Iconic Bread Guillotine RAADVAD - Will cut the Bread ? 

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- $1 Vintage Car Horn - NOT WORTH RESTORING - ASMR Restoration -
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In this video i'm restoring a Vintage RAADVAD Bread cutter
This Restoration took me 14 days to complete
I like so much this Bread cutter and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 14 days
$25 bread slicer
$25 powder paint
My Camera:
Canon 90d -
Macro Lens -
35mm lens -
50mm lens -
Canon G7x Mark 2 -
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 -

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28 apr. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
József Tóth
József Tóth 3 maanden geleden
Please don't use rust remover chemicals, you have sandblaster.
Kandy King
Kandy King Dag geleden
If you ever wanted to take an apprentice underneath your wing, i would drop my life in a heartbeat to learn the tysy way.
Carla Lazzari
Carla Lazzari Dag geleden
Will Nye the science guy
Will Nye the science guy 4 dagen geleden
Love your videos, honestly the perfect level of interesting and quiet in order to help me sleep without boring me to sleep, keep it up!❤️
Will Nye the science guy
Will Nye the science guy 4 dagen geleden
The lil stop motion thing was cool too!
、ヅ 8 dagen geleden
I laughed 🤣 to whom do you cut off such big thick slices of bread ... for an elephant or a crocodile? .... who else has such a big snout?🤔
Gwendoline King
Gwendoline King 9 dagen geleden
I liked this tutorial very much and I am very interested in the hammers that you used could you please let me know the types that you used especially the small one with the red handle what type of hammer was it?
Rita Maru
Rita Maru 10 dagen geleden
Nobody: Literally nobody: People in olden days: LeTs MaKe A gUilLoTiNe FoR bReAd
Adrian Fjærvoll Hustad
Adrian Fjærvoll Hustad 13 dagen geleden
This was so fun for me to watch because i restored a bread cutter myself aproximately a year ago and i just stumbled across this video just now! The fun part is that it was almost identical to this one and that it was my first ever attempt on restoring anything! I was very pleased with how my own turned out and this video brought me so much joy! You are truely skilled!
Fernando Arámbula
Fernando Arámbula 15 dagen geleden
I like that blue color
Baysik 18 dagen geleden
5:20 sounds like AOL internet 😂
Dennis Harris
Dennis Harris 23 dagen geleden
Powder paint. You sir are amazing.
Neda Coffee
Neda Coffee 23 dagen geleden
Have you tried cutting danish rye bread?
Superb Media Content Creator
I enjoy your videos but caution others using small ovens for powder coating to NEVER USE THE OVEN FOR FOOD after using it for powder coating.
Marshall David WahlstromHelgren
Nice work. Love your restorations,
SparkyCFW 26 dagen geleden
Good video but please watch a few videos on knife sharpening I don’t like to judge people or anything but if your gonna show it in a video show it in a way that actually works
Dennis Lubert
Dennis Lubert 26 dagen geleden
For the gray wood: oxalic acid. cheap and very effective.
【Luna The Derp】
【Luna The Derp】 28 dagen geleden
*Bread Guillotine* 🔪🥖 *Bread Guillotine*
Chxrry •boba• Sakura
Chxrry •boba• Sakura 28 dagen geleden
Admit it one of this persons vid was on your recommended........ *i said admit it*
Alyctro 29 dagen geleden
You even kept the original nails ❤️
Alyctro 29 dagen geleden
I want some bread :'( can't afford it
Toni Colom Sánchez
Toni Colom Sánchez 29 dagen geleden
Plot twist: After this video he used a knife.
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 29 dagen geleden
Julek9 29 dagen geleden
17:04 i see dhis but i subscribed your channel :P
EPICNano 29 dagen geleden
12:27 just imagine if his hand just slipped 😧
Robin Ulsamer
Robin Ulsamer Maand geleden
Hey TySyTube.. how about not showing the end result in the thumbnail.
ceeb2 thoj
ceeb2 thoj Maand geleden
Wait if you restore these they're all yours now
Michael Jonathan
Michael Jonathan Maand geleden
This makes me remember gUWUtine meme lol
Kathy Gagnon
Kathy Gagnon Maand geleden
Un minigen
Christopher Gillespie
Christopher Gillespie Maand geleden
I love the powder coating. It looks so much better than paint. Good work!
Dean Ought
Dean Ought Maand geleden
Stove is right from a horror film
Lord Zuzu
Lord Zuzu Maand geleden
Bread and guillotines. That's so french!
Jadre Cro
Jadre Cro Maand geleden
Joshua Rankin
Joshua Rankin Maand geleden
Device is called Bread Guillotine yet he proceeds to make sweet love to it on the first cut thus botching it... Awesome resto keep up the good work!
A Wilson
A Wilson Maand geleden
You need a new starting capacitor for that bench grinder... Either that, or the Start Winding is broken...
RockinFrogBWS Maand geleden
Very nice restoration ! I love guillotines !
rizky ramadhany
rizky ramadhany Maand geleden
perfect video.
rizky ramadhany
rizky ramadhany Maand geleden
i love 🍞
Floatswitch Maand geleden
Love the ASMR
Skin Dog
Skin Dog Maand geleden
No need to watch the vid, before and after photo is the thumbnail.
asdLArs Maand geleden
What is that white liquid at the start? Is it soap?
rahman Maand geleden
16:58 thanks later
Hussain syed
Hussain syed 2 maanden geleden
Your vids are so calming
Jake Hertzig
Jake Hertzig 2 maanden geleden
Yes it can cut bread
TITANIUM HORNET 2 maanden geleden
Dunno man, bread rhymes with head soooo.....
Jens Damhøj
Jens Damhøj 2 maanden geleden
Only a french would try with a baguette.. The cutter is for dark bread from Denmark.
Alexandra V.
Alexandra V. 2 maanden geleden
Just discovered this channel and I can’t stop watching 🤩
Palemaster13 2 maanden geleden
why not use a knife tho
DCN 2008
DCN 2008 2 maanden geleden
Hey man, why don't you show your face at least once?
Danielle Dixon
Danielle Dixon 2 maanden geleden
I cut myself just yesterday trying to do what you do. Guess you do it best :)
Tanner Hupfer
Tanner Hupfer 2 maanden geleden
someone please tell me what spraying metal with water then sanding it does???
HemiOcentric 2 maanden geleden
Water’s the worlds’ best natural lubricant. Never heard of “wet sanding” I guess.
Jaydon Whitehouse
Jaydon Whitehouse 2 maanden geleden
Minespore 2 maanden geleden
17:24 my mom when i touch the food before 8:00PM
LucasPlayz 846
LucasPlayz 846 2 maanden geleden
Wow, so rusty, its like it has been this way! But im glad you’ve made it back to normal
Pandabaer Hellas
Pandabaer Hellas 2 maanden geleden
... i know this device ... But my grandparents used it not for bread! They said it is for cabbage! To cut white and red cabbage!!!
Coreyborey7 2 maanden geleden
tysy? when you use ur hammer have you ever hit ur hand or thingers
Samohterr !
Samohterr ! 2 maanden geleden
Eh mais j'ai le même four
Nicolas Henry
Nicolas Henry 2 maanden geleden
You know it’s a good vid when the sand blaster comes out.
Wesley 22
Wesley 22 2 maanden geleden
Tu es français ?
Adam Schaafsma
Adam Schaafsma 2 maanden geleden
Wow, perfect!
Max_CRAZYCHRIS 2 maanden geleden
nice fingers
DUDU GAITERO 2 maanden geleden
A vezes eu me pergunto aonde esses caras achão essas coisas pra restaurar 🤔
KatastrophicNoodle 2 maanden geleden
Kind of a gross blue though, not gonna lie.
Yekaterina Lisenko
Yekaterina Lisenko 2 maanden geleden
Здорово,золотые руки👍
Jb Serrano
Jb Serrano 2 maanden geleden
What if this was just the guillotine lite?
rezargamer 2 maanden geleden
This is only meant for semi-hard bread like Danish Rye bread - if you use it on soft bread it will just squash it.
DA MotoNeko
DA MotoNeko 3 maanden geleden
Dude! Did it even look this good when it was brand new?
john hughes
john hughes 3 maanden geleden
Awesome work!!!
Anton Markovki
Anton Markovki 3 maanden geleden
Anton Markovki
Anton Markovki 3 maanden geleden
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman 3 maanden geleden
Beautiful restoration as ever but I can't help thinking a regular serrated bread knife is so much easier and simpler.
Metalman200xdamnit 3 maanden geleden
It might be. But this would be safer. Think about it,a lot of people hurt themselves cutting bagels
J. Lacerda
J. Lacerda 3 maanden geleden
The past always makes me wonder, why they would need a device this big just for bread? Anyway great restoration, as always. Thanks for sharing!
Elijah Hamilton
Elijah Hamilton 3 maanden geleden
These vids always calm me down no matter how big of a fight I’m going thru in my household. Love ya dude
Franco Gamer21
Franco Gamer21 3 maanden geleden
I love bread so much and I love these videos because you take everything apart step by step
CSorayaa 3 maanden geleden
watching for the thousandth time..loving like the first time I watched 🥰
Cube 3 maanden geleden
Engineering, woodworking, science, workshop, etc NLblock channels in 2012-2015: Ok guys today we're going to see if it's possible to overclock a plasma generator with a microwave Engineering, workshop etc channels now: *BREAD GUILLOTINE*
Jeffrey Weaver
Jeffrey Weaver 3 maanden geleden
Is it possible to use this to cut the end from a sausage chub?
t0mn8r 3 maanden geleden
Very nice. My only criticism is that there is no cat to help you.
t0mn8r 3 maanden geleden
I think that powder coating is much nicer than just paint.
KillerBebe 3 maanden geleden
I think that was made for white bread loaves.
Krakdskul Kingpins
Krakdskul Kingpins 3 maanden geleden
Rust remover:safe for your skin Me sees rust of blade after:mmmkay sureeee
antovador 3 maanden geleden
French and baguette, a symbiosis. Great restoration.
118Shadow118 3 maanden geleden
what's the point of that bow tie looking thing, that moves with the blade? Is it like a thickness gauge or something?
nolobede 3 maanden geleden
Or...I could just use a knife.
punjab college lectures
punjab college lectures 3 maanden geleden
Follow for online classes
Tetravault 3 maanden geleden
DaysofKnight 3 maanden geleden
There's a reason bread knives are serrated these days..
Maxxy The Computer Guy
Maxxy The Computer Guy 3 maanden geleden
Sometimes you get the bread, sometimes the bread gets you
jeremy Labourel
jeremy Labourel 3 maanden geleden
C'est quoi ce pain de merde
Katieee K
Katieee K 3 maanden geleden
Haha yess their for bread as well! XD Did such a great job restoring it !
Enes Ertan
Enes Ertan 3 maanden geleden
Türk varmı varsa yazssın
JqlGirl 3 maanden geleden
What's the purpose of the piece on the bottom that's connected to the blade assembly by the bar?
Débora Cardoso
Débora Cardoso 3 maanden geleden
I love bread 🤤🥖🍞🇵🇹
The Master
The Master 3 maanden geleden
The hand slap at the end 😭😭😂😂😂
Camren Davis
Camren Davis 3 maanden geleden
You ever just feel like executing your bread 🍞?
ma.elyssa rivera
ma.elyssa rivera 3 maanden geleden
Its like satisfying...and i love the result...shiny..
Scott Sonnenberg
Scott Sonnenberg 3 maanden geleden
I'm most impressed with the ability to remove flat head screws without the driver slipping out!
Richard Kidd
Richard Kidd 3 maanden geleden
I love your videos but must admit that upon watching this one I wondered why I had never seen a bread guillotine before. And then at the end when I saw your cut the bread I thought, oh, that’s why.
Jacob Stecher
Jacob Stecher 3 maanden geleden
Best thing since sliced bread.
Vlad Amarandi
Vlad Amarandi 3 maanden geleden
This would have also worked with a scissors :))
Metalman200xdamnit 3 maanden geleden
Like that pizza cutting scene in "Cobra" with Stallone?
Fezz21 3 maanden geleden
Uh.... I didn't know you could sandblast wood?!
John Gibbs
John Gibbs 3 maanden geleden
This is something everybody needs. The government, everywhere, should be giving them away!!
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