I Restored this Rusty $1 Car Horn - NOT WORTH RESTORING for Test 

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In this video i'm restoring a 1930 Vintage Car Horn who not worth restorin.
I found this Vintage Car Horn at flea market and cost me only $1.
Right away i knew that i can make a nice restoration video for you.
This Restoration took me 9 days to complete.
I like so much this Car Horn with the red and black color combination and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 9 days
$1 rusty car horn
$10 paint
$5 paper gasket
My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 :

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25 feb. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch Maand geleden
I think you may want to restore your grinder so you don’t have to spin it by hand
Kayla Ard
Kayla Ard 2 maanden geleden
I love that I found this channel at three am one day, and now it is my favorite to help me relax and unwind. I will honestly put this channel on to help me sleep. It is that relaxing. Your doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work!
Rafael Zaiaskoski
Rafael Zaiaskoski 11 uur geleden
Hello ❤️
Celeste Escobar
Celeste Escobar 4 dagen geleden
Sos re capo, chabón! Un groso. Saludos desde Argentina.
FYRFOX198 6 dagen geleden
Next time let it blast...
Chris Sherrill
Chris Sherrill 6 dagen geleden
Four ads in nine minutes? I stopped watching.
Daniel Salaverri
Daniel Salaverri 8 dagen geleden
I hate to be that guy... but im asking purely out of not knowing... they had crush washers like that in the 30’s? Some of these parts look new like someone previously serviced it
Just Drakkar
Just Drakkar 8 dagen geleden
Il faudrait des gant
L K 8 dagen geleden
Can you explain the sanding with water part,
πλούσιο μετάλλιο
Salt Boi
Salt Boi 10 dagen geleden
"this looks very pitted, ill need to fill in all the holes" *proceeds to cover the whole horn* xD
Carl Smith
Carl Smith 12 dagen geleden
Amazing! I would never been able to get that thing back together. Fantastic work.
LJ 12 dagen geleden
"not worth restoring" I know that you have to work with what you can find, but at least it isn't another lantern or coffee grinder. Great job as usual!
тамилка Цыганок
На нас делают такие акамуляторы
Till Taubert
Till Taubert 13 dagen geleden
Why did you tag the usa as you country where you are, if the sockets were like the belgium, french or checz standart???
What exactly is sandblasting anyways? Is it a bunch of sand blasting at whatever at very high speeds to the point of where the rust comes off? Or is it white paint? What is it?
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky II
Shove a cap in that bench grinder, mate.
Esteban Ochoa
Esteban Ochoa 14 dagen geleden
10:58 have pineapple coca
Charles McKee
Charles McKee 15 dagen geleden
There are elements inside that did not exist in 1936. I'm damned near certain I saw plastics too.
Fer Pintos
Fer Pintos 15 dagen geleden
Excelente trabajo, como siempre!!
Varun Eranki
Varun Eranki 15 dagen geleden
At 11:12 it looks like beer
Alan Padgett
Alan Padgett 16 dagen geleden
I'd buy that for a buck!!👍🇺🇸
Adam Winn
Adam Winn 16 dagen geleden
Never seen any one solder a ferrule or crimp before, or use them both on the same cable 🤔🤷‍♂️
حسام 777
حسام 777 16 dagen geleden
ههه !؟
Black shadow
Black shadow 16 dagen geleden
I challenge you can you make my techno 2 GB phone the best gaming phone
Joseph Vanderhoff
Joseph Vanderhoff 19 dagen geleden
thats was so cool ..i was hoping to hear you honk your hooter , lol . great video .
Andrew Watts
Andrew Watts 19 dagen geleden
I actualy love the clean sound of this horn. Definatly worth the restoration.
mark lawrence
mark lawrence 19 dagen geleden
You're the man! You got me thinking junk is treasure
El Chick
El Chick 20 dagen geleden
I always falls asleep using your videos it’s so relaxing and every video I watched whole without even really watching anymore, but now I wake up because of the sound of the horn! 🤣
MarinShtain 21 dag geleden
And now U have to do the restoration of this tray (watch at 06:38)
Antoinette S
Antoinette S 22 dagen geleden
Do you have to go back and watch the video to see how to put it back together??? Or do you just know?
Falling Sky
Falling Sky 22 dagen geleden
Do weirdos consider this asmr stuff?
Barney Fife
Barney Fife 22 dagen geleden
I call this type of masterpiece - "The patience of Job". I learn a lot watching this master at work for hours on end and can't get enough. I should be paying you more, but alas, I'm old now and it's a long story. LOL Thanks a bunch. God bless.
TheDukeOfDishSoap 23 dagen geleden
Are you mute
TheDukeOfDishSoap 23 dagen geleden
@TysyTube Restoration dope
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 23 dagen geleden
XLIV TheMan 23 dagen geleden
It was worth restoring because ad revenue
jamer797 23 dagen geleden
as i can see, "how to basic" inspired him
tasha Smith
tasha Smith 23 dagen geleden
WOW!!! It amazes me that you know / remember exactly where every tiny piece goes. Do you take pictures of it and or a voice recording of taking it apart? Is that how you remember? Crazy!!! I love the 📯 nice job 🙂
michael rosenstock
michael rosenstock 23 dagen geleden
I love your videos but must admit a bit disappointed you left rust on the internal components and some of the washers
ilikeceral3 24 dagen geleden
I think this guy likes bluing steel
Jamal Shariq
Jamal Shariq 24 dagen geleden
Bravo!! the time and patience this took. Im Amazed!
Joseph La Rocque
Joseph La Rocque 25 dagen geleden
Your right! How clean it was inside was quite a shock.
Milan Maligec
Milan Maligec 26 dagen geleden
That was a really nice restoration on the horn, now if you could only make it play La Cucaracha
Billy Shears
Billy Shears 26 dagen geleden
I fear, that adding the epoxy to fill the “holes” and then painting this, has drastically changed the acoustics of this....just saying. Beautiful on this you are a true master.
Janaka Srinath
Janaka Srinath 27 dagen geleden
omg that thing is older than my grandma
Alaezae 27 dagen geleden
I have never seen anyone solder ferrules and then stick them in rings......... Fold the wire over! love the video though, keep it up
iam kunto
iam kunto 27 dagen geleden
1:46 Was made around 1930? I doubt it 🤣
WoulfShadowGaming 28 dagen geleden
What about this wasn't worth restoring?
Jhonattan Zarate León
Jhonattan Zarate León 28 dagen geleden
Never thought these could be my relaxing videos.
тёмная ночь
тёмная ночь 28 dagen geleden
J'ai pensé à ceci: с'est intéressant: peut-être avez-vous déjà restauré d'anciens samovars russes ou quelque chose d'autre des anciennes choses russes?
CynsWhisper 29 dagen geleden
Where do u find these things xD
Expat Moose
Expat Moose Maand geleden
Super 👍🏻
6e3geJIbHuK Maand geleden
Ясно. Куколд
6e3geJIbHuK Maand geleden
Заебца 👍
lakerfan82k3 Maand geleden
Ironic that a horn manufacturer is named Jericho.
Elijah yaa Christian songs
Please clean the pan for us!!😁💯💕✨
Tiago Clash
Tiago Clash Maand geleden
Algum Brasileiro?
Christopher Kidder
Christopher Kidder Maand geleden
Why didn't you test it before disassembling it
billakos l.a
billakos l.a Maand geleden
Very nice restoration
Gregg - WB8YYS
Gregg - WB8YYS Maand geleden
Where can you get the MC-51 rust remover?
nisto ross 2
nisto ross 2 Maand geleden
I turned off ad personalization and it giving me trump ads wtf (it's*)
robert kearns
robert kearns Maand geleden
thats one smooth horn
Ray Beaudry
Ray Beaudry Maand geleden
If you hot glue or anyother way a exacto knife blade to your protractor you can cut ✂️ perfect circles in paper leather and rubber for washers 👍
Ray Beaudry
Ray Beaudry Maand geleden
I think it's capacitor time for your birthday grinder
Kirya LeBlanc
Kirya LeBlanc Maand geleden
Reasons for youtube video: 1. Looks awesome and alot of people love watching it 2. Super satisfying 3. Remembering how this sh!t went back together
Neceros Maand geleden
That pitting remover paste was cool
_.tallman Maand geleden
Hey I'm walkin here!
Prayag Raj
Prayag Raj Maand geleden
Who else just clicked cause want to know how he cleaned the inside
Diamond-king#1 Maand geleden
Looks nice! But what are you gonna use it for?
Luis Morgado
Luis Morgado Maand geleden
Suzy Q
Suzy Q Maand geleden
I'm not three minutes in on watching this video and I'm scratching my head going how the hell is he going to remember how to put that back together?! LoL 🤣
Luvin Luvin
Luvin Luvin Maand geleden
I must have a taste of that 10:55 forbidden iced tea.
Rami Kamal
Rami Kamal Maand geleden
Great job 👏🏻
ACA P- 50
ACA P- 50 Maand geleden
to be honest with you that's probably the most interesting restoration ever
Music Vibes
Music Vibes Maand geleden
wow, is very nice!👍👍💞
Jeffrey Malone
Jeffrey Malone Maand geleden
Holy cow that had a lot of pieces for a small item!
justin Velez
justin Velez 2 maanden geleden
That's horn was in usa
Fidan Talıbzadə
Fidan Talıbzadə 2 maanden geleden
You are very talented
TommyCattyYT 2 maanden geleden
kuznamortis 2 maanden geleden
I think that was fully worth it I would love to have that horn on my super beetle
Adriana Aguilar
Adriana Aguilar 2 maanden geleden
Perfecto !!
Ekky Arya
Ekky Arya 2 maanden geleden
I thought it would have a sound like Spongebob swear words.. disappointed..
Lord Zuzu
Lord Zuzu 2 maanden geleden
Jericho makes horns. That sure rings a bell...
Еж Еж
Еж Еж 2 maanden geleden
Красота! Лучше нового!
The Gamer
The Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Jericho siren?
veranet 2 maanden geleden
Somebody went nuts with the washers. Seems kinda screwy.
Mr know it all
Mr know it all 2 maanden geleden
That tooth brush though
Vinicius Michel rosa
Vinicius Michel rosa 2 maanden geleden
Amazing video! Good job, pretty sure that this channel is actually the best restoration channel, good quality content and you even interact with fans.
Kouji So2
Kouji So2 2 maanden geleden
I could feel the dust getting in my eye
Chronosferatu 2 maanden geleden
Thank you so much for the warning for headphone users! Few people do that and it was a really kind reminder. Very much appreciated.
Malachi Powell
Malachi Powell 2 maanden geleden
So what is that blue liquid the black magic stuff
t0mn8r 3 maanden geleden
Nice but still no cat...
Proud American
Proud American 3 maanden geleden
Fun fact: Jericho also made the Stuka(JU-87) dive horn(Jericho trumpets)
F. Nasierkhan
F. Nasierkhan 3 maanden geleden
The horn looks beautiful but souns awful! Good job mate!
American Fry
American Fry 3 maanden geleden
I would put that in a car with a really clean engine bay
PequenoGrandePensador 3 maanden geleden
These videos are soo relaxing to watch. I literally almost felt asleep while watching
АлександрПоляков 333
Tysy: produced by Jericho. Me, Russian playing IL-2 sturmovik... : kids, remember when your mom says to be aware of car horns! Especially produced by Jericho and called Jericho trumpet)
Mitchell Whitehead
Mitchell Whitehead 3 maanden geleden
Absolutely beautiful
Taufique Ammangi
Taufique Ammangi 3 maanden geleden
Sir, pls use cotton gloves for ur comfort skin
Lin Chuntao
Lin Chuntao 3 maanden geleden
Tysy's smirk when his dentist called and he said: Yes I brush twice a day.
José anunciado filho Filho
José anunciado filho Filho 3 maanden geleden
Wow beautiful.
jeevesme 3 maanden geleden
How do you remember where to put which components and screws where?
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