Zippo Lighter Restoration - Marlboro Edition 

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In this video i'm restoring a Broken Old and Rusty Zippo Lighter Cowboy Man Edition made in USA in 1995.
This Restoration took me 4 days to complete.
I like so much this Zippo Lighter and will be next to my other restoration for display on my shelf.
I hope you like my work and my video.
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Huge Thank you to all my Patreon and Paypall Supporters!
Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project for 4 days
$0 broken zippo from a friend
$8 zippo parts

My Camera:
Canon G7x Mark 2 -
My new Camera Canon G7x Mark 3 -

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7 apr. 2020




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TysyTube Restoration
TysyTube Restoration 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this Yellowed Playstation PS1 here: 😎🥰
Kyler Hann
Kyler Hann 3 dagen geleden
No you leave it down I have one
Paul Wilkins
Paul Wilkins 2 dagen geleden
very good job! nice work
Nick Rudnev
Nick Rudnev 3 dagen geleden
the parts were covered with copper because the figure is made of it. The parts in rust remover made a galvanic pair so copper had come into the solution and then moved to the brass and steel parts. You can check it with an iron nail moved into a CuSO4 solution - it will be the same and even faster (3-5 min)
Robert Underdunk Terwilliger
I suspect the hole in the wool pad is the for the reason to let air into the lighter when its burning!?
Hazel TV
Hazel TV 8 dagen geleden
You are very smart.. I automatically subs ur channel, like and always view.. I love your videos! Keep making videos 🥰 Your subscriber from indonesia 🇮🇩
Abdul Hafiz Alfath
Abdul Hafiz Alfath 9 dagen geleden
FlatlandWulf 10 dagen geleden
I feel old, I was 19 when that lighter was made.
Epafras Fariz
Epafras Fariz 12 dagen geleden
So, how to merge the top wick cam, we can use tenol and solder? Not use resin frp?
Furkan Özkan
Furkan Özkan 15 dagen geleden
Awasome work 👑 bravoo
Tim Can
Tim Can 20 dagen geleden
When he put scrubescribe i can’t resist subbing
Snob Snobov
Snob Snobov 28 dagen geleden
Better to remove rust with electrolysis, it will avoid brushed damage by mechanical.
Master Senpai
Master Senpai 29 dagen geleden
When he filled it, I cringed. Great restoration tho
Jani Papp
Jani Papp Maand geleden
martin wedel
martin wedel Maand geleden
livetime fix at zippo - send it to them and fix the case on it yourself just saying
ابو حريقه
ابو حريقه Maand geleden
Injailgaming Maand geleden
Why the insert tho?
GiZEMLI Çocuk Maand geleden
Pedro Henrique Aguiar
Pedro Henrique Aguiar Maand geleden
4:48 where can I get this image?
Z Wayne
Z Wayne Maand geleden
I prefer its rusty look
rodneygivens89 Maand geleden
It's like watching Sam Raimi film a resto video.
rodneygivens89 Maand geleden
I mean that in a good way. Very entertaining.
Андрей Костин
Стала выглядеть ещё лучше чем новая была))
Niklaus_ 231
Niklaus_ 231 Maand geleden
Q bien lo haces
Alex Covfefe
Alex Covfefe 2 maanden geleden
Well done. It's way cooler than a brand new one now
DeathLotus 2 maanden geleden
That poor 95 zippo, thank the Lord it fell into your hands. I'd kill for it.
Dichter-Russe 2 maanden geleden
You Life in Europa? You have 2 cent 😆. Grüße aus Deutschland
Pappa Doggie
Pappa Doggie 2 maanden geleden
Image one of these. Only could get it from sending in miles for it. Miss it Meant to say I had one of those
Pappa Doggie
Pappa Doggie 2 maanden geleden
Omg I have been recognized by the creator. Lifetime achievement lol
Samuel Cool show
Samuel Cool show 2 maanden geleden
Where do tou find these lighters?
Sleeman Abu shikha
Sleeman Abu shikha 2 maanden geleden
عاشة💚فلسطين💚حرة عربية أسلامية💚✌
Veskii 2 maanden geleden
11:13 my favorite part of all time XD
Marc Gardner
Marc Gardner 2 maanden geleden
I live in Pennsylvania. If you ever get the chance to visit the Zippo factory, do it!
Miss11 Lady11
Miss11 Lady11 2 maanden geleden
I have zippo lighters from the 60s , different than the new ones.🎄🎄🎄🎄🙂🙂🙂🙂
Gennaro Cifariello
Gennaro Cifariello 2 maanden geleden
Wonderful restoration. No doubts
Rare Coin & Cryptocurrency Analyst
very nice zippo
Restoration Workshop
Restoration Workshop 2 maanden geleden
The patina on the zippo after rust removal - perfect!
passpres 3 maanden geleden
12:04 zippo J XI = 1995
ALEXIS WIDELL 3 maanden geleden
Wait I'm wearing a Marlboro hoodie!! 😂 Coincidence? I guess not
pattygq 3 maanden geleden
Since Zippo will repair any of their lighters for free, minus postage, I would be curious as to how they do it.
rickity randy
rickity randy 3 maanden geleden
Did you get this off the road
minopausa Ulisse Nobody
minopausa Ulisse Nobody 3 maanden geleden
Slow.... Slow.... Slow...
Na Me
Na Me 3 maanden geleden
Will zippo fix this if you sent it to them?
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald 3 maanden geleden
Nice job, love the bucking bronco! Never a keen fan of brass as it tarnishes very easy. U wouldn’t believe how many times my zippo’s have been lost as a drunken friend tried the do a trick lighting them lol I still collect them myself.
Ekkehard Beyer-Christoph
Ekkehard Beyer-Christoph 3 maanden geleden
I worked for Marlboros Ad Agency in that time and I owned quite a lot of those different Zippos and I can assure you that these were Chrome plated, but I liked it when they aged and the Brass began to shine through at the edges
Hamza Mehjabin
Hamza Mehjabin 3 maanden geleden
0:32 A little squeeze? That’s why I have trust issues......😐
Styxxx 3 maanden geleden
"Lift to fill!? Please..... Hold my Zippo..." *Pulls a Chuck Norris and soaks wadding with lighter fluid through the felt pad* 😅
Zakhar Shvets
Zakhar Shvets 3 maanden geleden
Where did you find it?
Айрат Нигматуллин
Все хорошо, но есть пару моментов "рука-лицо" . Вату запихал как попало, придавив при этом фитиль, вставил якобы запасной кремний туда, где ему вовсе не место, и залил все сверху бензином не поднимая войлочной прокладки (facepalm, no comments). Реставрация это конечно хорошо, но сначала надо хорошенько изучить то, что собираешься сделать.
Augustbeauty69 3 maanden geleden
Could watch this all day. So soothing, so satisfying. (Don't suppose you're single?) Lol!
X Velocity
X Velocity 3 maanden geleden
I have a Heritage, Softail Classic Harley Davidson zippo lighter
Hemang Thaker
Hemang Thaker 3 maanden geleden
I also have a zippo lighter but the flint got stuck soo the wheel is not moving how to remove that please help
Mitch Sorrenstein
Mitch Sorrenstein 3 maanden geleden
They use epoxy now, not solder.
Paul Kline
Paul Kline 3 maanden geleden
I have this model of the Zippo.
Haze Man
Haze Man 4 maanden geleden
Shaving foam? I’ll never use that again, it’ll remove my skin 🤭
bandana kumari
bandana kumari 4 maanden geleden
I am from India
Mary Lopez
Mary Lopez 4 maanden geleden
Idk how I got here but this was so satisfying
(Eli)minado 4 maanden geleden
God, the dude's using shaving foam to remove rust, what does it do to my skin then?!
Artsy Kai
Artsy Kai 23 dagen geleden
Haha wait til you hear about the magical properties of coca cola
SovietGrazz 4 maanden geleden
Man. You ruined that lighter. Could've cleaned the insides out and left the outside authentic, but nope. Antique enthusiasts and historians must HATE you.
Законопослушный Гражданин!
Tamanna Andalb Begum
Tamanna Andalb Begum 4 maanden geleden
I think i could NEVER do that and I subscribed so i hope u get 1M subscribers soon you earn it
Tamanna Andalb Begum
Tamanna Andalb Begum 4 maanden geleden
That is actually sick!!
MisterFire YT
MisterFire YT 4 maanden geleden
Oi meu nome é kaique
veronica nuñez
veronica nuñez 4 maanden geleden
Blake Schluchter
Blake Schluchter 4 maanden geleden
Thats a 1995 zippy lighter. Cool to see one with a roman numeral date code. Have a few in my collection.
API Cars
API Cars 4 maanden geleden
I kinda wanted to see him just mail it to zippo under warranty 😂
TeeKay 5 maanden geleden
And that's why I have a 18 inch long beard.
Federico Ducale
Federico Ducale 5 maanden geleden
which material is the missing spring??? I need to replace mine too...
Lighter Guy
Lighter Guy 5 maanden geleden
I have 2 of these bucking bronco zippos in the country store box still one never fired and they are not supposed to look gold and pink, the 2 i have are from 1994 and one has the stamp upside down on the bottom
Lighter Guy
Lighter Guy 5 maanden geleden
Does that have the country store stamp on the back of it? I see yours was produced in 95 the year after mine so im not sure if its from the same promotion
baran baran
baran baran 5 maanden geleden
Türkler den kimse yok mu 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
tony gilbert
tony gilbert 5 maanden geleden
It's not bronze it's brass all zippos unless u buy a gold or silver custom one there Cooper plated saves on metal
Sugianto Naga Kencana
Sugianto Naga Kencana 5 maanden geleden
3:16 subscribe bro not scrubscribe 😁😁😁
Nelson Junior
Nelson Junior 5 maanden geleden
If you want to cover in crome, first put over cooper ; second zinc and third crome. The cooper is excellent to cover imperfections in metal. The cooper you saw is why the zinc is gone.
Gregory K.
Gregory K. 5 maanden geleden
Just saying that you know zippo repair is Free.
Hauptkommissar Lou
Hauptkommissar Lou 5 maanden geleden
You have also could send it to Zippo cause they give lifetime warranty on every Zippo
Landon Nelson
Landon Nelson 5 maanden geleden
Thanks Tysytube
Landon Nelson
Landon Nelson 5 maanden geleden
That’s look amazing
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 5 maanden geleden
Wissenschaftler/in oder Sehenblindert...? Rheuma & Rückenschmerzen.....?
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 5 maanden geleden
Rauben Kinder & Geburtschen & Augen Gesundheit Kinder geboren in der Schule Wahnsinn die Ansteckungungen von Schule bis an der Universitäten...
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 5 maanden geleden
Schämen Sie an meine Families Zerstören ohne Rücksicht als Mensch....
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 5 maanden geleden
Wie vieles als Frauen Erfindungen damals gegeben ....? An der 1.bis 2. Weltkriegen als Erfinderin......?
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 5 maanden geleden
Missbraucht Natel & Telekommukation Techniker...
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen 5 maanden geleden
Denken Sie es, ob alles Männers & Väters sind am Kriegen beteiligen ohne Zuhause denken.....? Schämen Sie als Fräuen am Steuer Lenkung nur für sich als Schönheit & Anti Krebs führen.....
TheOriginalJphyper 5 maanden geleden
You know, the Zippo company would do this for you for free. It doesn't matter how old or damaged it is; they'll fix it. They take that lifetime guarantee very seriously. I know that's not the point, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
Jeanette Abbene
Jeanette Abbene 5 maanden geleden
i scrubscribed
Christian Salazar
Christian Salazar 5 maanden geleden
I know zippo would have replaced this lighter no questions asked, but man that was an amazing restoration.
Patrick Welch
Patrick Welch 6 maanden geleden
According to the date stamps on the bottom, J XI, it not that old, October of 1995.
Musa Kocaoğlu
Musa Kocaoğlu 6 maanden geleden
i am bored
i am bored 6 maanden geleden
idk why but i find it very very satisfying specially the wiping😍😍
Yuri Vale
Yuri Vale 6 maanden geleden
Best videos to go sleep 💤
ennard 6 maanden geleden
it is me
it is me 6 maanden geleden
This guy can hammer really fast
Tamuna Khvedelidze
Tamuna Khvedelidze 6 maanden geleden
in time 10:00 :hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho!!!!
Satirus 6 maanden geleden
You: "Little squeeze of oil" Also you: *adds 5 liters of oil* Your barman: "You should never drink vodka"
El rat Jeux
El rat Jeux 6 maanden geleden
salut tysy je ne m'y connais pas en zippo et jen ai un vieux qui ne marche plus c'est a dire j'essaye d'allumer il n'y a rien
Facundo Mogor
Facundo Mogor 6 maanden geleden
I didn't know that the hole on the cotton cover was for an spare flint!!! "the mo' you know...."
Daffa Ar Rosyid
Daffa Ar Rosyid 6 maanden geleden
Arnau Carrera
Arnau Carrera 6 maanden geleden
Where do you get those old Zippo ?
CliffVanDenParl 6 maanden geleden
This Zippo was made in oct 1995. ♥♥♥
nanda pratama
nanda pratama 7 maanden geleden
Hi bro,i'm from Indonesian 🇮🇩
Wolf Knight
Wolf Knight 7 maanden geleden
Why is one penny bigger than the other 8:31
Ralph Mills
Ralph Mills 7 maanden geleden
Many comments about lifting the felt pad to fill the lighter. FYI The felt is there to keep lighter fluid in the batting and not letting it evaporate in the bottom of the case. Also the wick is more effective when you wind it back and forth in a serpentine fashion intermixed with each of the balls of batting as you press them in the case. This insures the wick is in contact with fluid filled batting and not sitting on top of all the batting..
Jaykob 7 maanden geleden
Some parts of the zipo are copper because copper is thermaly conductive