I Restored this Ugly Doll in to a Princess and i made her walk 

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Today you will see this awesome restoration where i bring back to life this beautifull Doll that was made in France in 1960.
Thank You for watching.
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#Doll Bella

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20 dec. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
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Madison Rock
Madison Rock 6 uur geleden
I want the doll
Giovanni Medrano
Giovanni Medrano 7 dagen geleden
this is a cute doll
روان الورد
روان الورد 15 dagen geleden
رائع ❤😍😍🌹🌹
Barbara Grace
Barbara Grace 2 maanden geleden
Beautiful work.
catboy 2 maanden geleden
@The other John Smith nah it's not worthless
Madison Rock
Madison Rock 6 uur geleden
I want that doll
Nela Perez
Nela Perez 11 uur geleden
Esta presiosa muy vonita
Lovey Manku
Lovey Manku 17 uur geleden
Annabelle’s daughter 😰
Rosa Arrue
Rosa Arrue 20 uur geleden
I'm no sure if you know this but that doll is like "María la del barrio" hahaha. It's one of the iconic Mexican TV novels. Great job master, I'm enjoying your channel.
TheMago1202 Dag geleden
Paquita cabeza
Lukakishiri Lutamoriari
Herrera Dag geleden
Produtos Ivone misturado de hinode e jequiti kkkkk
Miriam Vega
Miriam Vega 2 dagen geleden
I loved👩cute..
santina lii
santina lii 2 dagen geleden
okay but that intro tho .. lmao
Kirby Alexis Janier
Kirby Alexis Janier 2 dagen geleden
1:31 Gasp! Kids dont look!
Larissa fernanda
Larissa fernanda 3 dagen geleden
Como eu vim parar aqui
Raudhatul _
Raudhatul _ 4 dagen geleden
So cute:D❤️
Unknown 4 dagen geleden
I don't like dolls I find them creepy
Lisa 4 dagen geleden
I hate it. What happened to her hair!!?? It looked good after it was clean and u put the oil in it and combed it out. But the end result was disappointing... plus I got really freaked out when u started to fix her face and the eyes moved!!! Aaaaahhhh😲 I also was really uncomfortable when u started to take her innards out and again when u put them back in! I felt like was watching one of those ER shows for humans. It made me feel yucky not to the point of hurting my stomach THANK GOD but still...I don’t know why I watched this..PLUS, I thought u made the doll underwear??? Hmmm...and the sound box...I would of left it out but I hate these dolls any matter how big or how small I hate how the eyes can move and when they talk/make noise.
fabthefab 4 dagen geleden
Mmh the ASMR
Liberty H.
Liberty H. 4 dagen geleden
It looks like you’ve used makeup, rather than paint, on her face. What do you use to seal it? Thanks
inah_uwu028 idk
inah_uwu028 idk 5 dagen geleden
what she looks like 12:08
Jessica Streacker
Jessica Streacker 5 dagen geleden
welp that spirit isn’t going to be to happy with you i said this when the head came off
Tessy Tessy
Tessy Tessy 5 dagen geleden
Me: if that doll gets up an walk I’m running The doll: 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️ Me: 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️
Emilania 5 dagen geleden
i would actually buy this its so cutee
carddamom 5 dagen geleden
You forgot the panties!
Uzma Rehan
Uzma Rehan 6 dagen geleden
What can we use ti detangle the hair
MJ 6 dagen geleden
I hope that when she broke her appart her demon left bavk to where it belongs
rapsi1978 6 dagen geleden
Chucky restored.
Aneta 6 dagen geleden
11:30 That’s how I like to get dressed as well 😳
Jayme-Lee Butler
Jayme-Lee Butler 6 dagen geleden
What did you use in the Dolls hair? To clean and make it smooth
meraki 6 dagen geleden
If that doll was alive and she had found out that you posted this vid with this kind of title you're probably dead by now
Sonia Martins
Sonia Martins 6 dagen geleden
Belo trabalho. Gostei muito. 😍
mshk999 7 dagen geleden
Bella must be happy now
Shadow_bon36 7 dagen geleden
The dislikes are the demons who are jealous of the demon inside this doll
Fin 7 dagen geleden
Loomy Loom
Loomy Loom 7 dagen geleden
I just about if the original owner could see her now ;^; I'm sure they'd be really happy
꧁ ʟᴏᴜᴅᴍᴇʟʟᴏᴡツ ꧂
6:45 *Aggressively brushes eye*
Charrissa VanValkenburg
Charrissa VanValkenburg 8 dagen geleden
The doll comparison part is like Cinderella before and after lol 😂
Elena Varela Fuentes
Elena Varela Fuentes 8 dagen geleden
That was adorable! 🥰 Reminded me of my childhood dolls 🤸‍♀️
Howardcraft 87
Howardcraft 87 8 dagen geleden
12:19 name of the music, please
Illumi Zoldyck
Illumi Zoldyck 9 dagen geleden
Tysy: Oh look a possibly possessed doll. Let's give it a make over. Me if I saw a cursed doll: F- this shiz I'm out... Don't mind me just gonna grab my stuff and leave...*sprints through the door*
Nari Kim
Nari Kim 9 dagen geleden
Okay but why did you make her her walk???? To be able to chase you better???
Andy's 9 dagen geleden
DUDE! My mom literally has the same doll, its in my house, its so crazyyyy
Gabriela Perez
Gabriela Perez 9 dagen geleden
The American girl dolls are quaking rn 😌💅🏼
Tereza Rodrigues Gomes
Tereza Rodrigues Gomes 9 dagen geleden
Lindíssima 😆
mammamiia08 9 dagen geleden
I got more freaked out by the popping out the eyes than the popping off the head 😂
Teresa Aguilar
Teresa Aguilar 10 dagen geleden
Y calzones le falto
Pedrin0 10 dagen geleden
Pero mira que flow
Alex matisen
Alex matisen 10 dagen geleden
Just a so beautiful job!!!❤️❤️❤️ The only thing that I will love to see was to maybe made her a reroot hair but overall wonderful job
abbierose32 forever
abbierose32 forever 10 dagen geleden
I want that doll!
diane beckner
diane beckner 10 dagen geleden
If her hair is a synthetic blend, you can detangle it easier with just pouring boiling water over it as you comb thru. You can also wash her and her hair with laundry soap and fabric softener. Once she is clean and dry, you can roll her hair on rollers and use the boiling water over the rolled hair. It will give her a "Perm".
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 10 dagen geleden
Thanks for the tips!
Mrs Bungle
Mrs Bungle 10 dagen geleden
Beautiful work ❤
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 10 dagen geleden
Thank you! Cheers!
Atlass 11 dagen geleden
The scrub brush should say "scrubscribe" instead of "subscribe" 😂
alliyah dog
alliyah dog 11 dagen geleden
Wow great job ,well done.
Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy 11 dagen geleden
Literally, it is was what nightmares are made of!
hi love
hi love 11 dagen geleden
The outcome is perfect .
hi love
hi love 11 dagen geleden
Barbasol shaving cream cleans most baby dolls from 40's 50 and thru 90's. For clothing. Baking soda and liquid soap for color. For whites. Cream of tartar and ice water 24 hours. White white white.
Peggy Comer Walker
Peggy Comer Walker 12 dagen geleden
My mother used to do this to thrift store dolls amd give them to kids in the hospital.
dead inside
dead inside 12 dagen geleden
Literally me in home then me outside version
Ebony M.
Ebony M. 12 dagen geleden
Awww she looks amazing!!!! (She needs some underwear lol)
Beepboop. Vlog
Beepboop. Vlog 13 dagen geleden
9:58 That skirt 9 months later:🤰
Lighters YT
Lighters YT 14 dagen geleden
Tbh i would still want the doll from the beginning ;-;
Merbear 14 dagen geleden
I too would like someone to take me apart, scrub me down and then put me back together. Then maybe I could get my life in order.
Call me Silver
Call me Silver 15 dagen geleden
it's not subscribe it's subscrub
rainingsunshine 15 dagen geleden
the most satisfying restoration yet!!
Emily 15 dagen geleden
The only real critisim I had is that the brush used to clean the doll should say scrubscribe. Haha
Heather Hecking
Heather Hecking 15 dagen geleden
Where is the link for the vintage clothing restoration? I don't see the link to the woman that made the clothes?
Maria Candida Morroni
Maria Candida Morroni 15 dagen geleden
Linda... ,maravilhosa...!!!!
Rxeses Cxps
Rxeses Cxps 15 dagen geleden
"Even freddy had nightmares about her"
archress1 16 dagen geleden
This is haunted doll with spirit inside?
Koehlie _
Koehlie _ 16 dagen geleden
I prefer the dirty, used up, sleazy look myself. but to each their own.
Wendy 16 dagen geleden
me before & after covid19
Murtles McMurray
Murtles McMurray 16 dagen geleden
How I lost my last girlfriend. "Will you get me my dolls hair shampoo from the bathroom?"
itsfine 16 dagen geleden
I know that I got pupaphobia and I clicked on this video I-
Alenka B
Alenka B 16 dagen geleden
Cool i love this😍
Angel Armando Gonzalez Carrasco
Play with children toys, no matter how old are you, just play with toys.
Sue Sally
Sue Sally 17 dagen geleden
She Beautiful !
Brenda Tajik
Brenda Tajik 17 dagen geleden
*Bellissma!* 💝
Macca mc
Macca mc 17 dagen geleden
I like how U included all the details
WarpRulez 17 dagen geleden
To be honest, I liked the black shirt more. Made her look more badass.
Nia Chaduneli
Nia Chaduneli 17 dagen geleden
i had this doll too
Emily Hufschmidt
Emily Hufschmidt 17 dagen geleden
Before you started, she kind of looked like a zombie. Js.
Erika Jane Nacionales
Erika Jane Nacionales 17 dagen geleden
when he popped out the eyeballs that's were I get the chills
EyeSooGuy 18 dagen geleden
Reminds me of Baby Laughs-a-Lot. Lol
Puparella 18 dagen geleden
Great job, you lifted the curse.
Sara G
Sara G 18 dagen geleden
Wow 😮 hermosa
Reader 91
Reader 91 18 dagen geleden
Toy story doll maker scene flashbacks
FireFlakes 18 dagen geleden
She looks like Elizabeth short at first
Kiara Byrd
Kiara Byrd 19 dagen geleden
He took so many body parts off that I thought couldn't be took off
HiddenDirector 19 dagen geleden
You got my subscription not just from the great video, but the SUBSCRIBE scrub brush. A "scrubscribe" brush, if you will.
Жаир 19 dagen geleden
If you watch it backwards it's Lindsay Lohan biopic.
Char Williams
Char Williams 19 dagen geleden
Omg, you guys are so good. The extra details what amazing!!!
Kay Cee
Kay Cee 19 dagen geleden
It looks like Rizzo got a Sandy makeover .. beautiful 💖
Pátria Do Mundo
Pátria Do Mundo 20 dagen geleden
Ianca Jordao
Ianca Jordao 20 dagen geleden
Antes das drogas e depois
sevensons 20 dagen geleden
What a fascinating video. Whom ever did the editing did it very well.The restoration was so beautifully done.
TattooedAussieChick 20 dagen geleden
My OCD was crying when you cut out the fabric.
Megan McEvoy
Megan McEvoy 20 dagen geleden
Tysy - "I need to make new clothes but first my nails need doing" Also since when have you had 4 hands? Do the other two only come out on special occasions?
Sherleen Pierre
Sherleen Pierre 20 dagen geleden
Very nice she looks beautifull great work guys🥰🤗💯💝
A B 20 dagen geleden
Not sure why this came up as recommended video but I enjoyed every second Great editing and creepy AF Love it ... I guess I’ll subscribe I need to see more 😂👍❤️
JANE DC5,CH3 20 dagen geleden
Beautiful job
Niall Hunter
Niall Hunter 20 dagen geleden
Getting some Helena Bonham Carter vibes here, before more than after. Great work!
maggie zhao
maggie zhao 20 dagen geleden
Bravo! You should do the hair
Fixing an old AG Doll!
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