I Restored This Fan and i put it to the Test 

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This is Restoration of a Vintage Table Fan CALOR Made in France in 1950's
This Restoration took me 12 days
I dissembled everything and sandblasted the proppeler and protection. The small parts got cleaned up in the mini tumbler for 2 hours and polished at the end. I searched a lot to find the same color like the original on the blade. The base and motor housing was made from backelite. Took me few minutes to bring the shining back. I bouhjt a new cable with a switch. This is my second fan calor.
Here is the first one :
I hope you like my restoration videos and i want to let you know that at 1 Million Subscribers i will sell everything on Ebay and YOU will recive 20% off if you are an old subscriber!
Thank You for Watching!
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I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 12 days
$5 Fan Calor
$8 electric cord
$17 spray paint
$10 clear coat
My Camera:
Canon 90d -
Macro Lens - (amazing lens)
35mm lens -
50mm lens -
Canon G7x Mark 2 - ( best camera for beginers)
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 - (i don't recomend it)
Rode VIDEOMIC NTG - (amazing mic)

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Gold leaf -
Wood disk carving -
Black Magic Bluing Solution -
SandBlaster -
Gloves -
Sandblaster media -
Ring light -
Second studio light -
Camera -
Polishing wheel -
Huge Lighter video -
Cristal clear resin -
zippo parts -

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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Dan 007
Dan 007 2 maanden geleden
When will you upgrade to powder coating and ditch the spray paint?
Andrew Luyten
Andrew Luyten 3 maanden geleden
Just a question but where do you buy/find items like this and what do you do after u restored them? And i like your video’s greetings from belgium 😁
Rafael Zaiaskoski
Rafael Zaiaskoski 6 dagen geleden
Wow 🤩
zDarkNightTheAlpha zDarkNightLol
you great man i am sub
michelle g
michelle g 14 dagen geleden
I love old fans! Great project!!
Rich H
Rich H 17 dagen geleden
Looking good!
Dr. Monster
Dr. Monster 20 dagen geleden
I know this was released forever ago and you probably don't look in the comments of your old videos, but you inspire me to keep working with the little notes you write in your videos, and the one "no one will believe in you unless you do!" Really takes the cake. Thank you for making content!
one too buckle my show the skeleton
new video idea: *restoring ironman's helmet
Shay4Ojibwa 21 dag geleden
Do you ever sell your restorations? I would buy this fan in a heartbeat.
Arda Ben
Arda Ben 21 dag geleden
15:50 i scared :D
Marko Lukic
Marko Lukic 22 dagen geleden
I believe in me!
Trigger Guy
Trigger Guy 29 dagen geleden
What brand of baby wipes were those?
Luke Baines
Luke Baines Maand geleden
This man is clearly a fan of Kiwami Japan. Just missing the sea cucumbers.
Eric Rapirap
Eric Rapirap Maand geleden
BathTime Nordstrom
BathTime Nordstrom Maand geleden
This really adds calor to it
ma gk
ma gk Maand geleden
Super clean
Random Stuff In Oregon
All that work and you go with a cheap modern looking switch and plug? The rest of it turned out awesome though!
Growlithe Puppy
Growlithe Puppy Maand geleden
Why sand?
gil moreno
gil moreno Maand geleden
I love your ingenuity the thing with the magnet 🧲 to collect the screws. I have to remember that. Hahahahahaha
My Führer
My Führer Maand geleden
Tu me donne l'eau à la bouche quand j'ai vue ton corps
narkissa03 Maand geleden
What a handsome fan
Queen 2 maanden geleden
هذا افضل فيديو في القناة
Jesús Fernando Drylander
Jesús Fernando Drylander 2 maanden geleden
That original purple colour combined with that red resuts so COOL...!! My admiration from Sevilla, man!! 🤘😎👍
Gobi Obecny
Gobi Obecny 2 maanden geleden
yes ver safe for kids :D
BY Fuzzy HVH
BY Fuzzy HVH 2 maanden geleden
4:00 999 IQ
Dayse Dockhorn
Dayse Dockhorn 2 maanden geleden
Top demais TySy, parabéns por mais esta restauração! Obrigada por compartilhar, sou sua fã!!
t0mn8r 2 maanden geleden
Very nice but you still don't have a nice cat like LADB.
t0mn8r 2 maanden geleden
Of course it needs sandblasting!
Destini Jefferson
Destini Jefferson 2 maanden geleden
Before this video I've been struggling with a dilemma on myself after seeing that quote I think I've finally figured it out. I was so worried atheists I wouldnt be good enough, but the quote helped me realize I have to believe in myself I I want to reach my goals. Thank you so much that quote helped more than words can explain❤
Samplayer Productions
Samplayer Productions 2 maanden geleden
4:01 hol Up, am i using paper towels wrong my entire life?
johnson787878 2 maanden geleden
One of your best.
IrinaZumba 2 maanden geleden
Would have been cool if you preserved the back of the blades. It was still in good shape.
Natasa Werner
Natasa Werner 2 maanden geleden
New sub 😍😍 I love you're videos 🥰
Marcia Arizona
Marcia Arizona 2 maanden geleden
caracas eu não fazia fe que ia colocar o ventilador para voltar a funcionar, e não é que o ventilador funcionou 😍😘
carl ameen
carl ameen 3 maanden geleden
That was a breeze, great color also. You make watching fun.
whiterabbit75 3 maanden geleden
Well, that don't look too ba- [opens up motor housing] OMIGOD, KILL IT WITH FIRE!
Carla Lazzari
Carla Lazzari 3 maanden geleden
Pineapple_Pines 3 maanden geleden
Didnt you have an identical fan you restored?
Ammar 3 maanden geleden
The old videos are a much better way of showing than today.
เป็นหนึ่ง บุญประสิทธิ์
This old item is hard to find, but you can fix it back and use it.
Anjiis Covert
Anjiis Covert 3 maanden geleden
A thing of beauty. ❤️🕊
darth 3 maanden geleden
Amazing! It's nice to know there are people out there that take the time to fix old antiques.
Rockmeyer 3 maanden geleden
Did anyone notice The IBS sign at 6:53?lol
Jeriyant Baramcity
Jeriyant Baramcity 3 maanden geleden
i like the magnet being pulled 🤣
Aymen Aymen
Aymen Aymen 3 maanden geleden
Sam Simington
Sam Simington 4 maanden geleden
Why did you use baby wipes to polish the badge?
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush Agrawal 4 maanden geleden
What a mindbogglingly boring video this was, Plus, I don't know in which language does disassembling and assembling constitute as "restoration".
LuKleO 4 maanden geleden
nice video
Erin Jeffries
Erin Jeffries 4 maanden geleden
I’m sorry. I was so distracted by his nice arms.
kkthejjj 1
kkthejjj 1 4 maanden geleden
I watch you before i go To sleep and it amazes me when you're done most people will give up on stuff like that
Study with Amit
Study with Amit 4 maanden geleden
Please give me
Thornbird 67
Thornbird 67 4 maanden geleden
I love retro items restored as they were 👍🏻👍🏻 Id buy this little fan from you , it’s gorgeous ❤️
Daniel G.V
Daniel G.V 4 maanden geleden
Focou muito bom.
Raben Parrenas
Raben Parrenas 4 maanden geleden
Please make more restorations with paint
Snack Slack
Snack Slack 4 maanden geleden
TISSUE PAPER - The hero of the whole video
DCShoes 4 maanden geleden
I had to watch this at 2.0 speed - the painfully slow progress was something I just couldn't handle.
Tania L. Williamson
Tania L. Williamson 4 maanden geleden
You might want to replace the insulation in that center button that you threw away. Without it, the center button will rattle as the fan runs. On a different note: when were you in Colorado?
Novineux 4 maanden geleden
haven't you already restored this and uploaded it? :S
Cristian Agúndez
Cristian Agúndez 5 maanden geleden
Awesome job, as always. The color reminds me of Sunset Sarsaparilla
guido ligorio
guido ligorio 5 maanden geleden
Will not comment your editing wich seems ok to me, as always....i personally like the absence of any background music. About the restoration : The piece of paper behind the logo is important to avoid vibration noises caused by that badge. Should stay in place and not thrown away.... The red color you used is lightly different ( to me ) from the original wine-red this model used to be....which is little darker. I would stick more with original color. Or maybe is my impression only due to cameras and lighting. A very well done restoration anyway, as always, and good tips given for this kind of restoration. Cheers from italy
Florence Gosselin
Florence Gosselin 5 maanden geleden
"vintage fan restoration" dont mind me half-expecting you to find a ragged-looking old man holding a rusty subscribe button and deciding to "restore him" (aka probably a cool way to do a face reveal, you get an old relative and "restore" him to younger you)
Fred 707
Fred 707 5 maanden geleden
Surprised that you found another one!
GrapheneCarbide 5 maanden geleden
A lot of wasted paint. Have you tried electrostatic painting? You charge the item you want to pain with one charge and the paint in the other charge. The paint is attracted to the object and not every where else.
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock 5 maanden geleden
Gotta ask... Quebec or France? It's one of the two, but I can't tell which.
Gervais Kewley
Gervais Kewley 5 maanden geleden
Question was the coil and the rest of the parts cleaned with water or another solution?
ちずきたなか 5 maanden geleden
The bakelite on my Kalashnikov is beautiful!
Андрей Шевченко
Абсолютный кайф смотреть ролики по восстановлению старых предметов. Отдельная благодарность за отсутствие музыки в процессе, так как звук работы, как некий ASMR-сеанс по успокоению и расслаблению. 😁🙏🖒
Craig Baxter
Craig Baxter 6 maanden geleden
One of your best works of art to date, I would be really happy to have something that great looking displayed (and used) on my desk.
Bowie Vlogs Malyk
Bowie Vlogs Malyk 6 maanden geleden
Maybe i will become a vintage fan collector if i had a credit card and money but i cant do my dream
The Rat Overlord
The Rat Overlord 6 maanden geleden
pls adopt me
PHYSICAL GAMING 6 maanden geleden
Great restoration
Clint Beck
Clint Beck 6 maanden geleden
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful video sir. I liked the ending. It's a little funny seeing the refurbished piece presented in such a dramatic way, but you did such a good job that it was cool.
DuniaTrollAnda 6 maanden geleden
1:26 No one will believe in you, unless you do !
Foo S.
Foo S. 6 maanden geleden
That was brilliant with the sand in the jar and attaching it to a drill.
Edwin Santiago
Edwin Santiago 6 maanden geleden
When I watch this kind of videos I be like 🤤
YEŞİL KURT 6 maanden geleden
Automotive Kid
Automotive Kid 7 maanden geleden
Can you restoration my old digital watch for me
Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!
What was that white thing at 2:08
Alex Aguilera
Alex Aguilera 7 maanden geleden
Como nuevo en dos pasos lo puedes limpiar mejor
Daniel Gameplays
Daniel Gameplays 7 maanden geleden
Cadê os br desse bagu i
Claudio Ortiz
Claudio Ortiz 6 maanden geleden
ultranitro 7 maanden geleden
I think that white disc in the center of the logo was raw asbestos. Which is perfect if you want to be dusted with poison every time you use the fan. Lol
Marzia Brusa
Marzia Brusa 7 maanden geleden
Super bravissimo 👍👍👍👍👍❤️ grande per la maglietta dei Ramones ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carlos 7 maanden geleden
cuanta pelotudez....
I thought that fan came out fantastic! :-). You do very precise and meticulous work my friend. Well done
madkatt333 7 maanden geleden
I use these videos to relax and go to sleep. I enjoy the natural noise.
Grungiestbeast 7 maanden geleden
Tengo calor
mfcmichael 8 maanden geleden
I think its better we hear your Comment Live. Why you dont say anything?
Horoschi Chelovek
Horoschi Chelovek 8 maanden geleden
Топ как всегда 👍👍👍
julianto triwijaya
julianto triwijaya 8 maanden geleden
Phone guy: "Hello? Hello, hello? Wecome" Help, I can't see it as a normal fan anymore! All I see is FNAF fan XD lol
ondapop 8 maanden geleden
My Granny has the same vintage fan as yours but it is already in her Attict since it is no longer functioning
PixelGamer 8 maanden geleden
This is basically ASMR for men
Anoulith Chaja
Anoulith Chaja 8 maanden geleden
Co każdy film twoja polerka się zmniejsza :)
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers 8 maanden geleden
I have loved watching the skill of the craftsmanship, the “older” style of camera work was far more satisfying. You have messed with perfection ( in my opinion) .
nuuu :
nuuu : 8 maanden geleden
nuuu :
nuuu : 8 maanden geleden
Börk Börk
Börk Börk 8 maanden geleden
kurtvc13 8 maanden geleden
I really enjoyed your videos. Congrats. Thank you for doing this!!! Regards from S.L.P.- Mex
Raoul Tazief
Raoul Tazief 8 maanden geleden
Pas mal du tout cette restauration. J'aime beaucoup le travail accompli.
Agus Ruiz
Agus Ruiz 8 maanden geleden
Un ventilador llamado "calor" WTF?? 😂😂
Jay Patel
Jay Patel 8 maanden geleden
What is the background music pls say. The one that plays in the beginning