I Turn Rust in to a Piece of Art / 24k Gold 

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In this video i'm restoring a vintage rusty knife .
I found this knife at flea market, was very rusty and almost destroyed. Tha wood handle was missing so i decided to replace with epoxy resin. I think epoxy resin is a cool touch because you can see the damaged steel inside.
This Restoration took me 14 days to complete.
I like so much this knife with epoxy and gold leaf combination and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 14 days
$1 rusty knife
$5 epoxy resin
$50 gold leaf (i used only one sheet)
My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 -
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 -

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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
novathepilot 28 dagen geleden
Felix Beth
Felix Beth Maand geleden
Yeas I will
safety doggo23
safety doggo23 Maand geleden
Nice more Russians i cant understand
Стас Сергиевский
@safety doggo23 лот
Solyn Pingol
Solyn Pingol 2 maanden geleden
R i n c e
Braulio Montelongo
Braulio Montelongo 3 uur geleden
I wish I knew how to do this and all the tools I would need to have this set up in my garage
The bubbles go great with the blade nice work I’m going to send you something love your videos
peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55
When the (blank) is still rusty u got one trusty sand blaster
Vickie Hadd
Vickie Hadd 4 dagen geleden
the hatman
the hatman 4 dagen geleden
i'm realy into rust restorations and when i am older i will make this one a of my hobbies
Plottershik 5 dagen geleden
Не знаю как оценить... Ручка даааа. Круто. Прикольно. Но слишком бктофорско. Смола очень хрупкая хрень. Не практично. Но повесить на стену, норм. А с лезвием не все так просто..... Штыки обычно не точат остро. Они часто хрупкие. Может по этому угол заточки дитчайший!!! В общем для сувенира нормально. Но зачем точить после хрома? Чтобы кромка ржавела. Мне не понятно.
_Ertugrul_ 5 dagen geleden
Mito az önce izledi .d
MICHAL VORYNKA 5 dagen geleden
This is testing of open gearbox - 23000kg: @
deepali b
deepali b 6 dagen geleden
Let it lie in a corner
White 6 dagen geleden
12:16 yes, i really do. Im 13 years old watching this during school and people like you actually teach me months worth of knoledge, my dad use to be a mechanic and a designer engineer and this type of stuff is my dream, when i can i want to be like you doing the most jaw dropping things. Thank you!
The Things Dude
The Things Dude 6 dagen geleden
Man, ala nu e "junk" e baioneta de mauser k98, parte de istorie.
Trine Skovgaard Kristensen
Yes yes gold leaf makes it 24 k
Cain Morrow
Cain Morrow 7 dagen geleden
Looks like a WW1 bayonet! Great job!
Jesús Sánchez
Jesús Sánchez 7 dagen geleden
Eres chingon saludos desde Cuernavaca Morelos México
Julian Romero
Julian Romero 8 dagen geleden
Where do you get the kife???
Andy Miller
Andy Miller 8 dagen geleden
Wow. I had no idea the direction you were going to take with that handle, but given it's historic value, you made a beautiful show piece out of history that was almost scrap metal.
Steve Roe
Steve Roe 8 dagen geleden
I'm sure you used the 600 grit at the wrong time I can tell at the final product.
MillertimeNokCC 8 dagen geleden
German K98 Bayonet
Anna Grant
Anna Grant 9 dagen geleden
This is my first time ever watching your videos I love . Your videos
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 9 dagen geleden
tarcizio procopio
tarcizio procopio 10 dagen geleden
NikiPiki 10 dagen geleden
TysyTube: use rust remover Knife: Mr. Tysy I dont feel so good
Niles 10 dagen geleden
Honestly, I cant wait till this guy gets his hands on a magnetron and decides to refurbish, like, an old cosmonaut suit by re-coating the visor with gold or something insane like that
AristoKat 10 dagen geleden
restore the hot glue gun XD
Terry Ozbourne
Terry Ozbourne 11 dagen geleden
Just a tip, when you pour from a 5ltr container, pour with the neck upwards, not downwards as you do in this video. It stops that annoying 'glugging' splashing product all over and gives far greater control! 😊😊
Calvin Fulong
Calvin Fulong 11 dagen geleden
Nice job
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai 12 dagen geleden
Now that should be a skin for the knife in Hunt: Showdown!! What an absolutely fantastic result!!!
adam_zkrl 13 dagen geleden
Like ASMR, nice nice
Mound'N 13 dagen geleden
The audio in this video is FUCKED.
Abdul Hussein
Abdul Hussein 13 dagen geleden
You the boss
cecy 13 dagen geleden
Can u allways use thoes nickel strips agian after the first use or do u have to use different ones??
TheDarkness SideSon
TheDarkness SideSon 13 dagen geleden
The guy who created this knife seeing someone fixing it: thank you :)
안충현 13 dagen geleden
@ ㅃ
Kentucky boy
Kentucky boy 14 dagen geleden
As a dyed in the wool knife guy I'm gonna need to see it shave hair and cut free standing paper.
spooky! 14 dagen geleden
i thought this video would be over at like five different points
Tobias Moran
Tobias Moran 14 dagen geleden
The educated alloy histopathologically pack because reaction utrastructurally reduce within a legal shallot. ignorant, acceptable meeting
Looks like something you would see in call of duty cold was if they got around to it
Troy warner
Troy warner 14 dagen geleden
Dude WTF are you doing that's a WW11 German bayonet.
markj1211 14 dagen geleden
Why not fill with wire weld bead and grind? Seems like this blade would be hella compromised
PAPI _YT 14 dagen geleden
Pa pi
Dalton Dunaway
Dalton Dunaway 14 dagen geleden
Looks like a K98 bayonet
Hentai Body pillow
Hentai Body pillow 15 dagen geleden
The divot in the blade would be could either some intricate carved design thats inlayed in gold, that would be a lot of work tho and it already looks great as it is
James Fyffe
James Fyffe 15 dagen geleden
The best rust remover in the world is transmission fluid
Саша Травень
Саша Травень 15 dagen geleden
Why No
Why No 16 dagen geleden
The person who sold this to him:dam he made it look brand new
Qu3mao 16 dagen geleden
Very cool.
Butzi Porsche
Butzi Porsche 16 dagen geleden
I'm glad you didn't grind off all of the pitting as it adds texture and looks cool. I force rust a lot of my projects for this very reason. Patina.
Nicky Gonzaga
Nicky Gonzaga 17 dagen geleden
can someone explain to me what the nickel plating is used for?
Norafzalila Zainol -
Norafzalila Zainol - 17 dagen geleden
Wish i could buy this
Елена Медведева
Влад Золотовский
Earl Elzy
Earl Elzy 18 dagen geleden
OMG very nice.
Anthony Lenzo
Anthony Lenzo 18 dagen geleden
Just wonder why not do the sand blast after you remove from the M51 rust remover solution , instead wasting 2hrs trying remove rust by hand.
Ian Belcher
Ian Belcher 18 dagen geleden
Евгений Мартынов
Кто точит штык бред идиотизм
EJ Gorey
EJ Gorey 18 dagen geleden
Great fruit knife!
Samuel Keith
Samuel Keith 18 dagen geleden
so cool 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😎
Varun Puligadda
Varun Puligadda 18 dagen geleden
This is cool
Selena Stankovsky
Selena Stankovsky 19 dagen geleden
That’s a K98 Bayonet that’s a piece of history right there and you did a great job bring it back to life. And the person who original had this clearly did not know it’s worth. And did not appreciate it so I’m glad it went to someone who does.
Stas Sommerstad
Stas Sommerstad 19 dagen geleden
1:33 it seems like you need to do a restoration vid on that ol thing too
Jawkneebee 19 dagen geleden
That was amazing!
Tycho de Koeyer
Tycho de Koeyer 19 dagen geleden
Because you restoratet it de price did go down whit like 200$
Dany Redex
Dany Redex 19 dagen geleden
Very Good Video..
Sarah Chan
Sarah Chan 20 dagen geleden
si sabia que ese cuchillo era para pelar papas???
Betty Bea20
Betty Bea20 20 dagen geleden
This is one of those “watch at 1am vids”
Kathie Condon
Kathie Condon 20 dagen geleden
The handle is impressive. I enjoy your videos.
aycd aycd
aycd aycd 20 dagen geleden
The odd memory climatologically please because continent quantitatively stroke versus a sore jar. bawdy, helpful euphonium
gabrielly farias
gabrielly farias 20 dagen geleden
My cell phone is just god video
gabrielly farias
gabrielly farias 20 dagen geleden
love your videos are amazing u can put a background music
Lisanepa 21 dag geleden
Did that knife go on the tip of a rifle?
hughsizzle 21 dag geleden
@1:07 I don't think that bucket was deep enough...
Олег Стуров
Олег Стуров 22 dagen geleden
Я бы попытался до оригинала восстановить, новодел этому штыку не идет
B Λ B Λ G Ξ R Ω 22 dagen geleden
lol i got exactly the same knife!
B Λ B Λ G Ξ R Ω 22 dagen geleden
German Bajonett from around 1890
SuperBigwinston 22 dagen geleden
Exhalent work done there. It does look like an SS knife dug up in Russia i saw on a program. Your certainly a craftsman anyway.
ironicstatement 22 dagen geleden
This is borderline asmr lol
Cody Schleiger
Cody Schleiger 22 dagen geleden
So dramatic lol Loved the vid tho man
Maxximus Hicks
Maxximus Hicks 23 dagen geleden
imagine going back to the guy you bought it from and being like: "here's your knife back"
raquel sanchez
raquel sanchez 23 dagen geleden
13:31 asmr lol
MEHMET EMİN PRO 23 dagen geleden
Çok iyi
Polmany Games
Polmany Games 23 dagen geleden
Looks like some sort of Mauser bayonet. Kind of ruined the history this way
Ahmed Al-Jammali
Ahmed Al-Jammali 5 dagen geleden
michelle g
michelle g 23 dagen geleden
What is the total time invested in these projects????
TheFabrik 23 dagen geleden
Love your work, perfect as usual 💪
Marco 24 dagen geleden
is not a knife but a german bayonet
ZORGE Unknown
ZORGE Unknown 24 dagen geleden
Девушке в сумочку будет норм.👍
Raiyan Inaan
Raiyan Inaan 24 dagen geleden
1:18 restore that tray
Johnathan Jarrett
Johnathan Jarrett 24 dagen geleden
Just an FYI. That is a German Bayonet from WWII.
Ziya Hikmət
Ziya Hikmət 25 dagen geleden
helo my name ziya a like
Lake Bond
Lake Bond 23 dagen geleden
Dr. Meshaal Almalki
Dr. Meshaal Almalki 25 dagen geleden
To be honest, I expected better result. Indeed, it’s good
Joe Mcdunna
Joe Mcdunna 25 dagen geleden
I got the same rotary tool. Wen
Mauro Caruso
Mauro Caruso 25 dagen geleden
yo me lo compro colta
Syed Akbar
Syed Akbar 25 dagen geleden
The gold leaf covering and then covering with clear Epoxy, is just ingenious ...Now that lowly, rusty old knife is worth a pretty penny ... It is a Treasure. I would use it everyday getting the pleasure just holding the handle in my hand ...
Felix Lara
Felix Lara 25 dagen geleden
*restores ww1 bayonet that's worth hella money* *Uses it to peel oranges*
William Kalagayan
William Kalagayan 25 dagen geleden
Steve Barrera
Steve Barrera 26 dagen geleden
Doesn’t look any better....
Robert Ehrengruber
Robert Ehrengruber 26 dagen geleden
WW2 German Bayonet
TimmieTerror 26 dagen geleden
Who else uses this for ASMR?
marc basis
marc basis 26 dagen geleden
So much pitting from the rust but amazing finish, especially the handle!
Weebie Michael
Weebie Michael 26 dagen geleden
My dad has a knife like that from ww2 or ww1 i cant remember
Wyatt Murphy
Wyatt Murphy 26 dagen geleden
What a waste of gold, it looks awful my guy
Mohammed 26 dagen geleden
Put it to 100
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