I Restored this Waffle Maker - I'm Making a Waffle for You! 

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Hello my lovely Subscribers! In this video you will see how i restored this Rusty Waffle maker machine.
This Restoration took me 1 week.
I bought this machine on ebay for $10.
Thank you for Watching!
My Ebay listing -
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17 aug. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿฅฐ
Gaming With Landenp2020
Gaming With Landenp2020 26 dagen geleden
@SUP' Iโ€™m not sure this is his cooking channel
Gaming With Landenp2020
Gaming With Landenp2020 26 dagen geleden
Thank you for being so thoughtful for us
Gaming With Landenp2020
Gaming With Landenp2020 26 dagen geleden
: )
the I.T. Guy
the I.T. Guy 28 dagen geleden
I have binged almost all of your excellently produced videos during this pandemic and I owe you. As soon as I get back to work, I will hit your Patreon. Nice work!
the chosen noob
the chosen noob Maand geleden
Other restoration youtubers only restore but you entertain us also ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ
crackhead 6 uur geleden
William Sanborn
William Sanborn 6 uur geleden
To anyone who thinks that the waffle maker looked horrible at the beginning, you're wrong. It looked great! Tysy just made it look better. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones Dag geleden
Man, I wish I had Nutella.
Carla Lazzari
Carla Lazzari Dag geleden
. Awesomeness
. Awesomeness 2 dagen geleden
Hes so extra ๐Ÿ˜‚
Stickman 2 dagen geleden
You need to make 1 million and 29 k of waffles
Popi The Pi
Popi The Pi 3 dagen geleden
Je veux tous tes outils, รงa doit etre trop satisfaisant ร  faire !
Luke I
Luke I 3 dagen geleden
No! Nutella is a heresy! This must be honey ๐Ÿฏ and butter ๐Ÿงˆ. The best! Cheers ๐Ÿป
Trading with Simple Simon
Really enjoy your video. You are making it better than new. Now, restore your pencil sharpener, make it bright red please.
xXsimply_niyahXx 4 dagen geleden
You are a genius ๐Ÿ‘
Aaroncito 2.0
Aaroncito 2.0 4 dagen geleden
Time after: restoring an alien blaster๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
darklight koski
darklight koski 5 dagen geleden
hey fam, cast iron isn't supposed to be sanded, it needs the pores the cast makes in the metal so that coating makes it stick longer "inside" of it, a video was made about sanding the bottom of a cast iron pan to be stainless and it was coated, it did NOT turn out well.m i just wanted to inform you, but that was an excellent job dude
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah Rodriguez 5 dagen geleden
im sorry but did he just reach into a 250 degree oven?
Burken Productions
Burken Productions 6 dagen geleden
Looked really good everything until you brought out the nutella... haha yuck :D
Denise Lisboa
Denise Lisboa 6 dagen geleden
he made a waffle for me but he ate it :(
Sleepy Snake
Sleepy Snake 6 dagen geleden
One time I restored a pc and because it was like my first time getting in to restoration it took me hours because tutorial videos are always so over explained
psychicmilk 7 dagen geleden
Thank you for the waffle -w-
{ BlueVisionsYT }
{ BlueVisionsYT } 7 dagen geleden
100% itโ€™s in good conditionition
miklpickle 7 dagen geleden
itโ€™s amazing that he went from restoring a waffle iron to a cooking show
heather 7 dagen geleden
I'm on a diet ;_;
Terry Corkum
Terry Corkum 7 dagen geleden
You're supposed to flip the iron as soon as you close it. That will stop the uneven cook of the batter. Plus I would have added 5% more milk to the batter so it runs through the grates better.
standoff 2
standoff 2 7 dagen geleden
ะขัƒั‚ ะตัั‚ัŒ ั€ัƒััะบะธะต ๐Ÿ˜•
Luke Bowen
Luke Bowen 7 dagen geleden
4:36 holy sht that is a lot of money gone 4:36
Fun with Drago and Ouisi!
Every normal person- this looks so good! Me- why do I feel like I can make macaroni in this?
Preston Hammond
Preston Hammond 7 dagen geleden
Oh thanks dude im so hungry
Potato PC
Potato PC 7 dagen geleden
1:17 what is this machine called?
Lololol 4324
Lololol 4324 8 dagen geleden
Sandblaster? I use a sandgun
Ajb106 8 dagen geleden
The design of the waffle maker is so you can turn it over during cooking so you don't end up with one cooked side one uncooked side like you did. Also you over mixed in the egg whites.
TiHeich 8 dagen geleden
Am I the only one amazed by that 5:02 sound transition?
DAMIX XD 8 dagen geleden
All people: wow look how he restoration this Me: Nutella ๐Ÿฅต
Agus Blackbird
Agus Blackbird 8 dagen geleden
Please give him more cooking things to restore. I love to see him cooking ๐Ÿคฉ
Agus Blackbird
Agus Blackbird 8 dagen geleden
You sandblasting and cooking is like the perfect combo
Junior Mazoni
Junior Mazoni 8 dagen geleden
Perfeito ๐Ÿ˜
Hylie Bryan Fernandez
Hylie Bryan Fernandez 9 dagen geleden
2:21 I thought those are hotdogs ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kandy King
Kandy King 9 dagen geleden
Im here for the tsy cooking channel
Nikki Maxwell
Nikki Maxwell 10 dagen geleden
Tysy: buy machine Shopkeeper: here is a 10 year warranty Tysy: *tears warranty* I wonโ€™t need that thank u Shopkeeper: surprised pikachu noises*
Major Moj0
Major Moj0 10 dagen geleden
I'm sorry but those grinding discs were NOT being used properly. You're grinding on the very edge of the disc only, you shouldn't go through 10 discs for something like this. Source: grinding/finishing wood stoves for years.
รฌgor assonov
รฌgor assonov 10 dagen geleden
Niles 10 dagen geleden
Nobody: Tysy: So anyway I started blastin
Mamahit Sam
Mamahit Sam 10 dagen geleden
Where is my waffle?
Micah Hughes
Micah Hughes 10 dagen geleden
Yeah, hold the rust please.
Micah Hughes
Micah Hughes 10 dagen geleden
Can you sandblast the hair off me back?
L U C I F E R 11 dagen geleden
Insomniatic Prattle
Insomniatic Prattle 11 dagen geleden
Wow. I would have never thought it takes that many sanding pads for only this size thing! You are way more patient than I!
g_alvez007 11 dagen geleden
and the tysy's waffle recipe?
Em ma
Em ma 12 dagen geleden
The end, yummy
Kevin Delbarre
Kevin Delbarre 12 dagen geleden
you us paint???
Rafael Bucio Jr.
Rafael Bucio Jr. 13 dagen geleden
I think youโ€™re supposed to flip the waffle maker to cook both sides.
Abigail Epstein
Abigail Epstein 13 dagen geleden
This was posted more than 5 months ago, how come I havenโ€™t gotten my waffle yet? ๐Ÿ˜ข
Mark V.
Mark V. 13 dagen geleden
Another great video... whats your counter made of that you don't scratch it like crazy?
Falcon Gamer
Falcon Gamer 13 dagen geleden
10 years later: restore a dead man
Falcon Gamer
Falcon Gamer 13 dagen geleden
10 years later: restore a dead man
Moha fxhs
Moha fxhs 13 dagen geleden
huile dโ€™olive > huile de colza
Matt H
Matt H 14 dagen geleden
I enjoy the restoration but please, gods, never cook anything again
Casey M
Casey M 14 dagen geleden
Just pulled a metal waffle iron out of a 250 degree over with your bare hands
Amber Rotundo
Amber Rotundo 14 dagen geleden
Thank you for makeing a waffle for me
Scotty Wayne
Scotty Wayne 14 dagen geleden
da f with all the grinding
Prod. By Wavvyy040
Prod. By Wavvyy040 14 dagen geleden
Good old stolen IKEA pencils ๐Ÿ˜‚
PlAnKoN 14 dagen geleden
mes des gants quand tu sable non ?
Ado Ler
Ado Ler 15 dagen geleden
Can I have the recipe for the waffle?
AWRI07 15 dagen geleden
This guy really love his waffle iron. He didn't want to buy a new one.
Henry Flanagan
Henry Flanagan 15 dagen geleden
when he set the waffle in the waffle maker at the beginning he ruined a perfectly good waffle
Ethan Raymond
Ethan Raymond 16 dagen geleden
this was the day we found out TysyTube was truly a baker
Francisco Barros
Francisco Barros 16 dagen geleden
Guy: leaves pan outside for a few months so he could restore it. Us: ๐Ÿ‘ what a god.
Pรฃo Com Mostarda
Pรฃo Com Mostarda 16 dagen geleden
Here it's not just catering, you also learn to make a tasty snack! hug from Portugal!
ะ•ะปะธะทะฐะฒะตั‚ะฐ I
ะขะฒะพะธ ะฒะฐั„ะปะธ ะพะฑะฐะปะดะตะฝะฝั‹ !!! ะŸั€ะธะฒะตั‚ ะธะท ะ ะพััะธะธ ! ะžะฑะพะถะฐัŽ ั‚ะฒะพะธ ะฒะธะดะตะพ !
๊งMillys boredom๊ง‚
7:08 Now thats what i call baling pans
human human
human human 17 dagen geleden
you sure it isnt some ancient tourture device
Curious Entertainment
Curious Entertainment 17 dagen geleden
Two things one that waffle iron was meant for outdoor use over fire. Two you shouldโ€™ve gently folded the egg whites into your batter not mix them with an electric mixer.
Nathaly Pacheco
Nathaly Pacheco 18 dagen geleden
5:23 bruhhhh this dude is ripped lol
Matthew Buettner
Matthew Buettner 18 dagen geleden
You know, for a rusted waffo maker (yes I know I spelled โ€˜waffleโ€™ โ€˜waffoโ€™) itโ€™s in real good condition
Miranda Arboleda
Miranda Arboleda 18 dagen geleden
You did a waffley good job on this one, bud.
Zamia Ramirez
Zamia Ramirez 18 dagen geleden
Youโ€™re supposed to flip the whole thing so both sides of the waffle get toasted
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 18 dagen geleden
Can I get that waffle recipe, starving now
Acher CthulhuViking
Acher CthulhuViking 18 dagen geleden
Goes to all the trouble of lovingly restoring a cast iron waffle maker only to abuse it with an electric hot plate. For shame.
Smad DOPAMINA 19 dagen geleden
Cheeee siempre la pistola de arena despuรฉs removedor despuรฉs pintura lija y ya estรก????? Obvio algรบn accesorio comprado o tornillo o boludear pero siempre lo mismo????
martin candela
martin candela 16 dagen geleden
El tipo labura muy bien, ademรกs tiene todo lo que se le ocurra en productos para poder restaurar las cosas,
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 19 dagen geleden
i think this channel would be much more enjoyable if you didn't spam subscribe every 10 seconds of the video
Azhar Playtime
Azhar Playtime 19 dagen geleden
gimme a waffle UnU)/
Suzanne Bohlen
Suzanne Bohlen 19 dagen geleden
When was this waffle iron originally produced?
ANTI aka Kalamite
ANTI aka Kalamite 19 dagen geleden
Just as a cooking side note, whipping whipped egg whites into something pretty much cancels out what the whipped egg whites do It pops the air bubbles so it makes it null and void
Snigelkrantz 19 dagen geleden
Thumbs up for the IKEA pencil.
Matt 20 dagen geleden
Try using flax seed oil for seasoning. I use it for my cast iron pans and itโ€™s superior.
Clarence Garside
Clarence Garside 20 dagen geleden
Y'all know about what happen after he says, " very good condition."
Deavonie 20 dagen geleden
Awesome job restoring but there is no way I'd eat anything from that thing that rusty before picture is burned in my imagination
VitraBhagas!Adventure! 20 dagen geleden
Best waffle
Brigzy09 20 dagen geleden
straight from the oven with no glove ๐Ÿ˜‰
jessieem28 20 dagen geleden
What is the oil for?
That Dude
That Dude 20 dagen geleden
That's some good wuffles
Richard Dupuis
Richard Dupuis 20 dagen geleden
God, I hope this 'restoration' was a joke.
Ghost_ Nekonny
Ghost_ Nekonny 20 dagen geleden
Thatโ€™s how I want my waffle done โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ
electric booga1oo
electric booga1oo 20 dagen geleden
I bet you got an influx of Belgiumโ€™s subscribers from this video
Madness 21 dag geleden
I bet you can't restore me and my fathers relationship ๐Ÿฅด
metal slug metal slug
metal slug metal slug 21 dag geleden
and if this joyube had a cooking show greetings from Mexico
Lee Montgomery
Lee Montgomery 21 dag geleden
For an engineer, best bed-time story.๐Ÿค“ Then he one-ups himself by pulling out digital-calipers!
Nina Akeldama
Nina Akeldama 21 dag geleden
can I send you my mental health?
MrsM 21 dag geleden
Amazing work, but that pencil sharpener took me back. I've been wanting one of those for an age. ๐Ÿ˜‚
M_ystic 21 dag geleden
Step 2 Cover your waffle iron in oil
Pat D
Pat D 21 dag geleden
Belle gaufre mais ca manque de sirop d'รฉrable! :)
CREATxR 22 dagen geleden
When you watch 1 restoration video and then get suggested thousands more
Pikachuisyellow 22 dagen geleden
How did he get this things? Xd
Rusty Bread Cutter Restoration