Vintage Door Lock Restoration for 2020 - How to restore a Door Lock 

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In this video i'm restoring a rusty and broken Vintage Door Lock.
I found this Door Lock at flea market and cost me $2.
Right away i knew that i can make a nice restoration video for you.
Inside i decide to protect with bluing metode.
This Restoration took me 5 days to complete.
I like so much this door lock and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 5 days
$ 2 door lock
$ 15 handles
My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 :
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17 jan. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
janine harrison
janine harrison 29 dagen geleden
Saw it! Awesome!
Pipo greensmoke
Pipo greensmoke 2 maanden geleden
yeah fav is most def the sand blasting. :P btw, 33k, time for new capacitor
Stinky Gym Locker
Stinky Gym Locker 2 maanden geleden
My favorite it the sand paper or the sand blaster thingy
Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs 23 uur geleden
should've put it on a door in your workshop (which is very awesome by the way)
Jose Maria Bernal
Jose Maria Bernal 2 dagen geleden
Excelente trabajo
gasconnade 7 dagen geleden
my mom likes the sandblasting
Salt Boi
Salt Boi 9 dagen geleden
I find the same blasting to be incredibly therapeutic but I also love bluing. It’s so satisfying!!
Eileena Davidson
Eileena Davidson 11 dagen geleden
Maybe I don’t know much but I liked the wallpaper
•Tanya Pelotin YT•
•Tanya Pelotin YT• 11 dagen geleden
My favorite part is f Dis 2:30
s kiffe
s kiffe 13 dagen geleden
Very nice!
Murilo Goulart
Murilo Goulart 15 dagen geleden
I share in 3 parts: disassembling + rust removal + reassemble .... and they 3 have peculiarities that catches my attention. I like you sense of organisation and skills in general.
ılker Aksu
ılker Aksu 17 dagen geleden
my favorite part is using rust remover :)
ABC123 Restoration
ABC123 Restoration 17 dagen geleden
Top work like a pro
Maria 18 dagen geleden
Uaauu!!! Que lindo!
Julie Baker
Julie Baker 18 dagen geleden
My favorite part of the video is the sandblasting, followed closely by powder coating, then any necessary welding. And seeing the difference between the starting point, and the end product, does my OCD heart good. Order and functionality wins out over chaos and disorder every time.
Sourish. S. paramane
Sourish. S. paramane 19 dagen geleden
Jacquie Mouton
Jacquie Mouton 20 dagen geleden
I love watching the sandblasting. I feel cheated if you do not do it.
Zafer Aksoy
Zafer Aksoy 21 dag geleden
Very nice :-)
Jessica Dunnett
Jessica Dunnett 22 dagen geleden
Wasn’t sure about the paper at first but when seeing the final result .. 👌🏼 noicee .. Harry Potter vibes
Antonio P
Antonio P 22 dagen geleden
FiveReactor 23 dagen geleden
Я один не понимаю, нахуя мыть перед тем как скоблить и пескоструить?)
Tigran Safaryan
Tigran Safaryan 23 dagen geleden
I don't understand the wallpaper part. You put time and effort in blueing, polishing, primering and painting just to cover it with a piece of paper?
sovereignangel 24 dagen geleden
When you have to make new parts or cut a key!
Odair Jose Inacio
Odair Jose Inacio 24 dagen geleden
🚪🗝🚪🗝🚪🗝🚪🗝🚪🗝 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
tenchu65 24 dagen geleden
Nice speed and sound straighten that key out properly
Susan Rapp
Susan Rapp 24 dagen geleden
My favorite part is the wet sanding. Couldn't say why. I also love the reassembly.
tasha Smith
tasha Smith 25 dagen geleden
I like the old lock restore but I would've loved it if you wouldn't have put wall paper on it 😒 just flat black paint like it was originally. Great video though 👍😊
RosieG2019 25 dagen geleden
Do you happen to know how to take the black tar stuff off the bottom of frying pans? I've tried just about everything.
Steve Parkin
Steve Parkin 25 dagen geleden
Absolute classic 👍👍👏👏
Steve Parkin
Steve Parkin 25 dagen geleden
Warning💀☠️💀 Lead paint bro 😱😱
John 040
John 040 25 dagen geleden
Don’t know why but sand blasting.
Happy Square
Happy Square 26 dagen geleden
You do great work, final project is very cool, and interesting.
Anna Lugo
Anna Lugo 26 dagen geleden
Definitely the "Sand Blaster" 🙂👍!!!
dan jensen
dan jensen 26 dagen geleden
I'm okay with the wallpaper, but at the very least line it up with features on the lock. The striping could've matched with the latch perfectly. The keyhole or knob with the points in the pattern. I'm not against the idea of doing the wallpaper, but do it well and with intention. This is the first disappointment I've seen on this channel.
Dana Carter
Dana Carter 27 dagen geleden
favorite parts: disassembly and polishing.
Lexer Williams
Lexer Williams 27 dagen geleden
That is such a cute anvil haha!!!!
Bettina R aus G
Bettina R aus G 27 dagen geleden
I don't like the wallpaper on the lock.
Hannah Egan
Hannah Egan 27 dagen geleden
I love the wallpaper on this. It gives it such a clean and cool look.
Ton Brochs
Ton Brochs 27 dagen geleden
Try Hidrography. You'll see how wonderful it is.
Scoot Boot
Scoot Boot 28 dagen geleden
I really like how every restoration channel is just some person’s hands as they work. No music, no speaking, just working.
Lexer Williams
Lexer Williams 27 dagen geleden
Except for the ones with the music and it sometimes looks like they rust something on purpose.
Lug Wrench
Lug Wrench 29 dagen geleden
Ok, so,,,, Wallpapering a door lock is a first.
Anvil Song
Anvil Song 29 dagen geleden
I liked it all exempt the wallpaper
marc hayes
marc hayes 29 dagen geleden
disassemble so i can see how the items is put together
TONNAGE 29 dagen geleden
janine harrison
janine harrison 29 dagen geleden
Have you changed an item later because you had a better idea how to finish it?
Gavin Reynolds
Gavin Reynolds Maand geleden
I like sandblasting
Anggi PD
Anggi PD Maand geleden
My favorite part always when you do the sandblasting stuff 😄
Hazeium Maand geleden
for future reference, a wire brush should get that paint off easier, id enjoy watching it. do your thing man these are pretty neat
Muhammad Riyaan Khan
Muhammad Riyaan Khan Maand geleden
guess its time for u to replace the capacitor
Kimberly Androski
Kimberly Androski Maand geleden
I always loved sneaky video game where you have to pick locks, so a few years ago I taught myself how to do it for real. It’s actually been helpful these past few months, since it’s really calming because of how focused you have to be. ANYWAYS this is really neat and it has inspired me to find some old locks to add to my collection! 🗝🔒🔑
HR Serba Channel
HR Serba Channel Maand geleden
Good restoration very interesting and nice even though we are far apart but we can still greet each other thank you my brother👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller Maand geleden
Be careful it’s lead based paint
Meizo YT
Meizo YT Maand geleden
Karen McGlynn
Karen McGlynn Maand geleden
You had me until the wallpaper. A lot of prep to then cover it up?
The Like Button
The Like Button Maand geleden
That green paint tells me its from Russia or the former Soviet block
ALIF 3011
ALIF 3011 Maand geleden
Kotaknya mana
Chuck Del Toro
Chuck Del Toro Maand geleden
Some how I missed this video. I absolutely loved it. My favorite part about your restorations is when you use the sand blaster. Watching that rust disappear is hypnotic for me. Hopefully you received enough views to replace that capacitor. 👍👍👍
Emiliano Giancristiano
The sandboxing part of the video is therapeutic!
DIY home restoration
DIY home restoration Maand geleden
Отличная работа 👍🏻
Tony Komski
Tony Komski Maand geleden
Definitely hated the addition of wallpaper to a door lock. Really, really hated it. Love the channel, hated this video due to the paper.
dudeson2089 Maand geleden
The sandblasting is so soothing
cassimir4u Maand geleden
Peter Russell
Peter Russell Maand geleden
Sturdy lock
Nooby Maand geleden
Bruh 5:54
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona Maand geleden
This guy hates sharp edges so much he takes new razor blades and scrapes metal down them to dull them. 😜
Anon B
Anon B Maand geleden
‘So I made a new one’
Steven Azar
Steven Azar Maand geleden
using wallpaper on the outside is neat! and it guarantees that there will be a future video where it's messed up underneath and you have to re-restore it!
Steven Azar
Steven Azar Maand geleden
on second thought, it would be amusing for you and my mechanics to do a series where one of you "restores" something, and the other "re-restores" it, then you "re-re-restore" it, and have the object evolve over time into something completely different
henrik grigor
henrik grigor Maand geleden
First please replace the capacitor then I will give you a thumbs up
Maihoo Maand geleden
My fav part is when you proudly present the result after all the work
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson Maand geleden
When you don't use resin
ljs05 Maand geleden
Officially lost his mind. Wallpapering a frickin' lock.
Taylor Caywood
Taylor Caywood Maand geleden
Mediterranean diet
John J. Johnson
John J. Johnson Maand geleden
That red anvil is huge... don't even know how you lifted that onto your workbench
chexlex 131618
chexlex 131618 Maand geleden
I think 2020 was a long year because this man carving the paint with a razor blade *chef kiss*
Sevein's World.
Sevein's World. Maand geleden
My favorite part is the sandblasting. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
dannywolfpero 2 maanden geleden
Not unless i want to be robbed by a lvl 1 thief. Oh its even worse than i thought...there aren't even any tumblers. It's just a giant latch!
T M 2 maanden geleden
Wish i had the time to do these restorations...
Corrupted_Souls 2 maanden geleden
My favorite part is the sand blasting because it goes from:🗑️👄🗑️ to ✨👄✨
Ana S
Ana S 2 maanden geleden
My favorites is Sandblasting part and when you make new parts
TheTurk 2 maanden geleden
My favourite parts are when you clear all the rust and dirt
bakugos teddy bear
bakugos teddy bear 2 maanden geleden
i love when you sandblast the items its so satisfying
bakugos teddy bear
bakugos teddy bear 2 maanden geleden
i love this channel
James Sharp
James Sharp 2 maanden geleden
What country you from?
Radhika Iyer
Radhika Iyer 2 maanden geleden
Face Reval?
SH1NE TR 2 maanden geleden
The SandBlast
Colton Jones
Colton Jones 2 maanden geleden
I love the sandblasting
Tania L. Williamson
Tania L. Williamson 2 maanden geleden
I hope you were wearing a respirator when you removed that paint: it is most likely LEAD based..... And WHY did you wallpaper this?
Jai du Toit
Jai du Toit 2 maanden geleden
Send it to the lock picking lawyer
Freddie Slaughter
Freddie Slaughter 2 maanden geleden
Dylan Borle
Dylan Borle 2 maanden geleden
The cleaning process
chris witt
chris witt 2 maanden geleden
Great job like sandblasting of course
plushie 2 maanden geleden
Who ever dislikes this video sucks because this is some cool stuff
vivian jennings
vivian jennings 2 maanden geleden
I love the sandblasting!
KED 2 maanden geleden
You're about to make me buy a sand blaster just for the hell of it so I can sand blast everything.
J N 2 maanden geleden
Your amazing TySy !
J N 2 maanden geleden
My favorite parts the sanding
Strykey Boi
Strykey Boi 2 maanden geleden
What do you do with all your finished projects?
Mopsspoof 2 maanden geleden
I love it when you sand blast it, and scrape the paint off. Then when you paint it. My favourite part is when you apply the Black Magic Blueing on it
Merita King
Merita King 2 maanden geleden
Beautiful job, l love Art Deco.
Michael Dennison
Michael Dennison 2 maanden geleden
My favorite is sandblasting and the finish
Michael Dennison
Michael Dennison 2 maanden geleden
My favorite is sandblasting and the finish
Mr. Fixit
Mr. Fixit 2 maanden geleden
Rusty Bread Cutter Restoration
Very Rusted Balance Restoration