Retro Playstation 1 Console Restoration 

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On this video i show you how i restored this Retro Console Playstation one.
I bought this console on Ebay for $50, inside the box was a lots of games cables 2 controlers and a yellowed console.
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19 feb. 2021




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 14 dagen geleden
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Qbow 6 uur geleden
How much?? Is the ps1 for sell
Ohio Living
Ohio Living Dag geleden
@TysyTube Restoration I followed your instructions and didn’t hear back. Did people already win?
A.J Wyatt
A.J Wyatt 3 dagen geleden
@TysyTube Restoration and u should have left them in the uv bath longer or changed the liqud still looks a bit dis colored in some parts
A.J Wyatt
A.J Wyatt 3 dagen geleden
@TysyTube Restoration who stole the rober ducky gimmic tho you or oddtinkering?
A.J Wyatt
A.J Wyatt 3 dagen geleden
@TysyTube Restoration i profur when u dont talk in the videos i like rubber ducky tho
Cj Clouse
Cj Clouse Uur geleden
Officer Quakers
Rock Forest Gaming
Rock Forest Gaming 2 uur geleden
This dude is legit begging for subscribers.
Scp-001 4 uur geleden
This video is so sad so one sold there whole childhood
Torfold Gaming
Torfold Gaming 4 uur geleden
Love yours videos, can't wait next video
Qbow 6 uur geleden
Is it for sell??
Qbow 6 uur geleden
Any way I can buy that off u???
Denys Lalande
Denys Lalande 6 uur geleden
"Jean LaWebfitte". ;)
Sam29 10 uur geleden
0:31 excuse me... THE GAME? 1. It's a console, not a game; 2. DID U JUST MAKE ME LOSE ON THE GAME?
narwhal 11 uur geleden
Do you wear headphones?
Dragon Rager09
Dragon Rager09 11 uur geleden
i saw you opening and closing your mouth in the reflection
Christopher Nagel
Christopher Nagel 12 uur geleden
That Playstation was a Chamber of Secrets xD. Good work. I think Somebody will be happy.
Astaroth Lk
Astaroth Lk 15 uur geleden
Duckpostor( for impostor in among us)
MikoFolfyNX [MFNX]
MikoFolfyNX [MFNX] 17 uur geleden
Looks amazing!
Paper Master
Paper Master 18 uur geleden
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 20 uur geleden
I actually have a question how do you put things together if you forget how to assemble it
T M 21 uur geleden
Try restoring an Atari 5200
NathanR 21 uur geleden
not all hero’s wear capes. some of them wear latex gloves
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen 22 uur geleden
The dirty postbox exemplarily mark because file subjectively damage abaft a petite clover. used, frantic knife
headporter 23 uur geleden
씨발 광고 안보려고 프리미엄 구독 하는데 광고를 처넣네 당연 구독취소지
Tina Mumpfield
Tina Mumpfield 23 uur geleden
The tiny hands at the end cracked me up. Lol
P S 23 uur geleden
How about original Atari?
truckoldcar volvo
truckoldcar volvo Dag geleden
Fix an old xbox
maria gallardo
maria gallardo Dag geleden
Duck name I made up:security duck or security quack
J Turrietta
J Turrietta Dag geleden
Inspector quackers
NiaJustNia Dag geleden
Nurse Duckdree McQuacker
Parvati Dhaila
Parvati Dhaila Dag geleden
2:28 no I love cookies I subscribe to you but don't eat my cookies
Rick Garxia
Rick Garxia Dag geleden
I feel like I’m watching that scene on toy story where woody is getting his restoration
Sheep Dag geleden
Who else saw his funny face in the reflection
facundo capra
facundo capra Dag geleden
Da Big Craig
Da Big Craig Dag geleden
Imagine how much times this man hoes to the store to buy another toothbrush for a restoration vid
HALAFANG Dag geleden
ColecoVision, Atari or intellivision
HALAFANG Dag geleden
One question why? Nobody wants a ps1 they were horrible.
skeep dream
skeep dream Dag geleden
1:10 No ROBLOX is the best game than that stranger game
elijah bynorth
elijah bynorth Dag geleden
it doesnt even looks yellow.. tbh it just looks forest green
ScooterRose Dag geleden
I would like to see an Atari restored.
K. Yoonx.
K. Yoonx. Dag geleden
In the future:Retro playstation 582 console restoration!
Gábor Verebi
Gábor Verebi Dag geleden
Nice job.Grat:)
Radek Pilewski
Radek Pilewski Dag geleden
Please can you make videos more often?
Benno FTW
Benno FTW Dag geleden
Hiya TysyTube...I have been a huge fan of yours and have been subscribed for years now...I was routing through my garage and found an old doesn't say a year on it but I was wondering if there is anyway I could send it to you...Cheers Ben
That One Guy Who Don't Watch Fate
"Yellowed and Dirty" You mean golden brown
YT Battle
YT Battle 2 dagen geleden
The PS1 looks like somone pissed on it
Михаил Басий
Михаил Басий 2 dagen geleden
Funny Moments
Funny Moments 2 dagen geleden
What camera you used?
Mr know it all
Mr know it all 2 dagen geleden
I love you videos I watch them when I am having a hard time sleeping
Aaron Cubitt
Aaron Cubitt 2 dagen geleden
Disliked the video. You seem so needy. You asked for ssubscribers over 3 times.
Roblox Pro Gaming
Roblox Pro Gaming 2 dagen geleden
Fix the Playstation 1!
Daffodil31LE 2 dagen geleden
For your next console restoration: Try to find a Philips Videopac G7000 and restore that...
Lexie lex
Lexie lex 2 dagen geleden
Love the videos they feel satisfying to me
Арман Арутюнян
TOP fortune grove 😀👍👍🙊
Gareth Braun
Gareth Braun 2 dagen geleden
maybe try restore a ps2?
ron palmer
ron palmer 2 dagen geleden
Hi, It would be very helpful if you could list the chemicals used and where to obtain them if that’s possible?
Azhar Zee
Azhar Zee 2 dagen geleden
Hello sir Tyst tube i need your some help plz sir reply me
Chewie 2 dagen geleden
11:33 Where's the green light? :(
Oliver L
Oliver L 2 dagen geleden
A lot of advertising during the Video 😮
Danyitan Dyn
Danyitan Dyn 2 dagen geleden
"Duck Norris"
Antony S.A
Antony S.A 2 dagen geleden
Next : nes console
lopezfam 3 dagen geleden
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lopezfam 3 dagen geleden
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Mrnada 3 dagen geleden
VraelFreorhe 3 dagen geleden
Original XBOX next?
vihieuphu ho
vihieuphu ho 3 dagen geleden
mooi video, ek wil jou vriende wees, ok?
Sans Irl
Sans Irl 3 dagen geleden
how the old days used to be...
A.J Wyatt
A.J Wyatt 3 dagen geleden
I do
djtblizzle 3 dagen geleden
How in the world do you know how to put all of these things back together????
Sude Zuhal Çıkılı
Sude Zuhal Çıkılı 3 dagen geleden
William Stephens
William Stephens 3 dagen geleden
I used to have one of those!
Tóth Álmos
Tóth Álmos 3 dagen geleden
Ps2,ps3,ps4 restoration?And ps5 xddd
Ionut Badulescu
Ionut Badulescu 3 dagen geleden
Maybe u can do a ps2 and ps3
William Evans
William Evans 3 dagen geleden
You should do a game cube
timturn 3 dagen geleden
An old coworker of mine restores old consoles for fun, he opened a PS1 one time and it was filled with roaches. He opens them all up outside his workshop now.
Kokolov Maksim
Kokolov Maksim 3 dagen geleden
А где же WD-40?🙃
Andrew Manöver
Andrew Manöver 3 dagen geleden
Super tare 🔥🔥🔥
rocky Gaming
rocky Gaming 3 dagen geleden
What if you don't have cookies?
Bilal Navaid
Bilal Navaid 4 dagen geleden
can u do a xbox 1 next?
Midnight-Storm 4 dagen geleden
I would love to see you restore a Nintendo 64, also new subscriber here, hello lol
Big Hampter
Big Hampter 4 dagen geleden
Reply or I throw my pencil ✏️
Big Hampter
Big Hampter 4 dagen geleden
And don't touch my cookies
Глеб Попов
Глеб Попов 4 dagen geleden
How much does PS1 restoration cost? About? Post in response to this comment. Thank you in advance.
littlegamer 63
littlegamer 63 4 dagen geleden
Good video i subscribed.
dick trickle
dick trickle 4 dagen geleden
Just casually pop in the thrasher ps1 game lol
CreativeJuice 4 dagen geleden
A. How dare you insult the ducktor. B. The ducktator is also funny IMO
foch41 4 dagen geleden
Restore an xbox 360, those were notoriously crap systems, I bet you could improve them
Lauriti 4 dagen geleden
A. Buster_123
A. Buster_123 4 dagen geleden
Go ahead. Take my cookies. I cant eat them anyways.
Amber Alertt
Amber Alertt 4 dagen geleden
Woof, I think the original owner was a smoker, that’s nasty looking to begin with! I feel like pulling out my own PS and playing now!
Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni 4 dagen geleden
Please repair an SNES next - that would be fantastic. Great job again.
MemeReviewer 4 dagen geleden
That seems like a US Model, due to the shape and design of both the power eject button, and you got sponsored by raid lol
MaryJane Me
MaryJane Me 4 dagen geleden
Have you done an Atari?? That would be awesome!!
Kekich LOL
Kekich LOL 4 dagen geleden
5:33 ASMR
Kekich LOL
Kekich LOL 4 dagen geleden
5:33 ASMR
Rkeda Shelby
Rkeda Shelby 4 dagen geleden
Jesus died for our sins, He lived the life we couldn’t. Anyone who acknowledges that they are a sinner and recognized that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose 3 days later, and truly accepts Him as Lord and savior, will be saved . Repent and Live for Him 🙏🏾He loves us and He is coming soon. 💞💞 I love you too❤️
LaylaTheUnicornGirl 21
LaylaTheUnicornGirl 21 4 dagen geleden
5k mini tv 🤣🤣
Pete Schlicht
Pete Schlicht 4 dagen geleden
Hori Yosi
Hori Yosi 4 dagen geleden
Chemicals used worth more than an actual ps1
Hunner 4 dagen geleden
POV: you skipped to the end to see what it looked like
M.River 4 dagen geleden
Can’t wait to see you restore a ps5 !
Samko king
Samko king 4 dagen geleden
Thank you for restorating sony
DIY Craft
DIY Craft 4 dagen geleden
Great Again
DRokay 333
DRokay 333 4 dagen geleden
2:28 I don’t have any cookie :’(
Animebryan2 4 dagen geleden
2:14 to skip Raid: Shadow Legends ad
G LFC Dag geleden
Not all hero's wear capes! 👍
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