles and if u fill it slowly than will be there low bubbles inside
Rocky Jent
Rocky Jent Maand geleden
Riddle me this, Give this to a character, except the handle is very long and made of wood and metal, with a sharp point at the end, and loves to SHOVE. What's the character's name?
WilliWunder231 Maand geleden
You can't really get rid of the bubbles, but try to not mix them quickly. Instead mix them slowly and not with a drill. Try to mix it slowly as possible. Than there are no bubbles. And yes: pour it slowly in your mold to avoid these holes.
Spooky Wolf
Spooky Wolf Maand geleden
To get rid of resin bubbbles you have to let them rise. Continue stirring so I wont harden
A Wilson
A Wilson Maand geleden
Advertise that as a Medieval style Cleaver...
Quin Ray
Quin Ray Maand geleden
as i got further and further into the video, i stated 'you're ruining it.' more and more
Maria Hartnett
Maria Hartnett Maand geleden
i'm not sure about small bubbles minus just getting a pressure pot but for long pours like that, keep the mold at a slight angle and pour slowly down the side so bigger bubbles can work their way out
Maria Hartnett
Maria Hartnett Maand geleden
amazing work by the way, that thing is so cool!
ACE GAMER Maand geleden
Krályk Maand geleden
use vacoom
Kenny Ball
Kenny Ball Maand geleden
A pressure pot will get rid of the bubbles
J610 Maand geleden
I'm really enjoying these epoxy projects! I think they are really good for expressing your artistic side, plus they let you re-use old broken wooden handles so it's a win-win! You're great at it!
Seth Lauffeuer
Seth Lauffeuer Maand geleden
There are kinds of epoxy made especially for deep-pours. They are usually labelled as low-viscosity, slow cure resins. They are more liquid than normal resin and take a long time to cure (12-24 hrs) but because they're thin, the bubbles have time to rise up. Also tapping and vibrations help a lot, or pulling a vacuum. Love your videos man, keep up the good work.
lootownica Maand geleden
14:40 is that kiwami japan reference?
Jali Sa
Jali Sa Maand geleden
Ugh epoxy is so satisfying 🥵🥵🥵
QuietInvestor Maand geleden
Black Beard Project will shock after watching this awesome video, haha😅
kyla culp
kyla culp Maand geleden
To get rid of the air bubbles there's some machine like an air compressor or something that gets the air out so when it drys it looks smooth
Shigiraki Maand geleden
I think these videos are the onky thing keeping me sane now
Leisa Derbyshire
Leisa Derbyshire Maand geleden
So far my favourite one 👍❤️
Sis Maand geleden
Use a pressure pot to get rid of bubbles. According to the youtubers who work with epoxy, its quite easy to make one
Teague Mendola
Teague Mendola Maand geleden
It’s a little crazy but a vacuum chamber gets all the bubbles out when it’s about to cure
Nikodem Osiej
Nikodem Osiej Maand geleden
DAAVAR SAYYED Maand geleden
I guess, we need to heat up the solution to remove the bubbles.
Velor re
Velor re Maand geleden
To get rid of the bubbles, tap the whole cast on your desk repeatedly
Bob & Linda Kroon
Bob & Linda Kroon 2 maanden geleden
You asked for ideas about getting rid of bubbles in your epoxy handle. What if you were able to connect some sort of random orbital device or some that vibrates and as you pour the epoxy, you are shaking at the same time.
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