I Restored This Gigantic Wrench and i added some Epoxy inside 

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Hello! This is my second huge Wrench Restoration.
I hope you like it!
Thank You for watching.

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6 dec. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Corinne De Freitas
Corinne De Freitas 8 uur geleden
Magnifique !!👍🏻👍🏻😋😋😍😍
Will Gegg
Will Gegg Dag geleden
What are you gonna do to protect all of that exposed metal?
Bill Jones
Bill Jones 2 dagen geleden
Putting epoxy where are the grip of the handle is is defeating the purpose of the rough part of the handle. That rough surface is for grip
Fabian 3 dagen geleden
Why use a paint stripper when you sandblast after that?
Gina Gallo
Gina Gallo 4 dagen geleden
That's not a wrench,that's the thing you keep in your car "in case you need to take care of someone"
Mayer Yedid
Mayer Yedid 8 dagen geleden
I absolutely love that shade of blue
Corinne De Freitas
Corinne De Freitas 10 dagen geleden
Merci , jai le coeur à VOUS , JAI VISITÉ À VOUS 👍🏻👍🏻😃😃
TheDankBoiz 14 dagen geleden
When you put epoxy resin on the hammerite dark blue it looks like sapphire ;0
Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez 25 dagen geleden
Good job Ratchet
gil moreno
gil moreno Maand geleden
Completely awesome this looks fantastic I would buy it.
H. Emir
H. Emir Maand geleden
Good Work
John J. Johnson
John J. Johnson Maand geleden
That vice is gorgeous... do you know what would make it even better?? Nothing
t0mn8r Maand geleden
Nice job as usual but I don't like the tool...
Tom McCall
Tom McCall Maand geleden
Excellent results.......again. Nice for the handle. 👍
land9751 land9751
land9751 land9751 2 maanden geleden
hello TysyTube Restoration i have been watching your channel for a long time and I was wondering what you do with all the stuff you fix, do you keep it or do you give it away because I'm actually really curious
Ultimately_Everything 2 maanden geleden
That actually turned out nice i know what use a massive wrench is but either way it's nice.
Jonna Perilä
Jonna Perilä 2 maanden geleden
It took you two hours to sandblast? We didn't even get two minutes of it. And I love the sand blasting part..
Top SHOT 3 maanden geleden
Always perfect restoration😘😘❤️❤️👍👍👍
Taraleigh Hinrichsen
Taraleigh Hinrichsen 3 maanden geleden
mumzie's hideout
mumzie's hideout 4 maanden geleden
Awesome Finish
森アンドレ 4 maanden geleden
Probably the most simple yet most beautiful piece of your channel so far. Absolutely gorgeous idea, wonderfully executed. Thanks for sharing.
Pink 4 maanden geleden
I LOVE that you didn't paint the wrench. 😍
Jason Stockler
Jason Stockler 4 maanden geleden
Perfect restore.
Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon 4 maanden geleden
i love the sounds all of the videos
Werner Van der Straten
Werner Van der Straten 4 maanden geleden
turning rusty scrap metal into a work of art... wow
Tim Waters
Tim Waters 5 maanden geleden
U do amazing work enjoy your work
GameXproplayer 6 maanden geleden
Bro vary Harde warke Bro supar 😱☺️
Marc Guy
Marc Guy 6 maanden geleden
Its perfect!!!
KUYA HAROLD 6 maanden geleden
If zombie apocalypse is true it is a must have weapon. What a beautiful restoration. I am an avid fan of you and my mechanics
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith 6 maanden geleden
1:04 I'm falling asleep to it my guy 😴
ticker tape1401
ticker tape1401 7 maanden geleden
Why the resin it looks terrible leave it at the bare metal with hammerite
jack bennett
jack bennett 7 maanden geleden
Probably sounds stupid, but couldn’t of you sandblasted the paint off? but great video!:)
Chris Craft
Chris Craft 7 maanden geleden
Cool! Better then a new ;)
konsument 7 maanden geleden
Now look like a dentist tool!:-)
Everett Harrington
Everett Harrington 7 maanden geleden
Tools are good to be restored but too glitzy. It was meant for semi hauler or factory.
BeekillerJohanna 7 maanden geleden
I looked up the new channel but it seems you don't have any content there so far. Subscribed anyways.
Masso1973 8 maanden geleden
Bling bling wrench
Maggy May
Maggy May 8 maanden geleden
I'm fairly confident people know how NLblock works by now... Telling/asking viewers to subscribe more than once in a video is IMHO tedious and annoying. Let your restorations/videos speak for themselves. You do good work. That should be enough without the repetitive subscription requests and self promotion. If people want to subscribe they will. I have by the way.
Joseph Natoli
Joseph Natoli 8 maanden geleden
Absolutely amazing. I love mirror finishes. Fantastic job.
Manar Najjar
Manar Najjar 8 maanden geleden
Is this for the new ratchet and clank
Dave.G.Designs 8 maanden geleden
Love this one the resin is a really nice touch 👌🏻
Mia Kristall
Mia Kristall 8 maanden geleden
The Blue Area looks very nice, almost how a Crystal
Sandra 9 maanden geleden
How to turn a huge rusty old spanner into a work of art!! Excellent restoration.
Kristen Martin
Kristen Martin 9 maanden geleden
Love it 👏👌 the colour is beautiful
CSorayaa 9 maanden geleden
1:25 - my favourite part ❤ Sometimes i like to watch before sleeping or when i wake up, drinking my coffee, because it's very relaxing and all the work is done so carefully... Congrats again! Amazing!
Nate Worth
Nate Worth 9 maanden geleden
with the theme of giant lobster claw it now would belong to lobster Johnson
Mia Berra
Mia Berra 9 maanden geleden
so what youre telling me is that Ratchet's wrench isn't exaggerated when it comes to size?
Fire of Jagz
Fire of Jagz 9 maanden geleden
Still curious why people polish tools. I mean, they're tools..
One Leg Craig
One Leg Craig 9 maanden geleden
This wrench here is the "slippery knuckle"
Monica 0003
Monica 0003 9 maanden geleden
"I make weapons shiny shiny"
Jackson 9 maanden geleden
Time to replace your sand blasting media.
Ben Gahzi Jr.
Ben Gahzi Jr. 9 maanden geleden
How do you keep it from rusting?
Sidnei Manzutti
Sidnei Manzutti 9 maanden geleden
C Jennings
C Jennings 9 maanden geleden
Wow, great work. I love it! How much does that weigh?
anton jose kuri rojas
anton jose kuri rojas 9 maanden geleden
Remainds me an fireman tool for un- tighten conectors
Денис Шаимов
Денис Шаимов 9 maanden geleden
Делает ставки, за сколько времени он заржавеет))))
NEVILLE WOMERSLEY 9 maanden geleden
Another beautiful restoration, I like the blue colouring. What type of wrench is this? I have not seen a similar wrench in my 70+ years here in Australia.
cris_wex 9 maanden geleden
Erecting a dispenser
Speedytrip 9 maanden geleden
Awesome work! I dont think I've seen someone mix polishing with blueing metal (black), could be a nice contrast for these types of tools :)
Jonson -E
Jonson -E 9 maanden geleden
видео о том чем заняться когда нехрен делать,или высосать из пальца видео на 12 минут про ремонт ключа
Manuscript Films
Manuscript Films 9 maanden geleden
These restored items will last at least another 75-100 years. In most cases the objects are better than new.
Gage Doyle
Gage Doyle 10 maanden geleden
Slickest wrench in the west
Kranchman 10 maanden geleden
More of an refurbish than a restoration
EA Cerra
EA Cerra 10 maanden geleden
The epoxy resin adds a huge amount of interest and really sets this apart from other, less inspired restorations. Beautifully done
Colin Hardy
Colin Hardy 10 maanden geleden
Is this the result of Bender and Dr Zoidburg from futurama
Fernando Paulo
Fernando Paulo 10 maanden geleden
Amazing Work.👍 Much well.
BradPitt ButCooler
BradPitt ButCooler 10 maanden geleden
Why you couldn’t keep it simple! Why!
ALESSIO 10 maanden geleden
Great video and Work!!!!!
Omrani Mohamed
Omrani Mohamed 10 maanden geleden
7:32 okay 👌
Tommygunengineer 10 maanden geleden
Is this, like, a love present for My Mechanics or something...?
the world is not enough
the world is not enough 10 maanden geleden
Now whats it good for?
daveogarf 10 maanden geleden
Anonymo Anonymous
Anonymo Anonymous 10 maanden geleden
Now thats a wrench id make love to in my workshop, whats her name? Id like to procure one for my self...
Wasim Zia
Wasim Zia 10 maanden geleden
Well good work but if you add some shiny dust in the black color the result might be better..
Saul Castrejon
Saul Castrejon 10 maanden geleden
Subscribe to my mechanics on buffer wheel ? 🤔
Stag Boiwo
Stag Boiwo 10 maanden geleden
Ювелирка для сантехника)
ladamyre 10 maanden geleden
In the petroleum industry we call that the "Little Wrench", as in "Hey Joe. Run over to the truck and get me the little wrench."
Houndsman One
Houndsman One 10 maanden geleden
A really nice job, TysyTube.
richard K
richard K 10 maanden geleden
can i send you my wife?
1lovekillsslowly 10 maanden geleden
I didn't think you would be able to save it but you made it a beautiful blue color.
Jason C.
Jason C. 10 maanden geleden
Wow!! 😮
Neil Meddaugh
Neil Meddaugh 10 maanden geleden
Why would you put paint stripper on a steel wrench you are sandblasting , and use a BRASS brush to do so??? this slow movement is so annoying.
Rider Glider
Rider Glider 10 maanden geleden
Don Timberman
Don Timberman 10 maanden geleden
And then you drop it the first time you use it.
nasty nate
nasty nate 10 maanden geleden
That is the most beautifully useless wrench ever
Bas van Ommen
Bas van Ommen 10 maanden geleden
Wouw nice work!
Vegas The Trucker
Vegas The Trucker 10 maanden geleden
Looks cool
Gennaro Cifariello
Gennaro Cifariello 10 maanden geleden
Well done guy. This time, thumbs up
Shi'thead Bogan
Shi'thead Bogan 10 maanden geleden
This is actually a normal sized wrench and a tiny man.
42lookc 10 maanden geleden
Mona Lisa is jealous because there is a wrench with a far more beautiful smile than hers.
MrR6pilot 10 maanden geleden
I really love your projects ....but if you could just stop tearing up sandpaper like an animal, that'd be great thanks .......
CJ 10 maanden geleden
That bench grinder has no beans.
DJOODI 10 maanden geleden
Another "OY, MISTAH" wrench.
Peter White Jr.
Peter White Jr. 10 maanden geleden
Just out of curiosity aren't you supposed to mount the vise to the bench?
W Brown
W Brown 10 maanden geleden
May I suggest that you might consider purchasing more carborundum grit for the sandblaster? It would save time, IMHO.
smoozerish 10 maanden geleden
Thing is what do you do with it now? It's too good to put back in the tool shed just to rot.
jackie 10 maanden geleden
Very neat👍
Dumb Bo
Dumb Bo 10 maanden geleden
i would have used a wire wheel on a bench grinder, then possibly a file, then buffing wheels starting with emery, ending with a soper high grit polish , maybe 5000 or higher
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson 10 maanden geleden
ASMR visual and auditory.... Perfect.
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