Yellowed Keyboard Restoration - Windows 95 Retrobright 

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On this video i show you how i restored this Yellowed Keyboard made for Windows 95.
This Keyboard was set to me by Sendico .
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27 nov. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Dan Glaize
Dan Glaize 6 dagen geleden
Would you ever want/need help fixing other things or making content? I repair stuff too. You’re better than I but I thought it’d be fun to ask
Wesley Smith
Wesley Smith 8 dagen geleden
I need a renew for a gaming keyboard
GuiKenshin Gamer
GuiKenshin Gamer 8 dagen geleden
shilviawaty Sukamto
shilviawaty Sukamto 10 dagen geleden
shilviawaty Sukamto
shilviawaty Sukamto 10 dagen geleden
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Grand Theft Auto Vice City 19 minuten geleden
I thought it was a golden keyboard for a hot second
VEGAS EDİT Uur geleden
4:23 Nusr-ET :O
TineFangaming 2 uur geleden
Which hydrogen peroxide use? 50%?
Tazerboy10 6 uur geleden
Interesting... (I wasn't alive/born around the time of Windows 95...)
Jes Vil
Jes Vil 8 uur geleden
Probably went through some one handed typing.
alejandro mation
alejandro mation 16 uur geleden
Windows 95
Rodrigo Castilho
Rodrigo Castilho 21 uur geleden
Claire and Eunice
Srpanda Br
Srpanda Br 23 uur geleden
Alguém br aqui?
POCGO Dag geleden
This key board is worth over 500 dollars
cammysixx Dag geleden
Does he use brand new tubs for every video?
Enes Altun
Enes Altun Dag geleden
Why did you do this ?
Xenon Gamer
Xenon Gamer Dag geleden
7:20 minecraft button sound
wolf Dag geleden
i played 0 games on 95 because i only used windows 10 lol
fred dieckmann
fred dieckmann Dag geleden
SirYahiko Dag geleden
Sunt foarte curios ce microfon folosesti.Faci o treaba super bune
SirYahiko Dag geleden
@TysyTube Restoration wtf.cred ca glumesti.calitatea e insane!
TysyTube Restoration
microfonul camerei canon 90D
HEGEMON Dag geleden
Made in Corea 🤔 👍
ASH Dag geleden
Ага, на днях такие же манипуляции провел с старой клавиатурой. Только на видео ничего не снимал. А тут вот оказывается как интересно это - почти 5 млн просмотров. Похоже надо тоже снимать на видео
One Games
One Games Dag geleden
It feels as if it was taken from the computer clubs in 90's on Russia
Hiten Singh
Hiten Singh 2 dagen geleden
Piglu and eglu are the names of the birds
Kamal Lefdawi
Kamal Lefdawi 2 dagen geleden
TH1AGOD 2 dagen geleden
por que tiemblas apex pro tkl???
Nanny Alberico
Nanny Alberico 2 dagen geleden
The mute lawyer collaterally burn because thought similarly bathe barring a debonair cucumber. enchanting, sweet scraper
Sandra Jeske
Sandra Jeske 2 dagen geleden
Tem algum Brasileiro aqui? (Have a Brazilians here?).
tomas bautista cajal
tomas bautista cajal 2 dagen geleden
The W Z
Tyler Fortner
Tyler Fortner 2 dagen geleden
I have a fist holding a wrench just like that tattooed on the inside of my forearm.
Gab00 2 dagen geleden
what happened with the WASD?? :(
Memes from Russia
Memes from Russia 2 dagen geleden
I think you may sell this mud from keyboard
mostafa ali
mostafa ali 2 dagen geleden
EvilFreddy04 2 dagen geleden
The 8-Bit guy should see this
rrb tr
rrb tr 2 dagen geleden
harika bir video, harika bir işçilik, ama onca masraf yeni bir klavyeden ucuz olamaz!!!
Coferq 2 dagen geleden
It’s so yellowed that it looked like cardboard on the thumbnail
God Gaming
God Gaming 2 dagen geleden
Wow that was so clean
상록이TV 3 dagen geleden
"Made in Korea"
TequMilk 3 dagen geleden
Yahs, keycaps bae at 4:09
Noah Lach
Noah Lach 3 dagen geleden
Judging from the pile at 2:20, I wanna know just how many joints were rolled over top of this keyboard.
Никита Бурмистров
The names would be Биба и Боба
Yılmaz Güney
Yılmaz Güney 3 dagen geleden
04:15 Key bae
The Red Warrior
The Red Warrior 3 dagen geleden
At first i thought it was a mr beast video making a gold plated keyboard
RAGE FALCON 3 dagen geleden
5:10 fried keya
TexLop 3 dagen geleden
you need to put a chill music :D
Lubię JDM
Lubię JDM 3 dagen geleden
5:03 lego
Mark Tchadej
Mark Tchadej 4 dagen geleden
Birds names: Ty and Sy
Kelly Bryant
Kelly Bryant 4 dagen geleden
me seeing the birds together: now kith *he makes them kiss* me: 👁👄👁
Emoskii Mods
Emoskii Mods 4 dagen geleden
It is ready for hitting to table
Chris Sabado
Chris Sabado 4 dagen geleden
Dior roiD
Dior roiD 4 dagen geleden
4:15 hahaha lol like a Nusret
Special Services Equipment
Mr. Clean MAGIC ERASER works way faster for cleaning that grime off of plastic
Edu 4 dagen geleden
Karls and Jarls, the name for the birds
Drakon 4 dagen geleden
>AZERTY Oh la la, mon seigneur!
James Epler
James Epler 5 dagen geleden
I still got my grandads old Win 95 that has Sid Mire Civ 1 and Duke Nukem on it 😂 and apparently my dad used to play Knights of the Old Republic on it too because I found a floppy disk with his old save files.
SubbieNautica 5 dagen geleden
When he unboxed the UV lights I thought it was gonna be a ‘95 PC tower but no I guess.
DarkMikeRiDeR209 5 dagen geleden
The Birds Are Name Keyboard
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson 5 dagen geleden
TysyTube: Good condition. Me: HE NEEDS SOME MILK.
organ mafyası
organ mafyası 5 dagen geleden
actually my keyboard is nice but still i would pay 100 liras for this keyboard
Elsixxx _
Elsixxx _ 5 dagen geleden
que te haces el chistoso
Austin Wilburn
Austin Wilburn 5 dagen geleden
The names, left to right. Hydro and Pero.
Alan Pang
Alan Pang 5 dagen geleden
This is very satisfying to watch ~~~ Thanks !!
javier montoya
javier montoya 5 dagen geleden
Would this cost more than going out and getting a basic keyboard?
Rocks 5 dagen geleden
"These here are some very rare switches."
Sravanthi 5 dagen geleden
Watching at 2x speed, but still feel video is slow👀
efekan subası
efekan subası 5 dagen geleden
4:13 nusret sitili 😆
mido saaad
mido saaad 5 dagen geleden
Can you turn it to a wireless keyboard
ѱ 암호화 ѱ
ѱ 암호화 ѱ 5 dagen geleden
In my school i used to swap the keys in the computer lab
ѱ 암호화 ѱ
ѱ 암호화 ѱ 5 dagen geleden
Very good condition looks like it was dug out of dirt
CzumI 5 dagen geleden
ѱ 암호화 ѱ
ѱ 암호화 ѱ 5 dagen geleden
I thought it was gold
Ma Gu
Ma Gu 5 dagen geleden
Made in korea btc technology
Urnisa Gahramanova
Urnisa Gahramanova 5 dagen geleden
Летело илапдилтатстчтч
Minka Highlights
Minka Highlights 6 dagen geleden
TutorialGamer0150 6 dagen geleden
Me: My Pc Cant Hold Gta 5. Keyboard: Aim Out
Nam Trần
Nam Trần 6 dagen geleden
i like this one 1⃣
Jovan Strbac
Jovan Strbac 6 dagen geleden
I played counter strike 1.6
Daniel Clawson
Daniel Clawson 6 dagen geleden
Thumbs up for KeyBae
Kaneki 77
Kaneki 77 6 dagen geleden
Hayaller {Ötesi}
Hayaller {Ötesi} 6 dagen geleden
Nusret and turki salt bea
Nazski 6 dagen geleden
8:49 Son: Mom i went fishing today Mom: Good, what did you catch? Son: Windows 95 keycaps
fatih duran
fatih duran 6 dagen geleden
greetings from Turkey you not nusret
Nureddin Esad LEVENT
Nureddin Esad LEVENT 6 dagen geleden
4:10 Nusret ._.
zueira secreta
zueira secreta 6 dagen geleden
the toucan's name will be billy and cisney's name will be sam
zeroMaster21 6 dagen geleden
He is Index finger typing.
Black_viking 6 dagen geleden
Damm I need someone to restore my windows 95 keyboard . It turned into completely yellow as this one..... So many old memories are connected with it. I'm currently using it Edit :- I'm currently using it
How To Make World
How To Make World 6 dagen geleden
my mother used one of these in 2000, I remember today, I played super mario on him .. nostalgia! beautiful work
Sugandha Agarwal
Sugandha Agarwal 6 dagen geleden
Adam and Mike is the best name for the birds
Azerbaycan Türkü
Azerbaycan Türkü 6 dagen geleden
Good job
머를 6 dagen geleden
메이드인 코리아 캬아
Gabriel Niño Paragas
Gabriel Niño Paragas 6 dagen geleden
7:17 why is it lock instead of look? reason: wrong grammar
Hüseyin Aksoy
Hüseyin Aksoy 6 dagen geleden
OMGGGGG this is a huge change
Schoei 7 dagen geleden
The adapters at the end was perfect way to end
도라에몽 7 dagen geleden
메이드인코리아보고 잠깐 반가웠다
javipro27 7 dagen geleden
hmmm yummy keyboard soup
Erol Tanriverdi
Erol Tanriverdi 7 dagen geleden
gOOD jOB bUDDY! :)
Clark Villanueva
Clark Villanueva 7 dagen geleden
the z and the w are on the opposite side XD
Arashi exe
Arashi exe 7 dagen geleden
I played game on Windows 10 only not Windows 95 😂
Rainbow Skull
Rainbow Skull 7 dagen geleden
U are very funny
redstreepe MC
redstreepe MC 7 dagen geleden
4:21 sounds like lego falling XD
FLEZXS 7 dagen geleden
at 6:40 there is a moan KIND OF SUS
DryDam 7 dagen geleden
Anyone thought that a wooden keyboard in the thumbnail?
동글 7 dagen geleden
Made In Korea
Mr_Makintosh 7 dagen geleden
J'ai l'impression qu'il y a du francophone derrière la chaîne.
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