I Restored this $5 Rusty Hand Cranked Grinder - Restoration 

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In this video i'm restoring a rusty hand crancked grinder.
I found this Hand Cranked Grinder at flea market and cost me $5.
Right away i knew that i can make a nice restoration video for you.
After disassembly i cleaned all the grease and dirt on my parts cleaner with purgasol solution.
To remove paint i utilized paint stripper. After that i sanded all the casting marks and i applied filler to make it smoother.I sandblasted all the parts, the wood handle and the grinder stone.
I applied primer and two coat of metalic gray car paint.
To make some parts black i utilized a solution from amazon ( link down) Black Magic.
This Restoration took me 4 days to complete.
I like so much this hand cranked grinder and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 4 days
$5 hand cranked grinder
My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 :
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Amazon links
Black Magic Bluing Solution -
SandBlaster -
Gloves -
Sandblaster media -
Ring light -
Second studio light -
Camer -
Polishing wheel -
Huge Lighter video -
Cristal clear resin -
LordsWorld - 25 Kilogrammes A1 Asilikos Universal Sand for sandblasting -
Condensateur de démarrage pour moteur 6µF 450V précâblé -

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31 jan. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
You mean the pan you say is 130 years old when it clearly isn't?
Tcg Ssnip3s
Tcg Ssnip3s 2 maanden geleden
This was posted almost a year ago lol he not gonna reply
Art of creativity
Art of creativity 3 maanden geleden
Please reply
Art of creativity
Art of creativity 3 maanden geleden
Art of creativity
Art of creativity 3 maanden geleden
Dee Yaaap
Dee Yaaap 15 dagen geleden
Sandblasting is my favorite part
TheDankBoiz 15 dagen geleden
No one: Not even a single soul: Susan: *MY LETTER D:*
Kuba Nowakowski
Kuba Nowakowski 17 dagen geleden
Idk why but i hate silver paint
Jonathan Dieker
Jonathan Dieker 20 dagen geleden
When he said black magic he meant it
Skawtty McKouncil
Skawtty McKouncil 21 dag geleden
Perfect piece for the "Off Grid" tool shop, nice job!! Thanks for sharing.
Joseph La Rocque
Joseph La Rocque 23 dagen geleden
I wish to thank you for being a personal inspiration. I’m 66 years old and confined to a wheelchair. I spend most of my time on the radio. I'm a ham radio amateur, Callsign KX4ND. But that’s about all I do for entertainment. Now that I have watched your videos, I have become an enthusiast about trying my hand at restoring items. I'm currently planning on having a workshop built in my backyard to have tables and tools set up at a level that I can reach from my wheelchair. Please continue with your videos because they do have a positive impact on many different people. Thank you.
Marshall David WahlstromHelgren
Dude you are awesome, I love your restorations, they are awesome.
Sherrie Stockdale
Sherrie Stockdale 23 dagen geleden
I'm always happy when he saves the wooden knobs.... Beautiful piece of art...and workmanship..A++++
crusty wifi
crusty wifi 24 dagen geleden
what does wet sanding do?
Selena 24 dagen geleden
Ily daddy
Brandon T
Brandon T 24 dagen geleden
When do you decide to blue metal or heat it up and quench it in oil?
Brandon T
Brandon T 24 dagen geleden
What’s your purgasol machine called?
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 24 dagen geleden
хей ,
хей , 25 dagen geleden
а что будет если деталь провалится в пескоструй? как её потом достать?
diemofabuddies 25kmh
diemofabuddies 25kmh 27 dagen geleden
We have the same from my grandpa and it looks like day one
Mathew Boyer
Mathew Boyer 28 dagen geleden
Grinder won't start im assuming there's a capacitor inside that is shot?
FoxLightstep 28 dagen geleden
That legit sounded like a horror movie effect.
ömer tayfun yükseler
ömer tayfun yükseler 28 dagen geleden
Thomas Klugh
Thomas Klugh Maand geleden
I think it's a hand-driven Time Machine.
Castiel Velasquez
Castiel Velasquez Maand geleden
Matt Anton
Matt Anton Maand geleden
Is the Black Magic the same as cold bluing?
calebjames 12
calebjames 12 Maand geleden
It kinda looks like Fred Flintstone's car wheels if they were training wheels
Night Pain
Night Pain Maand geleden
check out capacitor on electric grinder, might be at the end...
Rik Van dijk
Rik Van dijk Maand geleden
Daniel Teixeira
Daniel Teixeira Maand geleden
I''m from Brasil & i like it
himo4ever Maand geleden
this thing for what ?!🤔
Dori Ownbey
Dori Ownbey Maand geleden
The part s always look white, in the sand blaster chamber.
Chris Rider
Chris Rider Maand geleden
At 3:22 the filing sound reminds me of the pixar intro of the bounding lamp
MikoFolfyNX [MFNX]
MikoFolfyNX [MFNX] Maand geleden
It's wonderful!
dimon 2 maanden geleden
Lol all content from my my mechanics
Elfdude122 2 maanden geleden
Has anything ever fallen through the grate in the sand blaster? And if so how did you get it out?
OHOWUNEEDIT 2 maanden geleden
Why do you remove the casing marks? They’ve always been there.
regular gaming guy
regular gaming guy 2 maanden geleden
Tbh the sand blasting is my favorite part
StavrosPs123 2 maanden geleden
Your bench grinder does not start because the start capacitor inside is probably broken. If you replace it i guarantee you it will work again. Can you make a video repairing it?
Stickin Ass
Stickin Ass 2 maanden geleden
8:55 ,check the Condensator value..!
LUMPYSAUSAGE 2 maanden geleden
One of those with an electric motor would be a cool device to have in the garage.
Mr. Bergle
Mr. Bergle 2 maanden geleden
Time to fix the wire wheel!!!😀🔨🔩📐
Enrique Romero
Enrique Romero 2 maanden geleden
Does this means that we now can ship tools to you that you will grind for us? 😉 😂... nice restoretion my friend 👌
SoFlyRandomGuy 3 maanden geleden
What compound are you using to fill in the dimples and imperfections I'm wanting to try to restore an old piece j have and am curious.
t0mn8r 3 maanden geleden
Sandblasting is also my favorite. Still no cat... :-(
Emil Andreasen Klahn
Emil Andreasen Klahn 3 maanden geleden
What determines which parts you use a sandblaster for instead of using some chemical to get rid of the rust? I see you using both, but I can't see the system behind when to use what.
Enzo NSFE 3 maanden geleden
J'adore ton travail, c'est passionnant. tu devrais utiliser un spray que tu recharge de ton dissolvant pour nettoyer ce serait plus simple pour toi 😉 bonne continuation 🤘
QuantityEngineers 3 maanden geleden
Just curious, what is the final rpm ratio based on the hand crank? Or what are the diameters of the gears?
Carla Lazzari
Carla Lazzari 3 maanden geleden
Jayantilal j Patel
Jayantilal j Patel 3 maanden geleden
Sandblasting by your hand is like God gift.
Art of creativity
Art of creativity 3 maanden geleden
Matej Kováčik
Matej Kováčik 3 maanden geleden
LOL...I've got this grinder at home...i love it...
Restoration Tools
Restoration Tools 3 maanden geleden
good work
Tigran Safaryan
Tigran Safaryan 3 maanden geleden
Seems kinda wobbly and unbalanced in the end.
Cristina Costa
Cristina Costa 3 maanden geleden
Emilia Massot
Emilia Massot 3 maanden geleden
Lady Kennie Frog
Lady Kennie Frog 3 maanden geleden
Searched for the wrong grinder.
trublgrl 4 maanden geleden
My favorite character is Baby Anvil. I like Sand Blaster too, but everyone likes him.
Kerry Maskell
Kerry Maskell 4 maanden geleden
I love the machine at 9:14 it's so fluffy and weird
س ب ا
س ب ا 4 maanden geleden
And where's the test with a knife for example?!
Kristy S
Kristy S 4 maanden geleden
Well done
Законопослушный Гражданин!
Sam B
Sam B 4 maanden geleden
8:55 why not learn proper grammar and why not put a guard on it.
Patrick MacDonald
Patrick MacDonald 4 maanden geleden
Removing the casting is my favorite part
Jonathan Wilfred Michelin
Jonathan Wilfred Michelin 4 maanden geleden
I was just offered a Hurst one of these, looks rough, but I might take it ahha
Terrance Miller
Terrance Miller 4 maanden geleden
Oh god not silver and black again.
Michael 23
Michael 23 4 maanden geleden
Using a drill as a lathe. Very resourceful
Michael Murnane
Michael Murnane 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone know the name of the grinder my grandfather has the exact same one
Schlomo Shekelstein
Schlomo Shekelstein 4 maanden geleden
all that work and he didn't even balance the wheel. 1.1million views. only 700 downvotes... i'm speechless tbh
Reuben Rodriguez
Reuben Rodriguez 4 maanden geleden
Great job.
francisco salamanca
francisco salamanca 4 maanden geleden
Marcello Hussein
Marcello Hussein 5 maanden geleden
TRỰC TIẾP TIN VUI 5 maanden geleden
Very good. Well done, see you guys
UMIT YAYLA 5 maanden geleden
Final test to me my childhood
Workshop DC
Workshop DC 5 maanden geleden
I wish to have a sandblaster It is so relaxing to watch and helpfull with restoration projects. Amazing job Tysy!
Hight Noon
Hight Noon 5 maanden geleden
1:44 Helicopter Sound? or it's just my impression?
•Hunter N•
•Hunter N• 5 maanden geleden
Do you resell these items after working on them? And do you make any/ decent money uploading on NLblock? I was thinking about trying the same thing as a hobby but it’s cool to see others interested as well.
Роза Тыналиева
Роза Тыналиева 6 maanden geleden
У вас золотые руки! 👍
You Thought
You Thought 6 maanden geleden
Yo can we buy this though? I’d pay you good $ for it, been wanting an antique grinder for quite some time for my shop, and would love to hear back
wreckitstan 101
wreckitstan 101 6 maanden geleden
Imagine this being a portable pencil sharpner and bringing it to school.
Tom Crosman
Tom Crosman 6 maanden geleden
Certainly does NOT sound good.
Tommy Nygaard Jensen
Tommy Nygaard Jensen 6 maanden geleden
Waste of time
Arnoldas Liaugaudas
Arnoldas Liaugaudas 6 maanden geleden
What hapen if you sandblasting your bare hand?!
LuckyMe 6 maanden geleden
Is it frim Soviet Union? It looks the same as mine and mine is from SU times
edgar paez
edgar paez 6 maanden geleden
Very good work and craftmanship
R H 7 maanden geleden
the result is satisfying
Ainun gendutz
Ainun gendutz 7 maanden geleden
indah banget
Charles Lanier
Charles Lanier 7 maanden geleden
Hook a sewing trendle up to it.
Charlie Fisher
Charlie Fisher 7 maanden geleden
I got one of the same. Missing handle and tool rest but i thought it was fine. Opened it up and only found 2gears inside. Also had extra bits on top where lids with springs were which I assume was for adding oil
Maxime Broutin
Maxime Broutin 7 maanden geleden
(9:27) i love this old black magic!🎶🎵 (go check that old song!)
Илья Давидюк
Илья Давидюк 7 maanden geleden
Ты крутой
Nai EchoDelta
Nai EchoDelta 7 maanden geleden
TysyTube: This is your grinder Brothers who are successful in life and aren’t DIY and there’s you a hand cranked grinder *spits on ground* Disgraceful
KWC_Bimo 7 maanden geleden
what liquid is this that makes it black
Ma Wi
Ma Wi 7 maanden geleden
This object is in basically good shape.
webslinger67 7 maanden geleden
The brass spacer on the crank shaft is not original and added later. The handle is suppose to engage to crank then hang as the stone free wheels's a good looking resto for sure.
Maestro_ Dany
Maestro_ Dany 7 maanden geleden
50years later yor son gonna restore your Grinder......
Mario Eduardo
Mario Eduardo 7 maanden geleden
Ermoso XD 👍
عبدالاله العنزي
Hâncu Ionuț
Hâncu Ionuț 7 maanden geleden
christastic100 7 maanden geleden
I thought at the end you were going to speed up the film to the speed of a blur 😀. Love the manic ending though and as ever a perfect restoration.
Punam Misale
Punam Misale 7 maanden geleden
Piyush KumàR
Piyush KumàR 7 maanden geleden
asn•roar 7 maanden geleden
Altas_enzo 8 maanden geleden
Je les vue le est voila ptit français
Elijah Hunter
Elijah Hunter 8 maanden geleden
If I tried to restore this, I would never figure out how to reassemble it
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