PUBG PAN Restoration - Cooking Steak on Cast Iron Pan 

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On this video i show you how i restored this 1891 Wagners Cast Iron Pan Skillet made in USA;
This Cast Iron Pan was send it to me by George few weeks ago. If you want to send something to me you can contact me at
On this video you will see how i restored this Vintage cast iron pan using sandblasting , and seasoning with canola oil. This is a very easy job to do at home without any special tool.
At the end of the video i made a juicy steak in this cast iron pan.
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27 jan. 2021




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration Maand geleden
IF YOU ARE HUNGRY 🤤 after watching this awesome restoration you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 video here 😎🥰
Shohruh Jumaboyev
Shohruh Jumaboyev 9 dagen geleden
@Some dud with a pointless and long name salom
S3YXTV 13 dagen geleden
esti roman ?
HowToMrGame 13 dagen geleden
HowToMrGame 13 dagen geleden
Y@Some dud with a pointless and long name
dgmwitz 14 dagen geleden
Hell yeah imma go eat a keyboard
MT SUCESSADA ϟ 3 uur geleden
Jacaré no seco anda?
mindbender nine
mindbender nine 4 uur geleden
Well done! Wagner and Griswold cast iron pans can be resold for hundreds of dollars. These defunct manufacturers were known to produce superior CI products. These are not the same as a cheap Lodge pan that you can pick up anywhere. These pans are in a completely different league. Fantastic video - Bravo !
Ryszard Nowakowski
Ryszard Nowakowski 5 uur geleden
White wine recommended for poultry and fish, red wine for beef
atwaterkent911 22 uur geleden
What else can I say, but WELL DONE !!!!!
ds k
ds k Dag geleden
From success to significant. Thanks to sharing.
Benoît Saivet
Benoît Saivet Dag geleden
Du vin blanc avec de la viande rouge 😳
Christian Leymarie
Christian Leymarie Dag geleden
Bonjour pouvez me dire quelle cabine de sablage vous utilisez et surtout le compresseur utilisé ? merci d'avance Christian
Christian Leymarie
Christian Leymarie Dag geleden
Robert Tatar
Robert Tatar Dag geleden
You didn’t add some butter, you added THE BUTTER! Great video! 👏🏻
Iwona Pręciuk
Iwona Pręciuk 2 dagen geleden
Can u restore a spoon?
Ryan Sheard
Ryan Sheard 2 dagen geleden
Pan is awesome! Steak a bit over cooked IMO.
Pete Nikolic
Pete Nikolic 2 dagen geleden
Cook the darn steak then
marc otaku
marc otaku 2 dagen geleden
Restoration ok ... but the meat 🥰
Living with Enough
Living with Enough 2 dagen geleden
You are a genius with this video! Loved it! The editing is on point! Keep them coming! Salutari din Romania!
Rainbow Skull
Rainbow Skull 3 dagen geleden
I am Muslim sorry I don’t drink beer
Covfefe Tree
Covfefe Tree 3 dagen geleden
Wow! That’s a lot of information for being a cast iron pan from the 1880s!
Kyndall Marie
Kyndall Marie 3 dagen geleden
Dude you are actually the coolest person I've seen
stely ana
stely ana 3 dagen geleden
Ingenios! Felicitari!
DangerProneDIDI 3 dagen geleden
I’m in Texas right now and all Texans would call that steak ruined 😂 funny though-before I moved here, I would’ve been super happy with that but now, nah 😅. Awesome video!
Jason Bird
Jason Bird 3 dagen geleden
That is not an old pan
Dara Folasire
Dara Folasire 3 dagen geleden
Jessica Heloisa
Jessica Heloisa 3 dagen geleden
Very good...I'm hungry 😁😁😁hahaha !
Mar Med
Mar Med 4 dagen geleden
Mar Med
Mar Med 4 dagen geleden
Billy Bdaz
Billy Bdaz 4 dagen geleden
Seasoning: well done Steak: over done
arrosconpollo1 4 dagen geleden
뾱뾱이 터트리는거는 만국공통인가요?
Georges Abou Nabhan Junior
Shame not medium rare
John Ackerman
John Ackerman 5 dagen geleden
I love your videos! But I just want to give you a heads-up that you put way too much oil on when seasoning that pan! The best way to season after a restoration is to put a super thin layer of oil on (wipe off as much as you can with a rag). Then put it in an oven at 260C (500F) for an hour. Then turn off the oven and wait till you can handle the pan with bare hands. Then do another super thin layer (wipe it all off) and put it in the oven for another hour, then turn off the oven and let it cool. Do 5-8 layers like that, and you'll have a GORGEOUS pan! 🙂
Artur Rybka
Artur Rybka 5 dagen geleden
fast video x2 and ideal to watch, not so fast by the way xd
MICHAL VORYNKA 5 dagen geleden
This is testing of open gearbox - 23000kg: @
MICHAL VORYNKA 5 dagen geleden
This is testing of open gearbox - 23000kg: @
Paine Thomas
Paine Thomas 5 dagen geleden
That tree notch pan holder is an awesome idea. I'd be a little worried it could shift and fall out, but good idea regardless.
Max koll
Max koll 6 dagen geleden
Very nice !! But red wine is much better 😀👍
Emma Vansomeren
Emma Vansomeren 6 dagen geleden
Interesting fact I recently learned, if your blood is low in iron, start cooking on cast iron and it will help your iron count
Dian Andrian21
Dian Andrian21 6 dagen geleden
We all know if the Pan is in good condition, the video ends early
Delightful Dysthymia
Delightful Dysthymia 6 dagen geleden
I love your videos. I also love cast iron pans. I have my great grandmother's set of pans and pots, all are cast iron, and they are 145 years old. They're were a wedding gift from her parents. I had to have them restored when I got them 6 years ago they were in my grandpa's garage for years sitting in a box. But now they are the only things I cook with.
Bianca Imperador
Bianca Imperador 6 dagen geleden
E eu achando que era uma simples frigideira, além de ter deixado a frigideira novinha, deu aula de culinária. 👏🏻
Victor Borghi
Victor Borghi 6 dagen geleden
Primeira restauração que me deixou com fome! Sensacional!
Arzonion Gaming
Arzonion Gaming 6 dagen geleden
_guseynova_ 6 dagen geleden
Я думала эта струя какой то жидкости, которая убирает ржавчину.. Но потом поняла что это краска👍✌🗿
Ginny Simpson
Ginny Simpson 6 dagen geleden
I may have risked my pan but unnecessary elbow grease isn't one of my gifts. I took my dirty cast iron pan and put it in my oven on the clean cycle. Wow. I did have to spend some time seasoning it but it was like a brand new pan when I finished.
GiGi Tanmy O'Dwyer
GiGi Tanmy O'Dwyer 6 dagen geleden
Wow Great job Ty 👌❤️
Imp ThePimp
Imp ThePimp 6 dagen geleden
cast iron pots can be used as flower pots...cast iron pans have no use at all...they're boat anchors on a good day..i'll never understand how people value these things
Amber Rollins
Amber Rollins 7 dagen geleden
I was all happy until you burnt that steak!
Bill Tremewan
Bill Tremewan 7 dagen geleden
Nice pan but sure as hell not an antique. 1891 or so? No way.
Беспощадный Бармалей
Пылесос СССР у моих родителей такой валяеся
Eric Stoever
Eric Stoever 7 dagen geleden
Wait.. what’s with the eyelashes? What’s in the oven? Who stores stuff like that in their oven? Speak no evil... and now bushcraft pan holders? And cooking? Mind blown! And now I’m hungry. Thanks for a great video! Be well, stay safe, and take good care from here in the Allegheny National Forest in Northwestern Pennsylvania!
Wally & Tony
Wally & Tony 7 dagen geleden
Using a sandblaster was cheating
T S 7 dagen geleden
how can you ruin such a nice steak by overcooking it like that
Paolo Rossi
Paolo Rossi 7 dagen geleden
Video perfetto fino al momento dell'omicidio con aglio e burro 🙈🙈🙈
diane beckner
diane beckner 7 dagen geleden
While the pan has been used and abused for sure, I don't think it's actually from 1891. General Housewares created a 100th anniversary edition in 1991. The 1891 is in reference to when Wagoner first started manufacturing cast iron. Also the fact that it says "Made in the USA", dates it to post 1960's and no older from what I've heard. Could be wrong, but could be right too. Great restoration either way.
Tienanh Ha
Tienanh Ha 7 dagen geleden
That 's pubg pan 🤣
oldmateadz 7 dagen geleden
Well done. I exclusively use cast iron skillets and copper cookware... the best way to cook! ;)
lunar_equinox 7 dagen geleden
Steak was a bit overcooked but then again - YUMMY!!! Good job!
Conrad Rolla
Conrad Rolla 8 dagen geleden
Okay, I have watched enough I need to comment! I have cast iron lots of it! I liked it for camping! I had a dutch oven, and 12in skillet, in the same or maybe worse condition! Blame the friends for its rusting. I also tried using a hand scaler to remove the rust, but so tiring! Then Idea, use a power drill with a brass wheel. Brass is weaker than iron so it should only remove the rust (please do not use a steel brush on cast iron), and I had 3 types of different designed wire brushes, ball, cone, flat! After that, I use the sandblaster for the really small parts and final cleanup rust removal, because I didn't have a reclamation cabinet, media is a one-time use thing so use it last! Otherwise, if you have a sand-blasting cabinet use it from the get-go!!! BUT if you're going to use sandblasting please check the media for the scale you don't want something harder than iron for just rust removal, just saying! Now to watch the rest of the video and see how the pan is re-seasoned.
Rhiannon Payte
Rhiannon Payte 8 dagen geleden
S&P the choice for me.
Denise Lisboa
Denise Lisboa 8 dagen geleden
Me: i hate cooking videos Also me: watching cooking video coz of old af pan
Quincy 5555
Quincy 5555 8 dagen geleden
Anyone play PUBG here ? 🤔
Sophie Walls
Sophie Walls 8 dagen geleden
Hey folks... New kid on this block... Anyone wanna fill me in on what the fudgecake those creepy little hands are all about...
allblack4777 8 dagen geleden
Dig the shirt
hornek 8 dagen geleden
i like how this started like odd tinkering and ended like aden films.
Emanuel Tiago
Emanuel Tiago 8 dagen geleden
Muito satisfatório.
Chuck Corris
Chuck Corris 9 dagen geleden
Nailed that steak
Evan Young Music
Evan Young Music 9 dagen geleden
That is a SHITTY "steak". Chuck roast is meant for braising. Gotta go get a strip or ribeye.
israel Elizondo
israel Elizondo 9 dagen geleden
From Tysy tube to Tasty tube 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😫😫😫
jason bell
jason bell 9 dagen geleden
It’s not from 1891 , the print was a dead giveaway
E Wood
E Wood 9 dagen geleden
The only thing missing is me 🥺
#Igorfeed YTchanel
#Igorfeed YTchanel 9 dagen geleden
I didn't expect that you will cook in this video) 👍
hernan alonso
hernan alonso 9 dagen geleden
Michał Lewczuk
Michał Lewczuk 9 dagen geleden
Hey, you have the same Whirlpool cooker as mine:)
Sarah Coleman
Sarah Coleman 9 dagen geleden
6,800-pound pan!? O_O You must be Arnold Schwarzenegger to be able to lift the box! The shipping from Texas to Europe must have cost a fortune! XD XD XD For comparison, a bag of sugar is about 5 pounds, this pan is 6.8, or we would round up to "7 lbs". You just put a comma where the decimal point was. XD
The Sloth
The Sloth 9 dagen geleden
Grill marks, bud.
Андрей Алексин
Mr Roy
Mr Roy 9 dagen geleden
I want that for doing the dishes everyday
Fast bugle Gamer
Fast bugle Gamer 9 dagen geleden
Arscenic 10 dagen geleden
Are you odd tinkering’s twin brother?
Charlie S
Charlie S 10 dagen geleden
Aww dang he sandblasted all of the seasoning off of his pan
SilverGeFer 10 dagen geleden
I like how every pan, ever, are all PUBG pans now...
Chris TanBoy
Chris TanBoy 10 dagen geleden
Don’t think I didn’t notice Ronald Mcduck in the drawer! Lol
Jason Everett
Jason Everett 10 dagen geleden
Pretty sure that was NOT made in 1891. No one cared about a fat free cooking pan back then.
Cristian Calderón
Cristian Calderón 10 dagen geleden
I actually tried to subscribe to the cookingchannel LMFAO
Michael Kelleher
Michael Kelleher 10 dagen geleden
It loos Delicious. Well done. Well deserved Steak for another great video.
Mateus Souza
Mateus Souza 10 dagen geleden
7:54 Bruh
HyunJung Je
HyunJung Je 10 dagen geleden
Pinokkio Lol
Pinokkio Lol 10 dagen geleden
Herald Earthshaker
Herald Earthshaker 10 dagen geleden
I am so hungry now thanks for showing such a cool stake! I go to eat..
Spinejackel 10 dagen geleden
i’ve seen some restoration channels be like... “i don’t want to sand too much because i want to keep the engraving” and i’m like ‘why not re-engrave it?’ thank you for doing that
BGKO1992 10 dagen geleden
I need this guy to fix my life
kaczan3 10 dagen geleden
Why is he using eye makeup?
Lor Rey
Lor Rey 10 dagen geleden
I came here to watch the restoration process but got hungry instead
AlexGabi 27
AlexGabi 27 10 dagen geleden
i saw u on Doi degeaba`s q&a :)
Doggo Boi
Doggo Boi 10 dagen geleden
How does this man how to disassemble and reassemble in the world
BLACK 11 dagen geleden
You make make hungry
Andrei 11 dagen geleden
Romania 🇷🇴💪🇷🇴
Morgan M
Morgan M 11 dagen geleden
You should label your channel as ASMR, you'll get tons more views.
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