I Turned this $5 Broken Level in to a Piece of Art with Epoxy Resin 

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In this video i'm restoring a Broken Spirit Level.
I found this Broken Spirit Level at flea market and cost me $5.
Right away i knew that i can make a nice restoration video for you.
This Restoration took me 7 days to complete.
I like so much this Level with epoxy resin and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 7 days
$5 broken level
$10 epoxy resin
My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 :

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11 feb. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Idk B/itch
Idk B/itch 25 dagen geleden
We found the same one of these in are garage in perfect condition
gil moreno
gil moreno Maand geleden
@frilink I would buy some from him.
gil moreno
gil moreno Maand geleden
@Stephanie Toler he should show his face for a more personal touch and he may get more supporters. What do you think tysy.
Wendy Hicks
Wendy Hicks Maand geleden
jude jackson
jude jackson 2 maanden geleden
That looks really cool.👍
Urek Mazino
Urek Mazino Uur geleden
oni-chan 7:21
Álvaro Morales
Álvaro Morales 6 uur geleden
6:05 I count 4 bubbles 😎
none ya business
none ya business 8 uur geleden
Not trying to down play your skills but it's easier and quicker to just buy a new one
Becky Davis
Becky Davis Dag geleden
Genius Anyone should be proud to use that
BWGgy Dag geleden
Vacuum out the bubbles with the wood in it?
Drake The Brick Master
10:23 wow that is a big toothbrush
TJS Z 2 dagen geleden
You made this so beautiful! Very nice job.
Detroit Mi Dunkin
Detroit Mi Dunkin 2 dagen geleden
4:05 He's a hustler 😎😎😎
Detroit Mi Dunkin
Detroit Mi Dunkin 2 dagen geleden
I suppose to be playing my PS5 but I'm here
Chris Asbridge
Chris Asbridge 2 dagen geleden
Very nice work!!
CerddWen 3 dagen geleden
You can NEVER have too much sandblasting lol! That's the best part!!
Nora Qudus
Nora Qudus 6 dagen geleden
yes you should make more and I like the bubbles in the closeups!
kn1ght 6 dagen geleden
did you actually pay 5 bucks for that.. Scam. But then again, this guy can make stonks from junk.
Ben Woodcock
Ben Woodcock 6 dagen geleden
this turned me on
Zachary Cohen warburton
Zachary Cohen warburton 6 dagen geleden
Am I the only one questioning the bend in the glass bubble levels
Abheek Soni
Abheek Soni 6 dagen geleden
I bet that restoration videos are 10 times better than any ASMR or Mukbang in the world.
Abheek Soni
Abheek Soni 6 dagen geleden
6:05 TysyTube : How many bubbles do you count?? Me : *_Confused Unga Bunga_*
J'Lyssa Graywolf
J'Lyssa Graywolf 8 dagen geleden
That is super cool💜💜💜💜💜
violet evans
violet evans 10 dagen geleden
i wish he made a video of bloopers or a compilation of things going wrong.
Erc Luchnsk
Erc Luchnsk 11 dagen geleden
Why plaster?
Insomniatic Prattle
Insomniatic Prattle 11 dagen geleden
I would have put colors in the resin to make it into something cool, like an ocean! with alcohol spritzed on it to make it have cells... oohhh... yeah. yours is still amazing!
Lin the Feline
Lin the Feline 13 dagen geleden
See and this is how people with skill can turn trash into money, because even the slightest good things can be turned into something.
Hooded Sayain
Hooded Sayain 13 dagen geleden
I’m still trying to figure out how that works
gustavs grauze
gustavs grauze 14 dagen geleden
there were approximetly between 1 - 2000 bubbles
J.D Beach
J.D Beach 14 dagen geleden
Genius love it
Nik Regnart
Nik Regnart 14 dagen geleden
Personally I think a blue or red epoxy would have looked much better.
NovaAction 15 dagen geleden
how many bubbles did i count? at least 10
netagra 15 dagen geleden
Piece of art
Samuel Keith
Samuel Keith 17 dagen geleden
i counted 100milion bubbles🙄
-ItsKred- 17 dagen geleden
Au USA il Vende des produits marquer en français
Belt Roblox
Belt Roblox 18 dagen geleden
What's that thing you used to hold the epoxy and the wood?
kathleen halhead
kathleen halhead 18 dagen geleden
It’s a lot of work how much would it sell for n who would by it
Cursed Bloxer
Cursed Bloxer 18 dagen geleden
Wish the resin was a blue colour because it would go well with the dark wood and all.
Iton Welch
Iton Welch 18 dagen geleden
1 bobbles I counted 😂😂
Kevin Yorn
Kevin Yorn 18 dagen geleden
Maybe I am over thinking things but don't you need to plane it to make sure its flat, and then have it sat on a perfectly level surface when you are inserting the bubble level into the plaster? Maybe the table is perfectly level and the project was already checked to be flat?
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 18 dagen geleden
2020juan. 18 dagen geleden
0:10 "has a broken glass, loose screws and a missing part" .....and half the wood doesnt exist?
Jordan A
Jordan A 19 dagen geleden
Ouch, I would’ve found shorter screws to fasten the end bracket on the resin side; or maybe no screws at all
Clive Baker
Clive Baker 19 dagen geleden
A pressure pot would have removed the bubbles in the resin.
Joseph Rupert
Joseph Rupert 19 dagen geleden
Yes! Do make more. Possibly with color.
I_am_no_name 20 dagen geleden
A green or blue would be cool with that color of wood and the gold
maggie zhao
maggie zhao 20 dagen geleden
First thought: this is impossible Second thought: uh huh Third thought: cool
Tuff Empire Restoration
Tuff Empire Restoration 20 dagen geleden
Looks so good. Nice work. Love the epoxy touch. Most people would have thought this tool was nothing more then trash! 🙌🏼
mark lawrence
mark lawrence 20 dagen geleden
You spent $5 to get it spent $100 on the repair materials and turned that into a heirloom
drew michael
drew michael 20 dagen geleden
I just think you have to much spare time on your hands.... Try volunteering at Habitat for Humanity or be a Big Brother. Just saying.....
4H07 CHEUNG CHIN YING 20 dagen geleden
17:20 is so satisfying
Firejammer 21 dag geleden
Can someone tell me why the funny man with the gloves is putting cream cheese on wood
NIGHTMARE 21 dag geleden
Headphone warnings would be sick
Albert Pryor
Albert Pryor 21 dag geleden
Make more but colorful....
Terence Murphy
Terence Murphy 21 dag geleden
I prefer wood coloured filler to epoxy resin. It looks like wood then.
Vel Here
Vel Here 21 dag geleden
If it was me I will change the stick without spending more time making it
Dakota LaBarr
Dakota LaBarr 21 dag geleden
Should have used red not clear
Pabloide 21 dag geleden
Was it calibrated or is it just an ornament?
Pabloide 21 dag geleden
Sólo queda confiar en dios que cuando se mida un nivel, la ampolla con liquido haya quedado bien puesta y calibrada
Dr. Wet farts
Dr. Wet farts 22 dagen geleden
2.7 billion bubbles so you know
clell asher
clell asher 22 dagen geleden
The bubbles are cool... Great job!
BRDR - David
BRDR - David 22 dagen geleden
When you are going to do this again or somthing similar, try to use colour in the slime?
Pinki Valli
Pinki Valli 22 dagen geleden
Judith Ajoku
Judith Ajoku 22 dagen geleden
I love so much how he organizes the parts after dismantling them!!! I just love it
NicksBroArmy247 22 dagen geleden
How many bubbles the answer: all of them
GeorgeBonanza 23 dagen geleden
Hey, how do you know if you got the level tube level inside the level?
Jose Arriaga
Jose Arriaga 24 dagen geleden
That's the sweetest level I have ever seen
Rick Stuparyk
Rick Stuparyk 24 dagen geleden
Absolutely amazing. Well done.
Rick Stuparyk
Rick Stuparyk 24 dagen geleden
Buff the brass. Or ultra sonic clean it.
Yanito 850
Yanito 850 24 dagen geleden
I liked and subscribed!!! I will go through your content! Yes make more with colored epoxy but im sur you already do that. Ill look into more of your vidéos 😉
Big ballZZZZZ
Big ballZZZZZ 24 dagen geleden
5 dollars 😳, u must suck at bargaining
Belinda Smith
Belinda Smith 24 dagen geleden
This was so satisfying to watch. Masterful job.
Luna 24 dagen geleden
There is no 'too much sandblasting'in this world
Christy Hunt
Christy Hunt 25 dagen geleden
The savory step-daughter syntactically miss because spade conceptually spark of a hanging bottle. friendly, superb lightning
Andrija Mihajlovic
Andrija Mihajlovic 25 dagen geleden
Its beatuful 😍😍😍
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson 25 dagen geleden
Did you check to see if it was level?
Jeff J
Jeff J 25 dagen geleden
Nice repair job. The perplexing thing is how a short piece of wood would actually break off the end of a level.
Michael Lindsey
Michael Lindsey 25 dagen geleden
Actually I just commented on you spending 2 days restoring this broken azz level but what about cost or all the supplies. Plus you didn't do this on fish try. Like u obviously have skills that took years to develop so what's your point just go buy a new level. Oh what I you going to tell me your an artist or old world craftsmen hey yeah its cool but so what, you posted the video so you deal with the criticism
Michael Lindsey
Michael Lindsey 20 dagen geleden
@Shanna lol I am a weirdo
Shanna 22 dagen geleden
You sound like a weirdo.
William LOtt
William LOtt 25 dagen geleden
Beautiful work. Darlington, South Carolina
el cal
el cal 25 dagen geleden
JonyMSalomon 25 dagen geleden
"i will not sub if doesn't work at the end" you pre-read my mind, subed.
Frustrated Dr. Cat
Frustrated Dr. Cat 25 dagen geleden
Whenever the hammer thing happen, i feel like a vibrator
G G 25 dagen geleden
Pretty sweet.
رحیم جان
رحیم جان 25 dagen geleden
No so interesting, my mechanics is far better in restoring things. 👎
Remount 26 dagen geleden
@3:06 i didnt read the subtitle before this clip and legit thought he was just going to burn it
Gobind Singh
Gobind Singh 26 dagen geleden
Does he still like comments? 🙄
Sofia Linheira
Sofia Linheira 26 dagen geleden
6:02 wow there is at least 10
Gonash Freeman
Gonash Freeman 26 dagen geleden
Nice. Question. Did you true it to level or is it just a show piece? Either way, Outstanding.
Axel Sullivan
Axel Sullivan 26 dagen geleden
Very cool.
ZH DREAMz 26 dagen geleden
Sim eu sei q vc e do Brasil
BDMF 1967
BDMF 1967 26 dagen geleden
Mellow Alloy
Mellow Alloy 26 dagen geleden
Great video, have you thought about a bit of background music just to break the silence
AJ Favorite
AJ Favorite 26 dagen geleden
Beautiful work. Lokks fantastic, and still useful as a tool!
Tbone McShittles
Tbone McShittles 27 dagen geleden
Nice job! With your skills you could have just made another from a block of wood, but this is very cool!
Teresa S
Teresa S 27 dagen geleden
Surprisingly gorgeous! 👍👍
jewel love
jewel love 27 dagen geleden
Britney Taylor
Britney Taylor 27 dagen geleden
He slapped those plastic pieces down and it scared the holy ghost out of me.
Jesus Man
Jesus Man 27 dagen geleden
I counted approximately, many bubbles
Barney Fife
Barney Fife 27 dagen geleden
I wonder how many people have considered what recreational drugs have done to so many who could have used their gifts like this awesome man. It is a crying shame to see people destroy themselves as helpless hands watch with tears. If I were young I would go on a mission to start a trading school to help these children beat drugs and have a trade wherein they could, again, take pride in their lives. Thank you for your outstanding gift and sharing it with us. God bless you.
Angelgurl2 28 dagen geleden
I just see the pic and fast forward to the end.
Sarah Black
Sarah Black 28 dagen geleden
Love the chipmunk hammer sounds
Mark DiGeronimo
Mark DiGeronimo 28 dagen geleden
Very cool piece. Great job. Looks better here than rotting and corroding away in a landfill.
Samantha Hui
Samantha Hui 29 dagen geleden
It needs cost, it looks like rubbish😂
Sister Mary Mortz
Sister Mary Mortz 29 dagen geleden
Absolutely more epoxy. I think it is art too. I was nervous that the epoxy would be always cloudy. Thank you.
marie nakazawa
marie nakazawa Maand geleden
Oh, well done!!
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