Vintage Coffee Grinder Restoration - Made in Spain 

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Thank You for watching my video!
This is a vintage Coffee grinder made in Spain in 1910 by MJF.
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25 okt. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Luyến Trần thị
Luyến Trần thị 11 dagen geleden
L Ml
πλούσιο μετάλλιο
Is it the heatin upsidedown cups
Moshe Shalev
Moshe Shalev 2 dagen geleden
As always, amazing work. And if I may say, a great choise of colors for painting too :)
GALIS 72 3 dagen geleden
Ole españita
Leetal bg
Leetal bg 5 dagen geleden
I love your videos but gooo hhoood so many ads 😣
Сергей Кузнецов
Всё, вроде бы неплохо, но покрашенную поверхность надо было отполировать.
Rafael Zaiaskoski
Rafael Zaiaskoski 8 dagen geleden
ANGELA BARTON 9 dagen geleden
Ya just can't beat the old vintage coffee grinders, like most electronic coffee grinders they either run down on the motor or pack up like one I had years back first time I used it not even 10 seconds grinding coffee and then it stopped working totally. So as I'm getting a vintage grinder the one with the wheel at the side, from Amazon, I don't have to worry about getting electric shocks ,,, can't wait to get it. Like the one you restored before this video, great work on them,, they all look awesome as all the rest of your videos on restores,,,subscribed and liked👍
Glaceon the Snow Fox Pokémon
You forgot to paint where is says "made in Spain" in White.
AestheticM2 10 dagen geleden
MonkeyWrench 13 dagen geleden
Drives my OCD meter nuts that the wheel was put back on the opposite side it started on at the end. None the less great restoration!
Gordon Morgan
Gordon Morgan 14 dagen geleden
naughty metals must think about thier crimes in the rust juice
Nanny Alberico
Nanny Alberico 14 dagen geleden
The funny dinner additionly amuse because revolver largely include out a dependent fog. serious, dashing apology
CarstenB Blomqvist
CarstenB Blomqvist 15 dagen geleden
Became very beautiful! Thanks: Carsten Sweden
Jinksy !!
Jinksy !! 15 dagen geleden
I would give you a 100 but it's only from 1-10! Lol I could sit a watch you sandblast all day, I find it very relaxing! Cheers from Canada and I hope all is well with you n your family!
pandatwee 16 dagen geleden
If I had a sandblaster, I would find any reason to use it.
William Stewart Falconer
William Stewart Falconer 17 dagen geleden
it would appear you put the drive wheel on the wrong side from the original but great job looks great.
TavyQueen 17 dagen geleden
He connected the bottom backwards. The word original was on the front with the wheel on our right. Im guessing his left. But all in all amazing job wish I could afford a sand blaster. lol
DavyP 17 dagen geleden
I don't know if anyone has mentioned before, but it looks like your bench grinder needs a new Start Capacitor.
Jane Laureen
Jane Laureen 17 dagen geleden
I have a feeling that you, My Mechanics, and Cool Again Restoration are just one person. I mean, you guys have very similar if not the same techniques. Regardless though, I enjoy all your content. Keep it up!
Samuel Keith
Samuel Keith 18 dagen geleden
Electro Hazard Gaming
Electro Hazard Gaming 18 dagen geleden
Wait isn't that a insulated electrical flat blade screw driver being used as a pry tool 😅😅 fair enough, great video, so satisfying!
Jake Kennes
Jake Kennes 19 dagen geleden
Nice work!! What type of grit do you use and how much air pressure do you run for blasting wood ? Jake
Dani Costa
Dani Costa 20 dagen geleden
Sou do Brasil e quero dizer que amo teus vídeos. Não durmo sem antes ver alguns deles muito relaxantes 😊😊💞💕
aycd aycd
aycd aycd 20 dagen geleden
The meek butane weekly fix because jar disappointedly mess up aboard a garrulous body. rural, endurable cave
pedro gil blazquez
pedro gil blazquez 20 dagen geleden
i'm from spain :D
Megan Rogers
Megan Rogers 21 dag geleden
And where do you get your ideas from?
Megan Rogers
Megan Rogers 21 dag geleden
10/10 i loved it
Carlos Avila
Carlos Avila 22 dagen geleden
Thank you for the ‘heart’ in you response. I am an artist myself besides being a jack of all trades. My first job as a teenager was rebuilding cars, trucks and marine starters and alternators back in Boston around 1970. I did plenty of sandblasting then. I changed many parts of my 79 Camaro. I sold it. I enjoy taking things apart to repair and putting them back together. Now my mediums are coloring pencils and Chinese ink on rice paper. ...... Do you know if the ‘original’ color was red when it was first sold way back then? I would have painted the wheel in a ‘gold’ tone color to go with the handle. and the body of the grinder in a ‘beige’ or ‘cream’ color, and I would have left the ‘collection’ box in the natural wood color. It’s just an suggestion for the next one. Keep restoring.
Carlos Avila
Carlos Avila 22 dagen geleden
I like your videos. I love old apparatuses. I noticed that you assembled the wheel on the left side. I believe that is not practical. Most people are right handed. You might want to change it to the other side as it was originally before you took it apart. Continue restoring.
TheDankBoiz 22 dagen geleden
I would rate the sandblasting 10/10 cause it looks like a paint gun in action but its in reverse :D
Alex4444 s com
Alex4444 s com 23 dagen geleden
10 out of 10 on the sandblasting
Steven Nuñez
Steven Nuñez 23 dagen geleden
David Stroud
David Stroud 23 dagen geleden
I guess he said left handed people need coffee too. Nice job, like the colors.
Dennis Harris
Dennis Harris 23 dagen geleden
another great video I would think at some point you would get setup with powder paint coating. Then you go from 9 to 10
Richard G
Richard G 24 dagen geleden
When are you going to restore an old car or pickup?
William Cruz
William Cruz 24 dagen geleden
Is any of this for sale?
SonINK 25 dagen geleden
Whats you using in 9:00,i wanna know
Diane Ruiz
Diane Ruiz 26 dagen geleden
Wow you’re Micheal Angelo of restorations!!!! I’m a lady and I can watch you all night!
A I 26 dagen geleden
10 forts. I know its an old video but I do what I am told to do.
carlos ciccia u
carlos ciccia u 26 dagen geleden
Now si lefty
IkMan 26 dagen geleden
Viva España! 🇪🇸
stalkself 27 dagen geleden
колесо не с той стороны поставил
twig Hahn
twig Hahn 27 dagen geleden
I wouldn't mind taking a closer look at the inner workings of that thing shalom
Bearded Poutine
Bearded Poutine 27 dagen geleden
Discovered your channel the other day, and am absolutely loving your content. Certainly has me interested in restoration in general, you are doing an awesome job!
Victreebel Wheepinbell
Victreebel Wheepinbell 27 dagen geleden
For Quality I give a 10
Z A 28 dagen geleden
Can old coffee grinders do percolator size?
tô com fome
tô com fome 29 dagen geleden
Os objetos de antigamente era tão detalhados, e não deu pra maratona mim deu sono
Owen Clark
Owen Clark 29 dagen geleden
LOVE THIS CHANEL...sandblasting is a 10 out of 10
hey Vox
hey Vox 29 dagen geleden
Adoro il tuo lavoro
Blago Meni
Blago Meni 29 dagen geleden
You turned it from right handed to left handed crank.
Ryan'S •
Ryan'S • Maand geleden
When are you going to restore your grinding wheel. It should have much more power than that. Probably just needs new brushes.
Matthew Bandmann
Matthew Bandmann Maand geleden
That coffee pour was hilarious 😆
Gabriel Alaimo
Gabriel Alaimo Maand geleden
Dizzy Devil197546
Dizzy Devil197546 Maand geleden
I give a 10 for the sand blasting
Nicolette Tyler
Nicolette Tyler Maand geleden
This is cool and all but the noise the screws make when they finally give and the rust crumbles was the best part
Joni Angels R Real
Joni Angels R Real Maand geleden
Tea, Sugar, Salt
Tea, Sugar, Salt Maand geleden
jar of green rust remover and de-rusted parts = forbidden pickles
Steve Davis
Steve Davis Maand geleden
Love your videos. You should add background music though.
beardo52 Maand geleden
Sad that so many of these iconic Machines were lost to the Scrap Drives of the World Wars, In the U.S. original pre1900 machines are rare, and costly when you do find one.
Александр Дайверов
10 ten десять
QBA Maand geleden
You installed the wheel on the wrong side of the coffee grinder hehe. 21:14 oryginal one, 21:21 restored one :)...General brill job, well done :)...
Jesse Benitez
Jesse Benitez Maand geleden
Looove the sandblasting! 10!
Adriana Aguilar
Adriana Aguilar Maand geleden
Excelente !!!
Zbigniew K
Zbigniew K Maand geleden
Wheel should be on the other side, but rest of is really good.
David Byrd
David Byrd Maand geleden
Making me miss my sandblaster
Juanjo Sanjuán
Juanjo Sanjuán Maand geleden
Mi abuela la tuvo.
Jones Family
Jones Family Maand geleden
I always love a cup of fresh brewed tetnis
HR Serba Channel
HR Serba Channel Maand geleden
Nice restoration 👌👌👌👌👌
Antonella Idk
Antonella Idk Maand geleden
omfg this channel is everything that i needed
Buttbag Maand geleden
i know i've been up to long because I started crying over the fact that you used all the original pieces without replacing anything and it made me really emotional. Anyway good job lol
Georgina Barratt
Georgina Barratt 2 maanden geleden
I would be just like you if I had a sand blasting machine. Everything I own would get blasted! Quick question. Why did you change the wheel to the other side. It is now set up for a left handed person and you are right handed?
Jesús Fernando Drylander
Jesús Fernando Drylander 2 maanden geleden
Qué maravilla!! Gracias por darle una nueva vida a ése molinillo de café!! My admiration from Sevilla!! 🙂👍🇪🇸
t0mn8r 2 maanden geleden
I love the sandblasting, the bluing and the reassembly.
sam victor
sam victor 2 maanden geleden
I'd like to remember the date of manufacture
Zeek Wolfe
Zeek Wolfe 2 maanden geleden
The best restoration videos have the restorers wearing gloves. Thanks for the posting.
Tania L. Williamson
Tania L. Williamson 2 maanden geleden
Are you left handed? Because you changed the wheel from the right side to the left side..... :)
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear 2 maanden geleden
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼...
victorio_2008 2 maanden geleden
Parece que no hay nadie español...
T B 2 maanden geleden
Lol put the wheel on backwards
David & Angela Melcher
David & Angela Melcher 2 maanden geleden
I realize it's a righty-lefty preference, but just wondered why the crank wheel was reinstalled on the opposite side than the way you received it, not that it really matters.
Jolie Cravy
Jolie Cravy 2 maanden geleden
12/10 sandblasting. I could watch this forever and never get mad that it is the only thing I watch
Cain Ciona
Cain Ciona 2 maanden geleden
The coffee beans look like my dog’s food
ruiyuan hu
ruiyuan hu 2 maanden geleden
J’aime beaucoup tes vidéos continue !!! 😋
Tatyana Chante
Tatyana Chante 2 maanden geleden
I would love to see a video of just sandblasting compilation! So satisfying!
Mon Bob
Mon Bob 2 maanden geleden
thatgirl_ Allred
thatgirl_ Allred 2 maanden geleden
Aight should I go to Spain to get some-thang to fix
brookie thecookie
brookie thecookie 2 maanden geleden
I think so
travis coffey
travis coffey 2 maanden geleden
thatgirl_ Allred
thatgirl_ Allred 2 maanden geleden
Diana Eggen
Diana Eggen 2 maanden geleden
I am a 66 year old woman. I am getting one of these and take it all apart and wrap each nut bolt spring in tissue and put it in a box.. On the outside will write priceless antique. Sent to TysyTube, will drive my kids nuts for years! Gotta love it
Kushal Paudel
Kushal Paudel 2 maanden geleden
nice i should say
Ed Stevenson
Ed Stevenson 2 maanden geleden
Much better camera work than some other folks' videos, especially when you were using the sandblaster. Thanks.
Zephyr Strife
Zephyr Strife 2 maanden geleden
Mmm... 10/10, very satisfying sandblasting.
Sonic 2 maanden geleden
Golden Demon
Golden Demon 2 maanden geleden
The Gamer
The Gamer 2 maanden geleden
PEtEr PEtEr 2 maanden geleden
anyone know the name of your ebay account?
Monkeybeasts 2 maanden geleden
you did great sandblasting 10 out of 10
Chronosferatu 2 maanden geleden
What guides your decisions in paint removal when restoring an object? For instance, sandblasting or sanding over paint remover?
FRANCOIS CHEVALIER 3 maanden geleden
Jake McMillian
Jake McMillian 3 maanden geleden
You turned it into a left handed grinder. The handle is on the other side now. Trying to use your right hand, the drawer is now facing away from you.
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