Vintage Rusty Scale Restoration - With Powder Paint 

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Today you will see this awesome restoration where i bring back to life this beautifull Scale that was made in France in 1920.
Thank You for watching.
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24 dec. 2019




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Ashley Beal
Ashley Beal 5 uur geleden
I think that spider was just a false widow, she was matte and not glossy
Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs 20 uur geleden
very nice :)
Nora Qudus
Nora Qudus 6 dagen geleden
I find these restorations vids most relaxing.
Bob Kim
Bob Kim 9 dagen geleden
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Clueless Fisherman
Clueless Fisherman 11 dagen geleden
5:45 “do these relax you?” I watch these videos every night to fall asleep so I’m gonna have to say yes
Necromancer Sloth
Necromancer Sloth 11 dagen geleden
These videos relax me tremendously. I love restoration videos, especially before bed.
Maxximus Hicks
Maxximus Hicks 14 dagen geleden
what happened to the spider?
Aileen Baker
Aileen Baker 14 dagen geleden
Omg, this is SO relaxing to watch. I appreciate that you don't narrate or have long monologues, but just do these beautiful restorations 💜
Nanny Alberico
Nanny Alberico 16 dagen geleden
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Jenna Mason
Jenna Mason 17 dagen geleden
Yes. They're very relaxing
Melanie Gordon
Melanie Gordon 17 dagen geleden
The way my heart stopped when the mf spider started RUNNING
Carlos Avila
Carlos Avila 21 dag geleden
I noticed that sometimes you do not spray WD40 before trying to remove the screws.
tenderapple 1
tenderapple 1 22 dagen geleden
*****Please explain someone.**** How did putting fire to the bolt lossen it? Heat expands metal I thought. If anything wouldn't cold make it contract and loosen up. I am so confused. I saw that it worked just don't understand what I saw. Love watching these.
StalkersPicnic 23 dagen geleden
When the table gets dirty it is sad.
Aatifah Kamboh
Aatifah Kamboh 23 dagen geleden
Yeaah your videos are too much relaxing... I'm watching for sleep😅😴
Stedman75 27 dagen geleden
Bruh... You didn't put the spider back! Literally unwatchable.
hey Vox
hey Vox 29 dagen geleden
Siiii! Questi video mi rilassano....e sono interessantissimi.....bravo
Caleb Greene
Caleb Greene Maand geleden
I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this but one of the reasons I watch your restoration vids is cause of the sand blaster, it’s soooooo satisfying 🤤🤤
Clive Edades
Clive Edades Maand geleden
Where does Tysy put all of his Restoration's?
anacamargosss Maand geleden
That spider's still haunting me
Trudi Louise
Trudi Louise Maand geleden
They don't relax me, they motivate me. It's a joy to see quality items reincarnated. I detest this throwaway world and plastic in particular.
Taylor Caywood
Taylor Caywood Maand geleden
Ernie Boch, Jr
Blaine Flowers
Blaine Flowers Maand geleden
Yes. Yes, they do. I watch you and my mechanics because both of your vids are very chill.
Sherry Brooks
Sherry Brooks Maand geleden
I love watching your restorations. There are very satisfying and relaxing. I would like to suggest that if you restore another scale that the needle should be a different color from the other parts so that it is more visible. :)
Markus Miller
Markus Miller Maand geleden
SpyderTube, spydertube, walks in roofs like spiderman 🤗🎤
Jenn Watson
Jenn Watson Maand geleden
The sounds are divine!
None of Your business
None of Your business Maand geleden
hi is it really necessary to wet sand on powder coating?
bakugos teddy bear
bakugos teddy bear Maand geleden
me: tired also me :watches tysy before going to bed
Aline Catao
Aline Catao 2 maanden geleden
These videos work better than sleeping pills for me....
Uni Kat
Uni Kat 2 maanden geleden
I got recommended this one year and a day later after it was posted
Sara Boainy
Sara Boainy 2 maanden geleden
Your vids are so relaxing they're already part of my bedtime routine ♥️
Lisa Judy
Lisa Judy 2 maanden geleden
I watch you before bed. So relaxing.
Ivan Marisson
Ivan Marisson 2 maanden geleden
0:26 what he do is scaling a scale on top of a scale
Renato Lima
Renato Lima 2 maanden geleden
With your videos i am a very relaxed
Adriana Aguilar
Adriana Aguilar 2 maanden geleden
Me encantan tus trabajos !!
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 2 maanden geleden
Im going to say 3516 grams
t0mn8r 2 maanden geleden
I really like the powder coating.
t0mn8r 2 maanden geleden
Restoration videos are very relaxing for me.
NickSky6023 2 maanden geleden
Definitely my favorite sleep aid, i can take a melatonin and not get as tired or be as relaxed as I am when I watch your videos. I absolutely love them.
Julie Greene
Julie Greene 2 maanden geleden
Yes especially when they look like black widows.
Elton Arceneaux
Elton Arceneaux 2 maanden geleden
The sandblasting does for me
OHOWUNEEDIT 2 maanden geleden
I’m surprised most of the screws came out easily!
CurioSciencia 2 maanden geleden
I'm pretty sure you knew that spider is venomous and letal.
abeille' abeille2
abeille' abeille2 2 maanden geleden
Good 🛠️⚒️🗜️
Mckenzie Cline
Mckenzie Cline 2 maanden geleden
This is better than meeting with my counselors
Aaliyaa Doamekpor
Aaliyaa Doamekpor 3 maanden geleden
why do i want to eat the red powder
Brittany McCahan
Brittany McCahan 3 maanden geleden
Yes, your videos are relaxing and addicting, I love them they help me get to sleep and they also give me really cool dreams! thank you!
Top SHOT 3 maanden geleden
Tysu tube is one of these who loves perfection ❤️❤️❤️👍
Brandi Thomas
Brandi Thomas 3 maanden geleden
Yes videos are very relaxing and I enjoy watching the process, helps me fall asleep too! Calms my mind down from thinking so much because I’m more focused on what I’m watching ☺️.... you do an amazing job by the way!!
Joalla Westervelt
Joalla Westervelt 3 maanden geleden
Turned out really nice. Good job. Take care and stay safe. ❤
Terry Weaver
Terry Weaver 3 maanden geleden
Needed a spider warning. If it was Australian you'd be dead.
Triston Jones
Triston Jones 3 maanden geleden
What balloons?
austin Rice
austin Rice 3 maanden geleden
Your videos are great
Dag Mitchell
Dag Mitchell 3 maanden geleden
There is American restoration, and non american restoration. non american is always better. Idk why.
Shoaib Khan
Shoaib Khan 3 maanden geleden
Hi.....what type of tripod do you use for shooting this type of video
damka69960 3 maanden geleden
Graisse la porte de ton four ma Je bois tes vidéos à la pelle, c'est hypnotique ! Merci pour ces bons moments et SUPER travail !
Haze Man
Haze Man 3 maanden geleden
Yes, it is relaxing!! The sounds of machines makes me sleepy. I always watch your videos when I’m in bed 😴
Martin Zehentner
Martin Zehentner 4 maanden geleden
I'm fascinated by your skills and work... unfortunately all products look brandnew and shiny and loose all their vintage look.
rtlemon 4 maanden geleden
At last, we’ll finally be able to answer that age old question. What’s heavier, a kilogram of steel or a kilogram of feathers?
nightwing Games
nightwing Games 4 maanden geleden
I'm a person with ADHD. Most of the time I don't watch the full videos of NLblockrs. But this channel is one of the few channels that I actually watch the video 100% through. This is relaxing for me
HNIZAR45 4 maanden geleden
Nice work
Nicole Leftige
Nicole Leftige 4 maanden geleden
I HATE spiders. 😖
Tim Kurtenbach
Tim Kurtenbach 4 maanden geleden
Yes, restoration videos help me relax. I must say. I typically enjoy all your projects. The odd one I dont like. I dont like this. Something seems missing. Powder coating is a new cool thing. Perhaps a secondary color? It is great, just...missing something.
Киракрут 4 maanden geleden
Great video, super channel.
David Molloy
David Molloy 4 maanden geleden
Excellent work
Erica Guerra
Erica Guerra 5 maanden geleden
I realize I’m late to the party here, but I watch your videos every night before I fall asleep. They’re super relaxing... except for the spider part in this one! I shrieked and woke my husband 😬 ! Lol.
Dylan Teets
Dylan Teets 5 maanden geleden
I watch restoration every night before bed
PJ 5 maanden geleden
Very relaxing
Ray Wood
Ray Wood 5 maanden geleden
Just an itsy bitsy spider, nothing to get super powers from. Did you weigh him too?
Sean.O 5 maanden geleden
How many of your finds bring back unwanted guests such as that spider?
коты и кошки. коты и кошки.
дело мастера боится. классные весы получились.
Алексей Холод
Алексей Холод 5 maanden geleden
Hi! Yes, your videos are relaxing and satisfying. Thank you very much, great work!
Jo nny
Jo nny 5 maanden geleden
Nice one👌 but please don't do the coating in your garden. It's Polyester powder.
ricorori 6 maanden geleden
This is several months late, but yes, restoration videos relax me! I have anxiety, and watching this is enough to keep my mind busy, without being distracting. I love the restoration process in general and find it very interesting, but I've also fallen asleep to it several times. :)
TheOriginalJphyper 6 maanden geleden
After you took the scale off the scale, you then sent it to the sandblaster to remove the scale from the scale.
Mr. Subatom
Mr. Subatom 6 maanden geleden
Helen Wright
Helen Wright 6 maanden geleden
To answer your question here, I find them hugely relaxing, especially the sandblasting element.
TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 6 maanden geleden
Freak Axident
Freak Axident 7 maanden geleden
Quick to pull out the blowtorch when a screw is stuck, but not when there's a GOD DANG SPIDER!
i Kat
i Kat 7 maanden geleden
Love sanding and painting process.
Phillip Pienaar
Phillip Pienaar 7 maanden geleden
Yes helps me sleep
Mscl •
Mscl • 7 maanden geleden
Wtfff so I closed my eyes at the spider part because I’m literally so scared of spiders and when I opened them I saw the spider running towards my screen I literally just had a mini panic attack that scared the hell out of me
Mița Gaming ST
Mița Gaming ST 7 maanden geleden
Ma Wi
Ma Wi 7 maanden geleden
Yes. They bore us to relaxation. Plus, we get to see you make something beautiful again.
Renato Maciel
Renato Maciel 7 maanden geleden
I'm Brazil, and your videos is super relaxing. I'm whatching every for sleepy and i love!!!!!
Mehdi Krim
Mehdi Krim 7 maanden geleden
What is his age
Carter Milne
Carter Milne 7 maanden geleden
i think everyone agrees this is a form of asmr to fall asleep to or to watch to relax
tigerlove66 7 maanden geleden
Your videos are good,,. May I offer a small suggestion for when you use you powder paints,,place either a plastic or cardboard around the back,, it saves a lot on powder and less mess to clean up..
Jack King
Jack King 8 maanden geleden
Yes it is relaxing. Ive fell asleep to your videos many times.
weirdguy 54
weirdguy 54 8 maanden geleden
U scaled the scale
Emo Panda
Emo Panda 8 maanden geleden
Yup every night before bed
Sarala Mohan
Sarala Mohan 8 maanden geleden
One of the parts look like a metal broken toy grand piano🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Γιώργος Βουλγαράκης
Totally relaxing...
Philip Kidby
Philip Kidby 8 maanden geleden
Yes I find the videos therapeutic, and a chance to learn. I thought the spider was a false widow. If it bites you 🇬🇧 it feels like an unpleasant wasp sting for 24 hours.
Texas 60
Texas 60 8 maanden geleden
I sure wished they had a Love button, because I Love what you did this scale is awesome. I've skipped over this Video 2x thinking it was one I had seen already. Guess I was wrong big time. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe
Kiraro The Kitsune
Kiraro The Kitsune 8 maanden geleden
I will listen to the cover and subscribe.
Courtney Watkins
Courtney Watkins 8 maanden geleden
Yours are so relaxing! Your other half is cooler than mine. I wish I had a workshop and toys like you do so I could do this
المنصوري العراقي
Alexis Barrington
Alexis Barrington 8 maanden geleden
Yes, completely. I struggle to sleep but this seems to help. I love the sandblasting. I like the noise it makes. More items needed.
Dene Gillespie
Dene Gillespie 8 maanden geleden
Yes, restoration videos are relaxing. As long as there's no raucous music and endless chat. Yours are great.
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