Rare and Rusty Coffee Grinder - Restoration 

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Today i restore this unique Coffee grinder made by Peugeot Brothers in France arownd 1900
The model is A1.
Thank You for watching.
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13 dec. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
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Longster L
Longster L Maand geleden
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Longster L Maand geleden
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Longster L Maand geleden
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Longster L Maand geleden
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Carla Lazzari
Carla Lazzari Dag geleden
hey Vox
hey Vox 12 dagen geleden
Bellissimo oggetto,ma lo tieni tu? O lo vendi?
Nanny Alberico
Nanny Alberico 16 dagen geleden
The encouraging spleen ipsilaterally match because cormorant frustratingly grab given a belligerent session. smooth, apathetic quart
SensoNokage 23 dagen geleden
Between all the restoration channels I have watched, this guy is the cleanest and safest I have seen so far.
Bart Verstraete
Bart Verstraete 25 dagen geleden
Just out of curiosity, with all the coating, varnish etc, is this still food safe?
Roger Sassaki
Roger Sassaki 26 dagen geleden
Interesting. I have a brazilian version of this grinder. I wanted to restore it but the chamber door is stuck. Any suggestions about how can I make it loose again? Thank you. Great work.
UnknownCreature-006 26 dagen geleden
Where do you find all this great stuff!?
MrGoodFella 28 dagen geleden
Ive spent the past 2 days watching all of your videos. You do such amazing work.
José Tonon
José Tonon Maand geleden
Muito ditático. Parabéns pelo trabalho.
not_halfbad Maand geleden
11:45 OSHA wants to know your location
Bre'Yanna Maand geleden
Am I the only one who wanna know where he gets these things from?
Sheanele Cantoy
Sheanele Cantoy Maand geleden
Me be like: oh my gad i want to have it
Point-Man-FNG Maand geleden
God how many times i watch this video? Just love the raw sound. ASMR 🙌
José Muñoz . Ávila
José Muñoz . Ávila Maand geleden
Si se respira ese polvo se produce silicosis
Millie-Jai Maand geleden
I love to watch your videos! Keep them going!! 😊
Mr Gizmil
Mr Gizmil Maand geleden
Waw, bien rongé par la rouille mais restauration sympa, bravo !
Rachel Raza
Rachel Raza Maand geleden
Assuming the grinds fall into the wood box, is that lacquer food safe?
William Wood
William Wood Maand geleden
You have amazing skills to restore things
Arizona74Frog Maand geleden
Thanks for sharing another great restoration 🙂 New Mexico Piñon (pine nut) coffee interesting I’m gonna ave to try it out. I was born and raised in New Mexico 🥰 thanks for sharing be blessed
TheDankBoiz 2 maanden geleden
Haters: you've brought grinder... to a gun fight, fool. TYSY: I use it to grind ur guns >:) Haters: well frick-
The Killer Ramy
The Killer Ramy 2 maanden geleden
This guy amazes me every time
Undergoddess 2 maanden geleden
cant you preserve cast iron with an oil or laquer? or do they require paint?
aNdzel0t 2 maanden geleden
That wood part is amazingly good, great job!
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 2 maanden geleden
Looked at the thumbnail quickly thought I seen a grenade haha
Tandra Mondal
Tandra Mondal 2 maanden geleden
Clear laequer is like a milk😂😂😅🤣
Bithika Mondal
Bithika Mondal 2 maanden geleden
Joseph Haddad
Joseph Haddad 3 maanden geleden
I am always looking for things like this grinder, is it for sale?
t0mn8r 3 maanden geleden
It looks nicer with the pitting.
t0mn8r 3 maanden geleden
Nice work but you don't have nice cats like LADB.
Metanoia 3 maanden geleden
The mechanism was very well made.
Julia Owen
Julia Owen 3 maanden geleden
I have been waiting on someone to write their name while sand blasting. Thank you Great Video and restoring. 2 thumbs up
Felipe Jaquez
Felipe Jaquez 3 maanden geleden
Horse-drawn wagons were still being used when this coffee grinder was made
Toff Castuera
Toff Castuera 3 maanden geleden
threadsofmadness 3 maanden geleden
As a chef and woodworker I would not have restored the drawer with varnish as it usually contains turpentine! Also it tends to break down over time and will end up in the grinds. I use lemon oil to restore wooden food surfaces only, no chemical or petroleum based products. When restoring food related items to working order to be used with food again, gotta pay attention to the products you use. I would not have painted the inside of the drawer box either since it will chip off into the coffee over time as well.
Emilia Massot
Emilia Massot 3 maanden geleden
Doug Williams
Doug Williams 3 maanden geleden
like this one better can I have it lol
JUSTICE FOR SSR 3 maanden geleden
🗣️(👨‍🔧👨‍🏭🕵️‍♀️) =💯 👑🎉
MA MCCO2113 3 maanden geleden
That is a frickin’ INTENSE coffee grinder lol
Sheet Metal By Zaker
Sheet Metal By Zaker 3 maanden geleden
Good job sir
steprockmedia 3 maanden geleden
Better than new!
Taraleigh Hinrichsen
Taraleigh Hinrichsen 3 maanden geleden
8:42 is my fav part
Le Dernier Gaulois
Le Dernier Gaulois 3 maanden geleden
avant de mettre la peinture, tu aurais pu en profiter pour lisser la surface et boucher tous les petits trous de piquage de rouille.
Ιωάννα Χαραλαμπιδου
Good work. I like that you are wearing gloves.
Jack Andrews
Jack Andrews 4 maanden geleden
I also love how the casting marks and textures were left this time :)
Julia Owen
Julia Owen 3 maanden geleden
3:45 This is the last step I ever reach when doing a project. All the parts get put in a box then shoved away in a corner, never to be seen again.
TheSimon253 4 maanden geleden
When you want a new coffee grinder but your wife wants a Peugeot.
John Doe
John Doe 4 maanden geleden
AutoTune the buffing wheel!
Toms Bunk
Toms Bunk 4 maanden geleden
So Peugeot were coffee grinder before making cars hmm ok...
hyfg Djj
hyfg Djj 4 maanden geleden
جيد جدا ممتاز أروع ماشاهدت على اليوتيوب لهذه اللحضه مثل هذه الفيديوهات استعادة الأشياء القديمه
Bill Marcus
Bill Marcus 4 maanden geleden
That is a beautiful piece. You really brought out the beauty of the grinder. Keep up the great works. You definitely have a great follower now. Love your videos.
Jason Stockler
Jason Stockler 4 maanden geleden
You should have used something to fill the pits first, then sand it smooth then prime it and then final coat the paint. If there are pits that are very large, you need to arc weld a filling, grind it smooth.
Chronus 4 maanden geleden
119 years old. 119 year old coffee grinder. There's a difference
Michael 4 maanden geleden
It's "119 YEAR old grinder", not "119 YEARS old grinder". You only say something is yearS old if it comes after the noun. For instance, it's correct to say "119 year old grinder" or "the grinder is 119 years old". If using it as an adjective (as you did) then there shouldn't be an S on the end. You're welcome
Ruaidhrí Maxwell
Ruaidhrí Maxwell 4 maanden geleden
That was awful, all that patina! Why sandblast the wood?
zip baf
zip baf 4 maanden geleden
that subscribe if you see this sticker convinced me
SPACE REPORTER 4 maanden geleden
hey I just wanted to know when restoring items usually for food poducts do you use food safe chemicals "paint, etc?" im intigue with this kinds of restorations
K Weppler
K Weppler 4 maanden geleden
The glass bead is the way Bro 💪🤩😅
Beerkeg Bob
Beerkeg Bob 4 maanden geleden
Thats when things were built to last.....
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares 4 maanden geleden
Inside od the coffee collection box was what was most important to refinish, using just natural wooh on inside. Stain can leave a taste to grounf coffee. Other than that, nice restore.
Wayne Pennington
Wayne Pennington 4 maanden geleden
Should of did it right. If you was gonna do it. Makes me sick when i see people like you destroy old stuff. You grinded rivots out that should of been left alone if you wasnt gonna put them back
Aurore Gazard
Aurore Gazard 4 maanden geleden
Bonjour ! Combien d'heures vous prend un projet comme celui-là ? Hi ! How many hours such a project take you ?
Aurore Gazard
Aurore Gazard 4 maanden geleden
@TysyTube Restoration HOUHA !
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 4 maanden geleden
minimum 30 heures pour rénovation et 50 pour montage vidéo
Michael Man
Michael Man 5 maanden geleden
The saying goes Jack of all trades but master of none which is not true for your the master of restoration 🤩🤩🤩😱😱😱🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🐨🐨 stay safe
Sir Mort
Sir Mort 5 maanden geleden
i would have put wax paper in the box all sealed then added a small coffee brush.
Алла Сокотова
Алла Сокотова 5 maanden geleden
Моё уважение, у Вас просто золотые руки!
Zeghetti 5 maanden geleden
Imo you shouldn’t painnt the wooden box that holds the grinds
d rajeswari
d rajeswari 5 maanden geleden
Y don’t u sandblast all remaining parts dude
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 5 maanden geleden
rare and rusty
Rostock71 5 maanden geleden
8:48 - the original color was green 16:44 - I'll put the screws upside down
mikkimacdoogle 6 maanden geleden
The blending of ASMR, education, comedy and relaxation that comes from your videos is sheer brilliance! Keep em coming my friend! Much love from the USA!
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings 6 maanden geleden
Very well done. Exceptional work
Saucisse Magnifique
Saucisse Magnifique 6 maanden geleden
Are you French
XU HONGYI 7 maanden geleden
This is art!
Christena Gervais
Christena Gervais 7 maanden geleden
Do you ever sell your restored items? I would love this!
Lovely.Lestrange 7 maanden geleden
So did your videos used to have a much lower frame rate? because I'm your older videos I can't go all the way to the two times skip, I have to stick with 1.75x or else the videos just look really choppy
Chris Craft
Chris Craft 7 maanden geleden
Well done ;) Preserve originality ;)
Bob W
Bob W 7 maanden geleden
I kept waiting for the tell tale Phillips screw that contradicts the age of his items. Lol!
Tony Lai
Tony Lai 7 maanden geleden
He is fast at his hammer Because he edit
Tony Lai
Tony Lai 7 maanden geleden
If you guys you just like button | | V
Tony Lai
Tony Lai 7 maanden geleden
Do you guys know what does he do his Coffee powder?
A. Riddlemethis
A. Riddlemethis 8 maanden geleden
Were all those coatings you applied food-safe?
Primus54 8 maanden geleden
Beautiful piece of art. I might have painted it “coffee brown” and stained the drawer, but that’s just me. Really enjoy your channel, and your subtle humor is fire! Cheers!
José MayconTM
José MayconTM 8 maanden geleden
You just cleaned and painted
Daniel Ionescu
Daniel Ionescu 8 maanden geleden
Actually the model A1 was made from 1879 till 1943.
Harishaydn 8 maanden geleden
I always watching video in this channel with 2x speed. And very enjoy
blipblip88 8 maanden geleden
I'm really happy that Peugeot didn't stagnate on just cars..
Joseph Hayghe
Joseph Hayghe 8 maanden geleden
That is badass!
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers 8 maanden geleden
If there was a hot cup of coffee in the drawer upon opening it would have been really funny 😉😆
BoK_ 8 maanden geleden
You can't clean everything with the sandblaster ?
Mia Kristall
Mia Kristall 8 maanden geleden
I like the Smile pattern you put out the parts : D Very nice, get creative
Georgina Barratt
Georgina Barratt 8 maanden geleden
molin91 8 maanden geleden
No sé, como que me dieron ganas de suscribirme.....
Brett Gough
Brett Gough 9 maanden geleden
the subscribe begging is getting a bit much in this vid. Its literally everywhere. , ket the content speak for itself. Put a note and the end and leave it at that
Max An
Max An 9 maanden geleden
4:53 Me when TysyTube says, he doesn't remove the casting marks.
Chris Ainsworth
Chris Ainsworth 9 maanden geleden
Not gonna lie... I would definitely use this to grind up my weed...
Joshua Thorp
Joshua Thorp 9 maanden geleden
New Mexico Pinon coffee! I live a block away from the NM Pinon store here in Albuquerque.
Patagonia Club Gourmet
Patagonia Club Gourmet 9 maanden geleden
Ok esto es un trabajo maravilloso. Unas preguntas, donde estaba este molino de café? en un barco hundido en el fondo del mar? también eres buzo táctico?
Chema 9 maanden geleden
The old days... when things were made to last !
Андрей 9 maanden geleden
As always - awesome job! I'm also impressed by quality of iron casting, it is very well made.
Milo Kat
Milo Kat 9 maanden geleden
After another 100 years somebody will again restore this
Lou Lou
Lou Lou 9 maanden geleden
How do you even know how these things come apart? It’s genius!!
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