Rusty Vintage Tape GUN Restoration 

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Today you will see this awesome restoration where i bring back to life this beautifull Tape Gun.
Thank You for watching.
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27 dec. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
fleekay 18 dagen geleden
Yo at 3:03 I started imagining a dragonfly 😂😅
ThePlayStationGamer Maand geleden
I dont know what the f was in the video picture
Chips Maand geleden
When you find a Tysy video you completely missed so you have to watch it immediately. Evening is saved 🙂
Florence Gosselin
Florence Gosselin Maand geleden
I wasn't expecting that tiny bucket and it made me laugh
The Official Paul Blart Mall Cop YouTube Channel
Bold move to put "gun" in the title
Vaild_me 2 maanden geleden
How did the 100 buckets go?
A Hall
A Hall 2 maanden geleden
I love all your videos! I especially like that you keep things interesting with a wide variety of restorations.
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 2 maanden geleden
Got an add for another tape gun first time ever getting a tape gun add Got 2 adds now I've been watching since you rated with stars no adds like that till now
sirBrouwer 2 maanden geleden
Not going to lie. even with the rust the tap gun looked nice. The rust on it was very even. maybe in a video it could be interesting to keep the rust on it but treat it so that it won't go any further than that.
Andrew B. Richardson
Andrew B. Richardson 2 maanden geleden
Let's take bets on how the Left will spin everything around.
WRITERsTEARS 2 maanden geleden
NLblock: nervous, sweaty palms and heavey breathing... GUN?! Tysy: yes, no... Yes NLblock: -.-
Wilma Mieremet
Wilma Mieremet 2 maanden geleden
I love the tiny bucket. So cute
Perry Williams
Perry Williams 2 maanden geleden
That thing looks heavy as all hell.
Jonna Perilä
Jonna Perilä 2 maanden geleden
That was the cutes bucket I've ever seen!! 💕
t0mn8r 2 maanden geleden
Very nice. Funny little bucket. Still no cat.
Anelize_Hendrikz 3 maanden geleden
How do you remember how to put everything back again perfectly?
Anelize_Hendrikz 3 maanden geleden
@TysyTube Restoration haha knew you would say that
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
no idea
Willams Batista De Vasconcelos
Ficou bom 👏👏👏 show de bola
Haze Man
Haze Man 3 maanden geleden
That cute little bucket 😂😂
Kunstig Verdraaid
Kunstig Verdraaid 4 maanden geleden
If my tape gun could see this it would immediately start having issues with self-confidence.
N.s. Rajashekar
N.s. Rajashekar 4 maanden geleden
Your work is very beautiful and remembrance keep it up my dear.
Formación técnica routers
Formación técnica routers 4 maanden geleden
¿New capacitor? Bravo 👏 👏👏
TaCo Li
TaCo Li 4 maanden geleden
Paul Simonson
Paul Simonson 4 maanden geleden
That's a nice tape gun. I wish I had one just like it.
Paul Knighton
Paul Knighton 4 maanden geleden
Funny how tape guns now are like 2 parts
Gdfserdy Fgregnm
Gdfserdy Fgregnm 4 maanden geleden
Nice! If Tom Hanks had one of these, when he was "cast away" on that deserted island, he would live the ultimate adventure.
Джокер Джокер
Джокер Джокер 4 maanden geleden
Такое ведёрко маленькое😁
Paul Kolodziejczak
Paul Kolodziejczak 4 maanden geleden
I love this but I'm a little disappointed that you didn't try to retro bright the white plastic parts. Hahahaha! Great work as always!
BIG D'S GARAGE 5 maanden geleden
Am I the only one confused why he sand blasts then wire wheels the parts? Isn't sandblasted a good finish to paint? Actual question
BIG D'S GARAGE 5 maanden geleden
From a time when people used to think lock washers actually kept bolts and and not from backing off lol
Kamil Dulinek
Kamil Dulinek 5 maanden geleden
1000 buckets of water:-)
JeanRain17 5 maanden geleden
10:05 "They see me rollin, they hatin"
Madison Nelson
Madison Nelson 5 maanden geleden
Love how he cheered on his polishing wheel to start up 😂 That honestly is me tho
Sam the boss
Sam the boss 6 maanden geleden
How long did it take you to pour our all 1000 buckets?
The Dark Market
The Dark Market 6 maanden geleden
I am unsure as to how to pronounce “TYSY”
Ben German
Ben German 6 maanden geleden
If I had a bench grinder with a polishing wheel, I'd polish everything. Silverware, belt buckle, the remote, the dog, my bald head.
404 not found
404 not found 6 maanden geleden
Gustavo Specht
Gustavo Specht 6 maanden geleden
Después de mirar muchos de tus videos me doy cuenta que realmente sabes lo qué haces muy meticuloso muy detallista felicitaciones. Gustavo Monté Hermoso provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina
Rosealie Lycan
Rosealie Lycan 7 maanden geleden
These are so relaxing, i end up taking naps watching them lol
anonymuswere 7 maanden geleden
you know you've gotten old when the words "vintage" and "Resto" get applied to something with plastic parts and Phillips head screws...
Ma Wi
Ma Wi 7 maanden geleden
How do you remember where all the parts go back to? You must have a great memory! I get hypnotized watching you! You're like a sedative. Almost boring enough to put me to sleep. But I'm afraid of missing something.
TifSC 7 maanden geleden
I love the teeny, tiny bucket.
julianto triwijaya
julianto triwijaya 8 maanden geleden
Looks heavy *psycopath laugh* :D
ناصر كريشان
ناصر كريشان 8 maanden geleden
U have nice bucket. I need him to wash my car.... 😁😁😁 Nice job....
Psyrecx 8 maanden geleden
Plastic still looks dinghy, without being peroxided.
Will R
Will R 8 maanden geleden
The first video that i hate the painting...
ShiRaul Pro
ShiRaul Pro 8 maanden geleden
3:17 who finds this part satisfying, it is for me
Texas 60
Texas 60 8 maanden geleden
That was so cool.. I can barely use one from now days let alone trying to use one of those. Lol ! Thank you for sharing. 💖
Deivid Lopes
Deivid Lopes 9 maanden geleden
Doni Manurung
Doni Manurung 9 maanden geleden
Restoring old sewing machine would be another fantastic idea.
Shilo Allard
Shilo Allard 10 maanden geleden
It’s awesome how you bring old things back to life.
José Alfonso Suárez
José Alfonso Suárez 10 maanden geleden
Cambia el condensador de arranque de la máquina.
Nicole 10 maanden geleden
Works better than my piece of junk modern one.
mhirata 10 maanden geleden
So... can we see the footage of you actually filling up water with 1000 buckets?
Мейиржан Байменов
Шелегіңе әңгіме жоқ...
Rino 1961
Rino 1961 11 maanden geleden
I think he smelled to many aceton before 6.13 😂😂
Andrea Sidoti
Andrea Sidoti 11 maanden geleden
This tape gun is awesome, where can I find one like it?
Barış Acar
Barış Acar 11 maanden geleden
Mark Keith
Mark Keith 11 maanden geleden
All I can say is WOW! This should be taped.
Yozia Jaar geleden
I love ur videos
HeyChanelle Jaar geleden
I'm so glad I found this channel it's so relaxing, and my parrot loves it too 😂
Amy Bosque
Amy Bosque Jaar geleden
NLblockr) tape blaster youtube👌
DaGauntlett Jaar geleden
LOL, love your way of filming (the bird at the parts) and now and then the humor "1,000 buckets of water" :-D .
CSorayaa Jaar geleden
One of the most beautiful works i have ever seen. Congrats.! :D
Lenine Alcantara
Lenine Alcantara Jaar geleden
I notintendo because I not ispinquinglo nadiks de nada eheheheheheheheheheh!!!
Lainie Muni
Lainie Muni Jaar geleden
Hey thought I would leave a nice restore trick for you, if you soak plastic parts that have yellowing from age in hydrogen peroxide and put a uv shine a uv light on it for 8 to 12 hours it will make them look brand new remember plastic parts have to be weighed down. Non toxic and supper effective
Aiperos Jaar geleden
I love and want the tiny bucket.
pen name
pen name Jaar geleden
High quality, i want one
•Luna Amore•
•Luna Amore• Jaar geleden
In this vid...i'm imagining this as a stop-motion video cuz of the flow in the disassembling part, but w/o his strangely could work...but it'll take him forever to edit, oof haha
NotSoGoodGamer18 Jaar geleden
Out Ron my gon
Dr. BlackRose
Dr. BlackRose Jaar geleden
_tiny bµcket-_
ZNate Jaar geleden
4:24---> Come on !!! LOL
Faruq Mohammed
Faruq Mohammed Jaar geleden
woow 😳😳😳 Amazing 🙆‍♂️
Jellyfish Jaar geleden
6:17 I'm dead 😂😂
Garcia Jaar geleden
Hillary Baker
Hillary Baker Jaar geleden
Quit giving away the reveal in the thumbnail
Mark Hall
Mark Hall Jaar geleden
Why do I think this gadget look like something out of Pink Floyd's "The Wall"?!
linda lin
linda lin Jaar geleden
finally the grinder move itself...
I E Jaar geleden
Как всегда хорошо. Не хватает музыки из фильма "Терминатор" 😎
Андрей Никитенко
Everything is done perfectly, but the rubber drum is in poor condition. It is difficult to find a replacement for him.
MrKirby365 Jaar geleden
I think I could watch sandblasting all day it is so satisfactory to see it come so clean and look so new
Howard Kennedy
Howard Kennedy Jaar geleden
Love the bucket!
SpiderElectron Jaar geleden
4:24 "The Little Polisher that Could"
Rye Bred
Rye Bred Jaar geleden
A good way to get rid of yellowing in plastic parts is to use ultraviolet LEDs and hydrogen peroxide 👍🏻
Francisco Lucas
Francisco Lucas Jaar geleden
Your videos are so much fun to watch! And help me in difficult times to distract me and not be sad! Thanks! Oh, and I'm Brazilian. hehhe!
Tracy Bowling
Tracy Bowling Jaar geleden
You are funny! 🤣😂😄
Tracy Bowling
Tracy Bowling Jaar geleden
I'm trying to the modern ones have screws? Probably rivets or whatever. They don't make 'em like they used to.
Patrice Laborda
Patrice Laborda Jaar geleden
3:01 beautiful presentation, look like a star wars droid 4:22 that was funny, Excellent! 6:11 At first, I thought it was a special ingredient hahaha, nice joke 7:48 A brand new Droid Pretty cool video, nice work! I wish you a happy new year
Alice Wong
Alice Wong Jaar geleden
Use hydrogen peroxide to whiten the plastic
Lars Lindström
Lars Lindström Jaar geleden
You forgot a piece. Looking at the finished results there is a screw missing near the tape. Where the small metal rod was.
Mauro GA
Mauro GA Jaar geleden
Tysy i like your job and please you can restore an other fan
Jerry Johnson II
Jerry Johnson II Jaar geleden
Fantastic restoration !!!!!!!!!!!
Rex Lex
Rex Lex Jaar geleden
That tape gun looks like a torture device that was used at the Inquisition and the Salem witch trials. Those convicted of witchcraft were summarily wrapped with cellophane tape and tossed into the river. How did that tape gun survive through the years?
Restore Repurpose
Restore Repurpose Jaar geleden
Really cool restoration, i watch all your stuff. it really inspired me to start my own stuff of :-)
HourinTheSwamp Jaar geleden
Its 2020 and im watching this
Marcelo Damián Aguirre Fassi
P600 p600 lijando máquina con mi P600🎶
N. DUM Jaar geleden
Great job, thanks for your video. Happy New Year 2020 !!
Abigail Wimbish
Abigail Wimbish Jaar geleden
It looks like a racecar
Friedrich Winkler
Friedrich Winkler Jaar geleden
I am pretty sure those metal wires where supposed to tension the big rubber wheel
TheShadowAmvs Jaar geleden
Could you add music to your videos? I like watching them but they are a little boring without a form of dialogue in them.
Soviet Comrade
Soviet Comrade Jaar geleden
No, no music
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