Rusty Swivel Vise - Perfect Restoration 

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This is my Rusty Vise Restoration!
I found this vise at flea market few days ago and cost me 2 euro.
It is in very good condition but with lots of rust.
I hope you like it!
Thank You for watching.

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29 nov. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
joshlovestasha 5 dagen geleden
Nice video. What do you do with all your restoration?
Kansas Cowboy
Kansas Cowboy 8 dagen geleden
Excellent craftsmanship
Friday Californiaa
Friday Californiaa 8 dagen geleden
6:05 Vise-ception 😂
Chris Lackey
Chris Lackey 19 dagen geleden
I have used Bondo for years and have been Er seen the 2 knife mix; that looks like an effective and efficient solution to the problems with mixing Bondo.
Michu 24 dagen geleden
I from Poland and sub and like :)
RIKUDOU • ZΞN 24 dagen geleden
1:34 Indonesia!!
Dennis Lubert
Dennis Lubert 26 dagen geleden
I must be in the weirdest part of the world on a flea market here they would want to have 50
Restore and Make
Restore and Make Maand geleden
Absolutely brilliant, your work is a great inspiration for my own videos😊👍
Morten Galatius
Morten Galatius Maand geleden
so frustrating to see the anvil and vise not being bolted down...
william madix
william madix Maand geleden
Two euro what a bargain
Lunar Farmer
Lunar Farmer Maand geleden
Люфтит оно канеш ужс. Старенькое, красивенькое. Издалека посмотреть норм.
Akın Kınar
Akın Kınar Maand geleden
10 üzerinden 6
Nick James
Nick James Maand geleden
Is there anything more satisfying than peeling off the tape after you've painted something and seeing that perfect line?
Turkeyman Maand geleden
More filing please
Mason Rains
Mason Rains Maand geleden
That paint job looks amazing.
Rebecca Barnes
Rebecca Barnes Maand geleden
Looks great!
Jali Sa
Jali Sa Maand geleden
2 euro??? Wow thats nothing! :O
ACA P- 50
ACA P- 50 Maand geleden
Looks like your other Vice buddy is helping out restore Vice LOL 😂
FireBlade X
FireBlade X Maand geleden
1:54 is why they have to write "not a prybar chisel or punch" on flat head screwdrivers 😂
ANDY PANDA 2 maanden geleden
Разбирать тиски в тисках, такое только в России возможно
John Barclay
John Barclay 2 maanden geleden
So nice to see you again, you have never let me down. Your restorations are impeccable!
Samantha Zeiger
Samantha Zeiger 2 maanden geleden
Why do I love watching paint bring scraped off??
Nick Blakemore
Nick Blakemore 2 maanden geleden
Nick Blakemore
Nick Blakemore 2 maanden geleden
Shannon Hondo
Shannon Hondo 2 maanden geleden
Gorgeous color and beautiful workmanship!!
furneyvides 2 maanden geleden
What is the filler mix stuff put into it called?
cosmik0626 2 maanden geleden
You are the best bro
999shakers .brian
999shakers .brian 3 maanden geleden
Excellent restoration. The one mystery is why 497 people gave a thumbs down. Why!!
Kyle Essex
Kyle Essex 3 maanden geleden
one of my favorites!
Thomas Klugh
Thomas Klugh 3 maanden geleden
This is so freaking satisfying...
Jeriyant Baramcity
Jeriyant Baramcity 3 maanden geleden
what is the name of the paint you used?
Bob Stock
Bob Stock 3 maanden geleden
Can I buy that vise? .. No really
Jon Floate
Jon Floate 4 maanden geleden
Dumb question if I may please...Why use paint stripper and a scraper if you're just going to sand blast the parts anyway?
Jon Floate
Jon Floate 4 maanden geleden
@skidaddle skidoodle Ah ha...ok then, thanks for the tip! I absolutely love what you do and learn something new all the time.
skidaddle skidoodle
skidaddle skidoodle 4 maanden geleden
the two together are hard, and hard to remove, because of the bond primer has on the metal, and the bond paint has to primer, also why you use both.
Jose Cancello
Jose Cancello 4 maanden geleden
Banjo111 1
Banjo111 1 4 maanden geleden
Beautiful job
João Vitor Da Silva
João Vitor Da Silva 4 maanden geleden
It looked like an imported car 🇧🇷
Sheppard 4 maanden geleden
I weep for your screwdrivers
Salomé Gimenez
Salomé Gimenez 4 maanden geleden
estaría bueno que pintes todo, no sólo lo que se ve
Ningning Jocson
Ningning Jocson 4 maanden geleden
TsyTsy: ARE YOU SURE THIS WILL WORK? My Mechanics restoring his TV: Haha, I HAVE NO IDEA
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 4 maanden geleden
Now you can get to work making it all beaten up again!
Sara's stupid channel
Sara's stupid channel 4 maanden geleden
very nice! pretty vise
Johnny Dutcher
Johnny Dutcher 4 maanden geleden
Bravo! Beautifully done
Mr. Screw
Mr. Screw 4 maanden geleden
Kristy S
Kristy S 5 maanden geleden
27078323 5 maanden geleden
I like the Sounds of your Videos. Best for falling asleep after a hard day :)
Little Mouse
Little Mouse 5 maanden geleden
Love the new color!!
MacGivre 5 maanden geleden
Superbe, même si je ne comprends pas pourquoi tu bouches les trous du métal martelé pour mettre de la peinture martelée par dessus.
Seth 5 maanden geleden
Only 2 EU! here in my land is an absurd....about 50 $
Jean-Marc Van Hecke
Jean-Marc Van Hecke 5 maanden geleden
Question : what is that "cream" you put on everything at minute 7 and 8 ? Thx
-ƸӜƷ- 5 maanden geleden
It's a filler. Basically a 2 part epoxy (you can see him add the red hardener and mixing it). It fills up all the "holes" in the metal and is easy enough to sand down to the metal again. Once you paint over it, it hides all the deep holes and imperfections.
Вася Сашков
Вася Сашков 5 maanden geleden
you are a dumb master. putty and vice
Its just elaborate
Its just elaborate 5 maanden geleden
So that's how you fix a curve
Yoeri M
Yoeri M 5 maanden geleden
what type of cleaning fluid are u using?
TRỰC TIẾP TIN VUI 5 maanden geleden
very good friend, let's do well together, see you guys again
Marcfx 6 maanden geleden
Another great job done my friend.. I do like Lidl’s Parkside tools, some great offers come up..
chibikidanime loverinfinity
chibikidanime loverinfinity 6 maanden geleden
I really like your channel alot and how you restore things to make them new again you are really good
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 6 maanden geleden
TheAceOfFIre 6 maanden geleden
9:48, Look at the walking demon and pet balloon monster on the cup!
Corey Cripps
Corey Cripps 6 maanden geleden
The bondo is a lil much. Its a vice.
Dr.Dwarikanath prasad
Dr.Dwarikanath prasad 6 maanden geleden
Sar aapko yah kaaha as milta hain mughe khha milaga
Dominic Carranza
Dominic Carranza 6 maanden geleden
0:46 "I have to remove this huge nut" That's what she said
Svetoslavъ Panayotovъ
Svetoslavъ Panayotovъ 6 maanden geleden
Bravo, bravo, bravo, awesome..., Well done, you are an artist, unique and perfectly work, master done, It's a pleasure to watch this work! respect from the old BG. sori for my english.
olivier begon
olivier begon 7 maanden geleden
Sambre et Meuse ❤
RaceZone 7 maanden geleden
2:19 subliminal 👁🧠👁
0zzm0dious 7 maanden geleden
I like the 2 different aproaches between Tysy and My Mechanics. Tysy restores using as many of the origional parts as possible, where as My Mechanics often will make all new compotents for a lot of parts. I like both methods! I know I am fairly late to the party with this video but something to note, Tys, your wood based blasting media (I assume its one of the wood based ones from the look and performance of it) will struggle on any type of paint more than just one layer, and definatly will struggle on epoxy based paints. even glass beed media has a hard time with epoxy paints. going forward, you'll save yourself lots of time just going straight to the paint remover first! then using the blaster. I have spent many hours blasting parts as well.
F D 7 maanden geleden
Don’t know why but it’s particularly pleasant for me to see paint being removed with a spatula after the paintstrip takes hold, and the sandblasting clean up of rust.
Celso Rodrigues
Celso Rodrigues 7 maanden geleden
Muito bom
Derek Wagner
Derek Wagner 7 maanden geleden
Excellent colour too!
mfcmichael 7 maanden geleden
I am from Germany/Munich
EO Rhino
EO Rhino 7 maanden geleden
What is that filler paste stuff?
Tony Parrish
Tony Parrish 8 maanden geleden
As always, I love your videos. I'm so frustrated that we can't get that brand of paint in the US. Love that color.
Chuck Finly
Chuck Finly 8 maanden geleden
a vice isn't much good if it's not mounted ....
cindy k
cindy k 9 maanden geleden
There's something very satisfying about watching these videos.
Brett Gough
Brett Gough 9 maanden geleden
as usual you’ve done a top notch job of stripping and reassembling the item with nice shiny new paintwork to boot. It looks fabulous. Its a shame its more of an ornament now since you’ve put lots of filler on all the cast sections so the first time you calm something and use a hammer the filler will fall out under the paint. Still a cool looking ornament
Jason Paul White
Jason Paul White 9 maanden geleden
Stuff like this makes me miss auto body repair
Chipper aka Darla
Chipper aka Darla 9 maanden geleden
Exquisitely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.👍👍
Butacup Pucatub
Butacup Pucatub 9 maanden geleden
I couldn’t see all of what was written, “subscribe if you are from ...” What was the rest?
kenlum hemang
kenlum hemang 9 maanden geleden
Watch my mechanics, he is still far better
Gabolek 9 maanden geleden
using car jack was a 200 IQ play, yet using small screwdriver for leverage really wasn't.
Oldman Pottering
Oldman Pottering 9 maanden geleden
Loved it! I enjoy your video style and thank you for taking the time to share 👍
Al's Tool Chest
Al's Tool Chest 9 maanden geleden
Lovely job. I like how you improvised with the Parkside Belt Sander (Lidl’s best tools) 👍
John Kinnane
John Kinnane 9 maanden geleden
G'day again you know you amaze me you have done some really terrific restorations, you could swear that vice is new you attention to detail is great. I suffer a lot of pain particularly at night due to rheumatoid arthritis and it's great to watch you. Thank you for filming these restorations As I said I really enjoy them kind regards John
Tom Norman
Tom Norman 9 maanden geleden
annoying self promotion...detracts from subject shot!
GT Racer347
GT Racer347 9 maanden geleden
Using the car jack, to open up the vise, was genius!
Meire - Vande Velde
Meire - Vande Velde 9 maanden geleden
How do you keep the bare metal parts from rusting? Like the handle? I'm restoring a vice myself (inspired by you and My Mechanics) and used vinegar to get the rust off off everything. However, as soon as I take the parts out of the vinegar they start to rust. I actually had to redo some parts due to this. The 2nd time I rinsed them off and emmediately covered everything in WD40. However, what do I do in the long run? I've been thinking about blueing everything.
Bad Chisel
Bad Chisel 9 maanden geleden
Good job
Андрей Ешкинкотов
My mechanics is better
guy alfosea
guy alfosea 10 maanden geleden
Toujours aussi impressionné par le soin du détail et le soin apporté à la parfaite restauration. Un plaisir de voir vos vidéos. Bravo et merci pour le partage
L'atelier 10 maanden geleden
Superbe restauration :) Le bleu est juste magnifique !
Shaun Mullings
Shaun Mullings 10 maanden geleden
Brilliant finish on it BLOKE. 👍👍
VadimFilin 10 maanden geleden
Didn't show ho big is play of this vice
Ivo Wagner das Neves
Ivo Wagner das Neves 10 maanden geleden
Hello, I am Brazilian and a great admirer of the work of restorations. Congratulations! Your work is inspiring!
Lukasz P
Lukasz P 10 maanden geleden
Dobra robota Pozdrawiam Łukasz P
confused explorer
confused explorer 10 maanden geleden
Nobody: No person ever Tysy: I use the vise to restore the vise
Jesus 10 maanden geleden
Artur S.
Artur S. 10 maanden geleden
What about degreasing before applying filler and paint? You explicitly oiled all parts after you've stripped the paint, rust and cast mask.
Umit 10 maanden geleden
Peeling the tapes is the most satisfying
zube6996 10 maanden geleden
Looks better than new. Very well done. And I love your meticulous eye for detail. Very well done. I was wondering if you could put how much time you spend on your restorations at the end of each video. Thank you for sharing your passion.
Majora de Mayhem
Majora de Mayhem 10 maanden geleden
Stephen Patterson
Stephen Patterson 10 maanden geleden
Great restore work. And it's a nice metallic blue, too.
Dominique C.
Dominique C. 10 maanden geleden
Screw your vise on the bench, please
Powerhouse 10 maanden geleden
Ya should have put a sticker on the finished restoration promoting your channel
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